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Scarborough: Glenn Beck 'Highest Paid Rodeo Clown in America' (90 million)

Scarborough: Glenn Beck 'Highest Paid Rodeo Clown in America'

Despite Mika Brzezinski’s best efforts to stop it, Thursday morning’s Morning Joe panel addressed the Obama rodeo clown fracas, and spoofed Glenn Beck’s declaration of solidarity that he, too, was “a rodeo clown.”

“He makes $90 million a year, by the way,” host Joe Scarborough said. “You know what, I’ve been tough on Glenn Beck in the past. But I respect the hell out of him. He’s the highest paid rodeo clown in America and I wish I were that well paid.”



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“We’re gonna have that set on

“We’re gonna have that set on Monday, and maybe we’ll start making $90 million a year,” Scarborough said. “NBC pays us in coupons. I think they would start respecting us more if we had that set.”

You'll never get paid that you Anglophobic racist scum no ratings MSNBC. And your bonuses will be shit too.

amen to that

MSNBC is the worst media outlet in history. Their form of liberalism is a cancer.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul