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New Eye tracking Software Forces You to Pay Attention During Company Training

What employee hasn’t watched a few YouTube videos during the half hour or so running time of the company’s required online training course? Alas, this may become a memory of simpler times. Online training technology company Mindflash on Tuesday announced a new feature called FocusAssist for iPad that uses the tablet’s camera to track a user’s eye movements. When it senses that you’ve been looking away for more than a few seconds (because you were sending e-mails, or just fell asleep), it pauses the course, forcing you to pay attention—or at least look like you are—in order to complete it.
Sound kind of creepy, even Big Brother-y? Mindflash doesn’t think so. Donna Wells, the company’s chief executive officer, writes in an e-mail: “Our focus is making sure trainees get all the information they need to do their jobs well, not penalizing learners.” Trainers do not receive any reporting on individual users’ attention spans, but they are supplied with information on which content isn’t engaging trainees.

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I'm waiting for the model

that will hold me weenie when its break time


Technology companies could probably get more sales if they design devices with privacy in mind(i.e. physical circuit overrides for web cams, microphones, and WIFI.)



My religion teacher in middle school was so boring...

I would lay my head down.

Once he called my name in the middle of a sentence and asked me to repeat back what he'd just said. I did. Word for word.

He said 'That's correct Mr. Cudnoski.'

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Oh God. Forced sensitivity

Oh God. Forced sensitivity training. What next? I already know what answers on tests they wanted. Fortune 500 companies are just an extension of government school indoctrination.

This will help

With government reeducation camps

Donna Wells...

thanks mom!

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