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Evidence links cholesterol-reducing interventions with increased risk of dying from accidents, suicide and violence

Dr. John Briffa
Fri, 16 Aug 2013 09:38 CDT

While we are consistently encouraged to keep our cholesterol levels in check for the sake of our heart health, common sense dictates that we should be somewhat cautious here. After all, cholesterol is an essential element in the body and, for instance, is integral to the structure and function of all our cells, including those in the brain.

The great majority of cholesterol in the bloodstream does not come from our diets, but is made in the liver. One wonders if, somehow, the body is intent on some sort of slow suicide, or if its manufacturing of cholesterol reflects its need for this substance.

Studies have linked low levels of cholesterol with worse outcomes in certain, specific aspects of health. There has been, for instance, previous evidence linking cholesterol-reducing interventions with deaths due to accidents, suicide and violence (e.g. murder).

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Cholesterol is the raw material to make...

Myelin for the brains and nerves,
Testosterone and Estrogen,
Vitamin D.

So Cholesterol restriction can cause dementia, nerve atrophy, loss of libido, loss of energy and vitamin D deficiency.

If your Doctor says cholesterol needs to be be controlled he means he wants to create diseases that will earn him big bucks to treat.

Fire that doctor before he uses your insurance program as a money machine leaving you debilitated then dead.

Free includes debt-free!

Agreed ^