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Gary Johnson On MSNBC: "Marijuana Is Much Much Safer Than Alcohol!"

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Yea Flordia!

Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative
Laurence M. Vance August 16, 2013
-from LRC

The Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative has collected over 100,000 signatures toward putting a medical marijuana initiative on the November 2014 ballot. What a shame that people have to vote to legalize freedom. Since I live in Florida, this makes me actually want to vote. I have seen some people standing outside of the post office collecting signatures. You have to be a registered voter in Florida to sign. The guy I spoke with said he was being paid 75 cents for every signature he collected. But he also said that he believed in the cause. For my part, I will be donating some copies of my book The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom to the office where the signatures are turned in. It would be good if the people collecting the signatures all believed in drug freedom along with trying to make some quick cash.

Who is Gary Johnson?


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Great question

He was a Republican who snapped on a LP pin to spoil the Ron Paul rEVOLution in the name of a "Liberty Movement". He took Ron Paul's message and youth issues, marijuana and peace, and gave an alternative to those who were unwilling to "get dirty" with the GOP brand to fight within the GOP for Liberty, in the name of principles (the principles of vultures).

he is a former gov of a state

he is a former gov of a state that was in the gop. Who the you? NO ONE, were you a gov? no. bottom line the lp and the libertarian voter blocks in the gop/lp/dnc are the most powerful voting block swinging the election either way from the zombies in the gop/dnc.

If you deny the lp vote and the libertarians who vote outside of the lp are not a force ,.Then you have your head in the sand. The lp vote total does not reperesent the whole voting block since libertarians vote from all parties. When you do the math and numbers The lp voting block wins or loses elections and actually has a more powerful voting base then the zombies voting d or r, even though i am a republican. I lean libertarian. Who are you? definetly not Gary johnson
bottom line 1% to 10% in most states are the margin of victory so while you say something ignorant like who is gary johnson.The lp is spearheading recalls while the gop est sits on their asses The gop will win or lose the election by the libertarian minded voter block.

Lp does win at local levels and some state offices as well as spearheading recalls like in colorado and making challeges while the gop est sits on their asses.

Gary johnson is a candidate running , win or lose a vote for gary is a vote for what you or i believe in, so who are you?

40% zombies in the gop/ 40% zombies in the dnc, the % of libertarian minded voters not the total of lp votes is where the real power is since the % of lp votes in an election isn't even close to representing the lp voting block.

bottom line the gop cannot win without us and will not win without us! ignore it and the gop loses again like they have the last 8 years. Don't think so? well this republican conservative libertarian will make or break the gop with my vote as well as the majorty voting block in colorado for marijuana.

who are the gop? dinosaurs that are closer to being fossils then you think.

I would say Gary is worth voting for over you.

Who is the gop without the lp or libertian minded voter? they will soon be called whigs and be history if folks keep ignoring our voter block, ask romney he got crushed by us in colorado republican and libertarian not to mention our majorty marijuana voter base over 10-20 years now. We are ready to serve wins or loses live in colorado as we have been doing as you say who someone is. Whoever Gary johnson is. He is doing more then you, run for president or stfu honestly. sincerely wake the f up.

Ron Paul 2016

nice post Speciallyblend

if enough people keep saying who is gary johnson? maybe it will gain steam and become like who is john galt? let's start!! all we need is magic markers.
gary johnson makes nothing but sense and seems like a nice guy to boot. i voted for him last time. for anyone who sincerely doesn't know him, ron paul said this about him: "i think he's wonderful and doing a great job,and people should give him a look" gary has mentioned the possibility of returning to the GOP for 2016 simply to get in the debates and spread the libertarian message. we will see. so far for me (no he's not perfect) ...he's still the most honest choice if you really consider yourself a libertarian.

i couldn't agree with you more about the GOP. i see you have ron paul 2016. right on! ron paul/gary johnson 2016

He is

a guy who hopefully runs in 2014 to become a senator. He would be great help in Senate.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

he is not


The chairman of The Our America Initiative was questioned about his own future in the political realm. "I'm not the guy" for Senate or Congress, Johnson insisted. He explained his discontent with the role those offices play in racking up debt. However, he is "not discounting running within the Republican party" again for either governor or president.


I wish he would have just run for senate in 2012, but he was too ambitious.

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Not Ambition Driven

I don't think he was too ambitious. He should have been in the GOP debates with Ron Paul, McCain, Santorum, and all the rest. It's quite possible he could have been the nominee. He was certainly a better candidate than all but (possibly) one of the candidates.

But the GOP, in its wisdom, did not consider what the delegates, voters, and public deserved (to hear all the candidates), and shut him out in violation of their own rules.

As a former governor, he was certainly a known executive: we had seen his style of management, all the bills he vetoed, the way he balanced his budgets, his popularity across the board (no cronyism). His running was not ambition, it was common sense.

Running in the LP, against the GOP, after their treatment of him was not about ambition, it was probabaly anger.

Nobody motivated solely by ambition runs in the LP. Like Ron Paul before him, Gary Johnson runs to advance freedom, which is always an issue LP members want their candidates to run on. We don't consider freedom candidates to be ambitious fringe losers.

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