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Modern skyscraper fires; before and after pics


Modern steel-framed buildings do not collapse from fire. So what brought down World Trade Center 7, which was built stronger than the normal building code because it housed US Government offices?

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: ) I mean this as a compliment:

"I am not a truther by any stretch of the imagination." you say?

Then: "I have respect for facts and information."


You sound like a truther to me! (Keep up the good work and open-mindedness.)

What would the Founders do?

"The idea that one building

"The idea that one building could by chance have enough explosive force, at the right points, in the right timed sequence to create an implosion is beyond implausible."

But they do it all the time... why is that hard to believe? Just search youtube for imploding buildings..

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They do it all the time...

With skilled demolition experts placing and timing the charges properly.

They do not do it "by chance". Did you not read the entire comment, or didn't understand it, or just know nothing about demolition?

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Thanks for sharing. Great

Thanks for sharing. Great pictures that may open up the minds of those who cannot understand the ramifications of 9-11. Thanks again.

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