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I fully support Rand Paul

Leadership takes balls. Rand has consistently stood up for our Liberty, laws and money. He forced a vote to make the Senate break its own law. He forced the administration to explain its position on killing Americans without due process. That is leadership.

Rand is leading the Republican party. That is why he is being attacked.

Rand is not his father. Rand is much more shrewd, political and has the desire to win. Imagine being the son of Ron Paul. Witnessing the amount of lies and bullchit. Would you be a copy of your father? Would you learn from what you witnessed and advance the same philosophy in a different way?

What is the goal? If it is to protect our rights and the rule of law, I ask this community to point at another leader that does it better than Rand!?

I am not excusing Rand. We should all remain very critical of his leadership. I am not excusing the grassroots either. We should look at our options and support those that display great leadership in the cause we believe in.

Our message is winning. Rand Paul is the leader of our movement whether you like it or not. Nobody else defends us, the rule of law and our Constitution the way he does. Rand is very smart and committed to our cause. His actions have proven that to me over and over again. Politics is a dirty ass game and I understand why he is playing the game the way he is. Rand wants to win.

I believe in the leadership of Rand Paul because he has consistently displayed the greatest leadership capabilities. Rand remains principled and committed to the cause of Liberty and Justice.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

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I don't


Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Traitor Rand

No way no how. Is this the best there is. Son of Ron. We need a prince not a principle. Rand is more of the same. He will enrich the paul family like his dad never did. He is at the hog trouth now. His new BFF McConel. Yah good luck all of you that do desperatly want Rand to lead you. Lemmings following the pied pipper.


There is an attempted purge going on here

And I'm guessing that it comes from people who are very unlikely to ever vote in a Republican primary anyway.

Sen. Paul is making headlines with quotes like, "NSA Spying 'Unconstitutional,' Can't Be Saved By More Oversight..."

And there are some here who want to pretend that he is Bush III. It's laughable.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/18/rand-paul-nsa_n_377...

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Tow the line.

I made a response to help tow the line.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

take me to your leader :-)

i don't want a "leader" a spokesman yes, a messenger yes, a statesman with integrity and principles yes, but as ron paul has pointed out many times: this is an intellectual revolution. and "fully" what does that even mean? yet we should be critical? those are two opposing views. hell yes we should be critical of one step forward, two steps back rand. i certainly support him as a senator, but folks looking for a leader are in my opinion prone to hero worship, a passé concept. it's the message that must be spread, and there are a number of voices doing that. also i believe that the 2 candidates for 2016 will both be establishment, wall street/bankster/MIC owned and sold by the complicit MSM. you ask who i'd rather see in the white house hypothetically? gary johnson, and he probably has about as much of a chance, which is zero. but like ron paul (still the spokesman for the liberty movement IMO) i remain optimistic of the freedom movement in general, since average folks are beginning to come out against the encroaching police state, TSA, NSA, NDDA, spy drones, and wars abroad. the libertarian movement is the obvious choice and the only one making sense on those issues––some progressives have even found common ground. i do hope to see both rand paul and gary johnson in the debates helping to get the word out. leaders though? a weak idea for those who want to be led by the nose regardless of political inclinations.


You hit the cornerstone of my argument. Rand is displaying the kind of leadership that the douchebags in Congress will get behind. That is the leadership I am looking for. I do not need his leadership in my daily life, but I need his leadership in DC.

Kinda like Ronald Reagan. Reagan was able to unite both sides and that is the kind of leadership, I believe, America needs. I am frightened at the thought of another Democrat winning. Hell, Im frightened at the thought of another neocon winning.

The point of this post is to point out that Rand is actually leading. I don't blindly follow anybody. I have been very critical of Rand.

If our message is going to win, then we need a 'leader' than can unite the country under our message. Obama and Bush are the two worst 'leaders' in my lifetime. Both were abysmal failures at following the rules, believing in anything or leading the country to peace, liberty and prosperity.

I hope you see what I am trying my best to convey.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

i'm trying to

but your new definition of leadership
is quite different than the one in your original post:

"Rand Paul is the leader of our movement whether you like it or not."

snarky chit..

surely wont unite us.

Rand is the leader of our movement. He has displayed it repeatedly. We may not like his alliances, or how he plays the game, or every word that he says. Ignoring the fact that it was this same grassroots that propelled him into the Senate is ignorant and ignoring his actions since he got there is even more ignorant.

That is what leadership is. Balancing your supporters with your critics and doing the right fucking thing. Its a hard fucking job and Rand continually impresses me on the subject that matters to me. Leadership. Leading the country. Remaining true to your principles and playing this wicked, fucked up game called politics. A saint would never be elected to office and that is my point.

Rand certainly aligns himself with our core principles and beliefs better than anyone else in DC. Im not trying to be a dick here but you are causing me to get a little irritated.

I posted this because of the action and leadership I have witnessed Rand Paul make. It is his overall positions that give me faith that he is the 'leader' than can unite the base, DC and convert democrats. That is what matters to me. Our message winning is my top priority and the reason I have been involved for over 6 years.

I don't have a 'new definition of leadership'. What I do have is faith that Rand Paul is doing his best considering the amount of bullshit he has to wade through.

Not to be a dick and I mean it.. I cant stand seeing the grassroots getting divisive over simplistic arguments.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

says you...

you don't have to be disagreeable to disagree. if you think everyone is going to agree with your assertions you are being delusional & when you get irritated that they don't, then you're being irrational.


you win man. Im irrational.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

you're not alone

we all think and behave irrationally from time to time.


if you want to pick...

What have I stated in this thread that is irrational? I have done my very best to describe my most rational opinion on our best move forward. Im not trying to pick a fight or be divisive. My goal is for our side to win.

Lose the snark and debate me on theory, issues or principles. Seriously not trying to be a dick but you remind me of a kid that wants to take his ball and go home. Resorting to 'zingers' and snide comments? Really? You can offer more to the debate than that.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

you have stated

that i have caused you to become irritated. i have caused you nothing of the sort. only you can do that to yourself. that's called irrational thinking. you have certainly presented your case for rand and then some. i'm sorry you read my non emotional replies as snark and zingers. your own sentences however filled with "fucking" and claiming you're not being a dick what 3 times? say otherwise, and are hardly inviting to a civil exchange. if you would have read and understood my take on the presidential election you'd know i believe they are rigged. maybe though we have some common ground on spreading the libertarian message? i tend to see it as a long term and ongoing goal. there are many voices, local politics, films, books etc doing that, the ron paul channel, this site, and many others. sometimes rand helps spread that message and sometimes he doesn't. if he is really okay with manning rotting in prison and thinks snowden should be in jail i could never vote for him anyway.


Leaders are for people who appreciate learning from other's mistakes and gains.

Plenty of people do not want or need leaders as they are very happy learning the hard way, giving them something to complain about, which is what they do best anyways.

I appreciate Rand as a leader. He helps me get my job done on committee by taking his well reasoned talking points for my own, against those who oppose Rand, following their own leaders.

a lot of people are still

mulling it all over, watching, discussing, like these folks:
besides we're talking 3 years down the road. a lot can happen in that amount of time.

A lot of people are like Humpty Dumpty

Rand Paul has put in his bid for a second term for Ky Senate, which disqualify's him for a presidential run, according to KY laws.

So I'm not banking on Rand for president. As it is, I'm not going to ditch the GOP like the Maine 13.. The GOP is putting up candidates KNOWING they will LOSE. They want to lose. They are driving to lose. They want to lose more than anyone who hates the GOP wants them to lose.

I am convinced, Ron Paul saw the GOP was committing suicide to merge with the Democratic Party and give us one party representation in the UN, global government, which has stated, people are the problem, the world is over populated ... my research shows only children aged 8 and under will be spared. So, to me, this is a fight for life and liberty.

Ron Paul opened the gates to the GOP, and that has been a big problem for them, and they are fighting us.. BIG TIME. It's a shame that so many people do not understand how close they are to losing everything. So many think YouTube is waking them up.

The sad fact is, the majority don't care.

Individual Rights OVER State

Individual Rights OVER State RIGHTS
, not statists who support state rights over individual rights(straight from the panderers mouth).

I will not stand with rand. sadly rand wasted my time after ron paul motivated me to be a republican delegate for 9 years. NO MORE, i am over the pandering romney types.

Ron Paul 2016

I support him too.

But I can't fully support him until I know that Jesse Benton won't be part of it.

I've got $2500 to give Rand unless Benton is involved. If Benton is involved the only support he'll get is my vote.

Save your frn's

If tptb want him in, the money will be there. If they do not, no amount money will change that.

Use your 2,500 frn's to support/challenge a local rep. THAT is where it will do the most good.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I don't FULLY, i.e.

I don't FULLY, i.e. unconditionally, support any human including Rand and Ron.

Why not just bump an old thread

There are at least 50+ of these if not more

no kidding

I was one of the first who backed Rand. Im sure if you look through my history here you will find a few popular threads I posted in support of Rand.

The difference is now I actually support him as much as I did his father. I have been very critical of Rand and feel that Rand has stood up to the test of bullshit.

Rand has proven to me he is a competent and effective Leader. That is what matters to me. Rands actions have displayed leadership.

Regardless of how most feel, I see the leadership Rand consistently displays and I am behind it. Be a dick all you want. What I want to see is a leader. Someone I can believe in and get behind with the Faith that his leadership will right the ship.

I accept all the criticism but dare anyone to point at a leader that has the ability to lead our country better than Rand.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Amnesty for illegals, thy name is Rand

You act like just because Rand is slightly better, maybe, than Chuck Schumer, he's worth your loyalty? For what? What laws will he repeal if elected? There are so many bad laws to choose from. Will he bring all the troops home? Will he close overseas military bases? Will he withdraw from the UN and evict it from its dwelling? Will he abolish the CIA, ATF, FBI, DEA, NSA, and DHS? No, all he'll do is abolish Social Security and Medicare, so that the foreign banks that own him get paid the debt you didn't sign on to. That is his job.


I believe in Rand because of his display in leadership. What do you suppose we do with so many illegals? I do not know what he repeal... but I do know he would lead and hold a veto pen.

No banks own Rand and I am personally offended you try to paint him in the broad brush stroke as the rest of the congresscritters. He has displayed principle and leadership.

Slightly better than Schumer? He is way fucking better than 99% of the Senate and Congress. His actions have PROVEN IT.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

My brush is pinpoint, not broad

We don't "have" to do anything about illegals. The globalists who want to destroy America are the only ones saying we "have" to do anything. Not only is amnesty for illegals being done to destroy American sovereignty, but also to bring in the No Work List. In exchange for giving amnesty to illegal aliens, American citizens will now have to "show their papers" to get a job for the rest of their lives. Big Brother will maintain a No Work List in addition to the No Fly List. And Rand will be there, next to Chucky Shumer, doing the globalists' bidding.

I dont like Rand Paul.

I consider him to be a shill and actually dangerous to those of us who are anarchist and libertarian.

Rand is willing to sell out for personal gain and ambition.

He came out in support of Romney. How can you forget that?

What will he do next?

His filibuster was nothing more than a Mr Smith lookalike publicity stunt.

I can't understand why Ron Paulers can't see right through Rand Paul.

If you look through Ron Paul, you see Rand

Ron Paul was not who you think he was. Rand Paul is. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


Search your feelings he betrayed Ron Paul, the Liberty movement and America. Were you alive with a bit of sense when he endorsed Mitt Rommney? Did you miss the fact that his best Best freind forever BFF is Mitch McConnel a real scummy despot. Meybe you missed his multiple statist anoundcments. Perhaps you noticed that low life Jessie Benton in his corner.

Search your feelings to see if you have an ounce of sense to see if you have a brain or a memory.

Must be the most insanly stupid remark i have read in a long time.

Ignore the evidence foks, just search your feelings. You then can refute any truth or evidence and you will know it to be true that Rand Paul is the prince of paul and royalty. Wow american royalty. bow before the prince.


good then you can be a

good then you can be a delegate for his ass in my county because i am not wasting my time on this drug war fence sitter.

Ron Paul 2016

Your mind thinks in 2

Your mind thinks in 2 dimensions. not 3 or 4 or more. Some of people see black and white and can't see color.