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MSNBC Nobodies Ridicule Ron Paul's Upcoming News Channel

The end is near. Does anybody watch MSLSD anymore?


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That was great exposure for Ron's channel.

I know they tried to dis it, but I'm sure it drew some attention to Ron's channel.

Zero substance to back their opinions

"I just don't know" seems to be an acceptable answer for these 'pundits' in backing up thier views.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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What's the point in posting this

Or watching it?

I'm starting to think

MSNBC's audience isn't just the flip-side of the coin from Fox News viewers, but they are actually the flip-side of the coin for only the worst of the Fox News viewers. It takes some fetishizing of your own hate for the other side to put up with MSNBC. There are some relatively normal people who watch Fox News. Relatively.

The panel and their babblings are just pathetic with a capital "P". The one guy admitted how he's so far to the left he's too extreme to understand Rand or Ron, yet this panel sees nothing missing from their ability to comment on a story, perhaps someone who actually knows what they're talking about. They think they're just fine, in their little insular world where they can pretend they have a point because there's no one there to call them on it. Drama trolls.

Defend Liberty!

was the first guy lying

when he said that he mentioned his dad & his channel to rand and "he was clearly a little peeved by it"

if that is true WTF? rand should be nothing but supportive, as his dad has been of him.

Probably misrepresenting

The guy might even be honest enough to need a grain of truth for his lies. Or at least lazy enough, it's less work. But he's not a guy who's going to be polite to Rand at all, there could be a million things he did to peeve Rand Paul. Peeved "by it", he conveniently left the meaning of "it" vague, but trying hard to imply "it" was the launch of the channel.

Defend Liberty!


This is what a substantial portion of the AIPAC budget is allocated for. These worthless talking heads attempt to influence whomever may be currently tuned in to their ridiculous banter in a failing attempt to subliminally sway their base from the truth. And it is much easier to accomplish this by interjecting the perceived vision of the
"dread-locked civil libertarian." Clearly an AIPAC tactic to minimize Ron Paul supporters in the eyes of the average,targeted MSNBC viewer. My personal fave is how the audio engineers insert individual chuckles and laughs when none of the commentators lips are even moving.The "news" in America is not really a newscast at all. It is a short movie that is fabricated with all of the digital editing and budgetary resources of a blockbuster Hollyweird movie. And all of these "newscasters" are just actors who are paid handsomely to take part in the play and continue the AIPAC charade for the unsuspecting American people.Pathetic display for the so called Beacon of Freedom on planet earth.

Jack Rose

They have little tolerance

They have little tolerance for those who think differently than they do regarding politics and ethics. They strive to sound like knowing 'insiders' judging (not reporting) the efforts of Ron Paul and his followers. They are small minded and mean spirited. Cable news commentaries have outlived themselves. They are boring people.



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I've about completley lost interest in watching vids like this

There's nothing there but appeals to the least aware, manipulation of those people, and ridicule of anything honest and decent.

I'm not even curious, its a complete waste of time. So I didn't watch it.

Taking a minute to post to the thread that I *didn't* watch it, was way more worth my time than actually watching it.

Let the dinosaurs die.

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Shall we?

I can relate. I couldn't watch past the first mocking giggles... Not even willing to try again... For now, anyway.

However, do you know what will certainly be really fun or, at least, quite interesting?

That might very well turn out to be, say, 10 years from now:

to look back at this record and watch it in full, and along with all these fine MSNBC folks, in regard of which side of the line they've thus decided to put themselves at, TODAY... You know, when speaking of Dr. Ron Paul and his 40+ year-long continued effort.

Then, that / they might become pretty "interesting" to watch. Retrospectively.

Shall we look forward to it?

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

If most of these peoples careers are destroyed ...

... and they are rotting in some prison for treason, or at the very least working washing dishes in a corporate fast food restaurant?

Then these will be classics, yeah. I'll bookmark them how does that sound :)

f-ing douchebags

f-ing douchebags

Lets thank them for drawing attention to ...

RP's channel.


There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Why do we even post this ?

Starve the state media completely !


Liberty = Responsibility

they're just jealous. ..

That Ron will have more viewership than their crappy network at one-one hundredth the cost. They just want a medal despite having the crappiest team in the league. It's so very"progressive" of them after all.

The MSM is a turd circling the bowl...

it always gets ugliest right before said turd disappears forever.

they'll be praying...

For Mr hankey to resurrect them.

The RonPaulChannel and Rand in 2015

No matter "how successful" the channel is, consider what we will have in 2015: A channel where Rand CAN SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS without hosts interrupting him. Imagine if Ron would have had that in 2008 or 2012.

So Rand will say something on the RonPaulChannel that he WOULD NEVER EVEN BE ALLOWED TO SAY ON MSNBC or Fox or CNN, it will go viral on the internet, the MSM will start to look like they are not even relevant anymore, and they will have to REPLAY CLIPS FROM THE RONPAULCHANNEL just to stay relevant. I can already see it.

So during the 2016 campaign, the MSM will end up getting some of its talking points straight from Rand on the RonPaulChannel.

So forget "ratings." We are talking about substance here.

Media whores

these media hacks are so perverse, I couldn't finish it, I feel I lost braincells watching it.

So THIS is what MSNBC programming looks like?

I don't watch tv, I get enough clips on the internet...

But I think I might get more truth and sincerity from watching "The View."

Note the people on DP

That find the truth boring. ;)

And how the same efforts are used by labeling.


Dr. Paul will have more viewers in a day than msnbc has in a year.

What viewership does msnbc have? About three million...?

Almost irrelevant.

About 500k on a good day.

About 500k on a good day.

And that is the 500k

using their clips to post the "see how stupid they are" comments on other sites.

There are more people "giggling" about their crap than a real media source.

Anglophobic Racists!

Anglophobic Racists! They just hate white people. I see retarded people on MSNBC.