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FaceBook Flyers

The Studentsfor Ron Paul facebook group has some members wanting to Raise Money to put facebook Flyers over Facebook.

There's only about 25,000 facebook members in the ron Paul group. There are Millions of facebook users -- all people that would be prime constituency for Ron Paul, but perhaps just haven't heard about him yet, or realized he's a serious contender.

Please contribute to the discussion, and lets try to get something going here. IF we get some good sample facebook ads, local groups could also put their own Ron Paul ads in their local networks.

I used to think that Ron Paul's already tapped out the internet, and we need to move beyond it -- well, that's true. We do need to move beyond the internet, but I think there's a whole lot of internet out their too, that some targeted advertising could reach.

Just think. If every person on facebook saw just 1 or 2 Ron Paul ads, that's Millions of people. A high percentage of those people aren't very political and have never heard of Ron Paul.