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RNC Just voted to ban CNN & NBC from hosting any primary debates



Although I'm certainly not a fan of MSNBC, I'm very skeptical of allowing the RNC more control over the primary process.

Just saw them talking about this on MSNBC. They claim the RNC want fewer debates, and less questions for the candidates over all.

What do you guys think?

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I bet this was never about Hillary at all.

Since the Ron Paul scare in 2012, this was all about the RNC using this as an excuse to give their neocon lapdog FOX News pundits better control of the debates, direction of questioning, and therefore, much better control of each individual candidate's popularity.

Half correct

It is about Hillary because they want Hillary.

It appears to me, what they have done, is set it up so that if Rand accepts a interview on CNN or MSNBC, they will admonish him for breaking with their resolution (This is because I believe Rove wants Hillary). ALL networks besides CNN and MSNBC will NOT have Rand, they will have all the other "candidates".

This is to move Rand Indy (OUT!).. and while many here say GREAT!!!!, what they don't understand is Indy's have no committees, no voice, no representation, thus they have no back ups.. I worked with Nader three elections. I KNOW, we needed 8 third parties and 500K Indy's to petition 49 states, Oklahoma will NOT put an Indy on a ballot.. we won dozens of law suits from dozens of states and lost every law suit that wasn't dropped. BOTH parties worked together against us BRUTALLY (talk about broken bones, false arrests, harrasment, vandalid police breaking las... we got it in spades (and Democrats were far worse.. GOP LOL, Democrats attack), and to be honest, Ron Paul's campaigns were CAKE WALKS by comparison (Nader had bail pools to get people out of jail.. that is now illegal under the patriot act)..

Now an Indy run could be the way Rand goes.. that will render him in the same, actually worse, position than Ron, because a GOP spoiler like GJ could run with GOP money and MSM attention..

The GOP was planning on closing shop.. Ron Paul blew the doors off (why there were seats to be had), so they were delayed, and Rand is dalaying it.. so they are going to eliminate him (and us who are in for him).. and they will fold into the GOP, giving us ONE PARTY to represent the USA as a state in the UN/ global government/ civil war like Egypt, Syria, etc

OR ideally.. we would flood the GOP, OCCUPY the GOP, and Stand with Rand .. now they would not hear the resolution giving a voice to grassroots.. so there is no more grassroots on the convention floors, this is a fat cat GOP (and they don't give a damn.. because they KNOW THIS IS A FIGHT. We are the ones who think this is a game, and it's just too bad we are not playing this game to win, but playing this game to cry.

That's pure fantasy

Rand has spent too much time and energy gaining ground within the Republican party to just throw it all away like that. If he goes independent I'll eat my hat.

Save your hat

I said, this is what the GOP hopes.. I made a top post, it's listed on my posted article at the top, where Rand has submitted his run for Senate. In Kentucky he can not run for Senate and president. So I think Rand has made his decision, while others are going to try to get him to run for president.

just hold em all on the

SCI-FI CHANNEL , it's all fliggin fiction anyhoo !

How about the CARTOON

How about the CARTOON NETWORK?

I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting for the TMZ debates!

Second Vid

The TWO resolutions that they didn't hear (lack of vote) was NSA, and restoring grassroots voice THAT IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON YOU).

Notice how small that room is? Grange has more members at a national convention and you never heard of the Grange. This group KNOWS how big the rEVOLution is.. most that have seats have not been in the GOP long enough, didn't have resolution/ ROO training.. are there to be supportive.. they don't have the $10K minimum to be in that game (which many of these folks are paid to be there.. they don't think, they do what they are told)..

So for those like me, who told my state CA GOP, that it was insane to cut off MSM.. they did it, WITHOUT A RESOLUTION but by a petition.. Preibus KNOWS he's wrong as hell... he's thinking while he's reading this.. man it's going to be TOUGH at Republican conventions.

Now the speaker read to us about a final resolution about Media:

They name Hillary (ROVE IS PUSHING HILLARY!!!!) They didn't really applaud, they have NO idea what the hell is going on..

Stupid move, now a lot of

Stupid move, now a lot of people will say GOP candidates are "so wimpy they can't take questions from liberals."

The DNC will now most likely say "we will let Fox host our debates,
see? we are not afraid"

The GOP will look like idiots and cowards to every one except for Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, they will say "see? we stood up to them!".

Look like to who?

To the lady wanting OIbama to pay her mortgage?

It's not stupid, it's THE SILENCER Nothing wimpy about it. It's BRUTE FORCE..

The DNC KNOWS Rove wants Hillary. how many times did they say HILLARY?

Who looks wimpy in my opinion are those who say they back Ron and Rand and don't get in the GOP OCCUPY and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT this hi-jacking of liberty.

The swing voters.

The average Joes that do not vote in any election, except for every four years in November, if Rand Wins the primary because of people like us, he will need to convince non Republicans to vote for him in the General election.

It does not matter how much you hate them, elections are decided by Idiots.

Preibus starts off

"There are forces out there wanting to divide that party, and we're not going to let that happen."

He's talking about LIBERTY COMMITTEES and our supporting Rand.. They don't want Rand. MSM is picking up on Rand, not just because what Rand is doing and saying is remarkable, but because they get TONS of feedback..

So this vote by the GOP is a vote against LIBERTY, against RAND.

One of the forces

is Chris Christie

I suspect the same thing.

I suspect the same thing. They are in damage control early this season. Rand is a strong opponent, and they know it.

x First they ignore you

x Then they mock you

x Then they fight you

_ Then you win...

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I don't blame them...

After watching the debates last year, there was definitely an agenda in the commentators questions. Softballs to the left, hard balls to the right.

I think they should use Fox, and maybe a decent cable outlet.

Hate to tell you

But, the entire event is a planned sham. The questions are filtered by the RNC so the plastic candidates can practice their answers. The network doesn't matter. That is why Ron Paul got 89 seconds out of 90 minutes in a "foreign policy" debate. It is an agenda yes, but not just the network stooges alone.

Using FOX alone will backfire. Wasn't it a FOX debate with this question?: "In terms of electability, do you have any sir?"

You seem to still be trapped by the false left/right paradigm. Try waking up - it is amazingly refreshing.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain




dupe... jussayin.

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nvm - realized 'dup' was in reference to your comment, not this post.

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