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Ron Paul's limited range of acting

Every notice how day in and day out Ron Paul is always just Ron Paul. He never seems to be playing political theatre or dressing up as something he's not. Well, I was checking out IMDB and I found out that Ron Paul, peculiarly enough, only ever plays himself. Talk about a limited range of acting. Jeeesh!


But then again, having a limited ability to act hasn't stopped some of the greatest actors of our day from taking centre stage.


Maybe there's something to this "be your self" kind of philosophy that makes people great.

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ron pauls the kind of guy

ron pauls the kind of guy that makes you want to rewind what he says, because when he speaks, he actually has something to say, and it being so new and refreshing from a representative, sometimes i either have to confirm he said what i think he said......or grasp the education he just imparted.....not the ideaology, for i believe the same idealogy is what brings us together, its the education to understand OUR ideaology in an intellectual way......i dont mean professor levels, just an intellectual understanding of what we all have inside

Ron's Delivery Style Can Be Much More Focused

Ron Paul's speaking style has always been "ranting." Because on the House Floor and on TV, he was always pressured for time. So I understand why he speaks this way; he doesn't want tv hosts to get a chance to interrupt him and steal his media time, and distract the viewer. And on the house floor, he would have a short time to make a point. So he would make 100 points in one paragraph! I would listen to him and agree with him. But he would say so much in one passage that I couldn't even DIGEST his message. So the overall meaning of his message would not be clear and focused, too many points made at one time.

Let me say that I think Ron has done the most difficult work already. He has welcomed all of us to the truth, and we are now listening TO A LOT OF PEOPLE, not just Ron, speak the truth. We are at full attention now, and spreading the movement, all because of what Ron started. And how nice is the RonPaulChannel gonna be for Rand in 2015???? SWEET!

I would like to see Ron focus his messages now and stop ranting. He has so many good points to make. He should make them one at a time, clearly, and let us chew on each point.

Consider Ben Swann's style. He makes one point, and puts the message on the screen while he talks about it, this is a very focused style.

Also consider Stefan Molyneux's style like in these 2 videos. Very focused, each point outlined on the screen, and plenty of time given to each point before moving on. So the listener can digest and comprehend the material fully.


Tell me what you guys think. Do you prefer Ron's "ranting style?" Do you think Ron could focus his messages better? Can you give more examples of presentation styles? More links like I gave please.

Focusing on style is myopic

I love Ron Paul's ranting style. It's his substance that turns me off, like voting for the war on Afghanistan, when they had nothing to do with 9/11.

Rand Paul does more of an Al Gore imitation, dumbing down his message so the kid working the drive-thru actually believes that giving up his Social Security and Medicare to pay a debt to foreign banks he never signed on to is a necessary thing for his security.

Oscar Wilde: 'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.'

Meet The Man Inside The Nicolas Cage Costume


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.



Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

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If I want a good joke, I will turn on a TV and watch the fkn news.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Is there ever a time when you think you've gone too far?