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How America Makes Money with War?

Why is this question never asked?

"How does the United States make money with war?"

Think about it. Financially, war appears to be a lot like 4th of July Festivities. You spend a bunch of money on fireworks, explode them and go to bed with your dollars up in smoke. There's no return on that investment. If the United States is spending so much money on military and weapons, with an end result of only money spent, lives spent, and no profit for the American people to show for it, how difficult is it to just shift the budget over to medical and food ventures? Unemployment benefits for all! At least the money spent there will go to the people, the business's, and keeping the peace in AMERICA.

With all this talk of violence, racism, crime, and hunger, wouldn't a shift in investment make a big difference? If the United States is like a business, blowing up bombs seems like a terrible way to spend the money. The government nor the people get anything in return.

Show us something positive from it all.
Why isn't anyone asking this?

Show us something positive.

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global nation building

It's about force feeding society a bunch of lame shopping centers, traffic lights, and whatever other infrastructure that has zero value in people being able to take care of themselves. Corporatism, Consumerism, etc.

Great title and question

But being that things are a little more than "Amerika" I'd rather the title be, "How The Elite Makes $$$ with War."

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

This is a complicated subject, but one of the answers is

the petro dollar. I don't have time to go into all the history, but basically the OPEC nations are forced to only sell their oil for dollars. Since every nation on earth needs oil and most buy from an OPEC nation, then every nation on the earth also needs a large stash of dollars to buy that oil with. This creates a world wide demand for dollars which puts a high value on them. The dollar would crash if the nations of the world could buy oil with something else. The case could be made the the majority of our wars since ww2 have been used to protect the petro Dollar by keeping certain OPEC nations from attempting to sell their oil for gold.

There's a lot more to this but that's all I have time to write this morning.

Petro dollar = not so

Petro dollar = not so convincing to me.

They don't need to have dollars on hand, there are exchange rates.

Would you mind expounding on why exchange rates

make the petro dollar obsolete?