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Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown After JFK Assassination

The mesmerizing mass media have conditioned public opinion. Are we all victims of mass-level trauma-based mind control?

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post


The media brainwashed the public into believing lies about the JFK assassination. There’s no other way to put it. Without the power of the TV and aid of mass psychology to frame events, the establishment never could have passed off such a stinker via the Warren Commission and the resulting 50-year cover-up of a vast and ongoing conspiracy.


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Looking at the comments so far, I'd say the media has done it's job.

Thanks for posting this.

Where's the commercial?

All I get is a still drawing of a brain with some boring voice-over talking about nostalgia. Do I have to fast-forward past the yammering?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

fast forward to 4:20

which is always a good idea.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

She pointed out that the guy in the hat

walking in front of Oswald, did not react to the gunshot 8 feet away. How is that possible?



That was silly

I am in full agreement that the JFK assassination was an intelligence op paid for by the banksters and the investigation a sham....But, the whole "pendulum hypnotizes people" thing is completely without any justification or even solid reasoning behind it. That only works in cartoons. It just makes them look silly.

Give science a try.

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They said it was an odd

They said it was an odd commercial. How does pointing out an interesting commercial make them look silly? Did they draw any conclusions about the commercial? Nope, not really.


Except for the nestle-Nazi connection, coupled with the Paperclip recruitment of many Nazi party members for the western intelligence community, that community's suspected involvement in the JFK incident as well as the ongoing long con, all topped off by the currently common usage by many hypnotists, of a pendulum for induction of trance states, it would be ludicrous.


And notice that the first reporter is saying their was something that looked to be bullet shot in the limo window and then later they go on to talk about the shots heard from the grassy knoll. So real reporting was actually going on at the time of the event. The inside government to media excuse making spin came later.

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