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USDA released human Sterilization gene into environment 10 years ago

This was funded by the USDA to get it started. I wonder what our government is doing eventing a sterile gene which only function is the sterilization of humans?

"Still unknown is who funded this original research (UPDATE, major funding was from the USDA) . But once the Epicyte gene, which irreversibly sterilizes humans who eat it, was patented, Monsanto and DuPont bought the company in order to "commercially exploit" the Epicyte gene. That means they had a customer for this product! Who is buying this gene and where is it being used? After ten years, how many GMO products have included this human-sterilization gene?

One of the last of Tom Clancy's books that he authored alone was called "Rainbow Six", and the villain of the book was a group of money-junkies who decided that Earth was too "polluted" with the poor and wanted the Earth to go back to nature (except of course for their own personal palaces). Art mirrors life?

We know that ultra-rich like Melinda Gates openly support forced population reduction in the apparent belief that having a lot of money gives them the right to play God with the rest of humanity. Personally I think that if the population is to be reduced, that we start with such self-declared deities, to be followed by those who would condemn millions to death in wars to make a fast buck.

But of greater concern is this. The Epicyte gene was in corn down in San Diego more than ten years ago. And we know know that modified genes can jump species through pollination, which is why the weeds once killed by Glyphosate are now as "Roundup Ready" as the GMO crops themselves."

Read more: http://www.morningliberty.com/2012/10/09/top-10-monsanto-epi...

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There was also a lot of evidince that MF-59 vaccine adjuvant

Was creating sterility in a portion of the population, and auto-immune disease. I remember reading a report from a vaccine researcher who found this information in a Government publication that went missing from the official record sometime before the 2009 swine flue plandemic. The NON-FDA approved MF-59 adjuvant was slipped into the second round of vaccines that were served up to the public in mass.

Gratefully over half of the Citizens never took the vaccine.


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Bill Gates openly says use vacines for population control


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I know a bunch of very

I know a bunch of very wealthy people that can't reproduce. It's hilarious. Funny too how BHO, GWB, and Bill Clinton could only produce girls. Not that I have anything against girls, they're just not likely to be president some day or carry on the family name.

At this point if you're still eating corn and corn based product

.... you're crazy.

Unless it is organic and/or part of the GMO free project

(You can still find Organic corn product)

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They knew once we woke up we'd out-number them greatly

I guess they figured they can't just start killing us off by the millions so why not make us stop breeding instead? They work on long-term goals that may take generations to take place.

But I think it's clearly too late for that now. Now they're just focused on distracting and stalling from their eventual arrests as the world continues to wake up at an increasing rate.

Our grandkids are going to have some great bedtime stories, aren't they?

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Like everything else the Govt does...

It ain't working

Terminator gene? Is this the

Terminator gene?

Is this the same thing as the terminator gene? The terminator gene prevents the gmo corn from being able to produce fertile seeds. As a result farmers have to repurchase seeds from MOnsanto for the next year's crop.

It is my undersanding this gene only works on humans

I still don't understand what the government is doing with a sterile gene unless it intends to exterminate the citizens.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

They refer to the Epicyte GMO version

as "contraceptive corn." The arrogance of these "people" !!