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Tennessee Judge. You cannot name your child Messiah. Only one person has earned that name.

NEWPORT, TN — The government gets to name your children for you. That’s what one family found out recently in Tennessee.


Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew has ordered that Jaleesa Martin change her 7-month-old son’s name from “Messiah” to “Martin DeShawn McCullough.”

Regardless of the judge’s reasoning, it is not her call to make (in a free society).


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What about people named Jesus?

Come on, this is ridiculous ;)

They are not thinking of the

They are not thinking of the impact the name could have on their baby's life and his place in society. She strikes me as selfish woman giving no thought to her son.

if a Muslim family has the right to name their child Muhammad...

then a non-Muslim family has the right to name their child Messiah, or even Jesus if they wanted to...

the government needs to take a HUGE step back, and leave people's rights alone. PERIOD.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" ~ Patrick Henry
"I have not yet begun to fight!" ~ John Paul Jones
"If it is treason, then make the most of it!" ~ Patrick Henry


F... Y..!!!

What's the judges name, Ben Dover?

Separation of church and state

Separation of church and state simply means the state cannot establish a state religion nor stop people from worshiping however they please. The judge has zero authority to tell someone what they can name their child!!!!

Let's put the blame where it truly lies--on the parents. If

they'd have been married instead of shacking up, there would be no reason for this to have gone before the judge. Tyranny can't stand long when families are strong.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

What's In A Name? Sharia Law

Tenn Governor Bill Haslams prayers have been answered with the appeal Learn more here http://bradleycountynews.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/governor-b...

Hey, Suess!


Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

oh right, NOW, they want to

oh right, NOW, they want to discuss people, EARNING, their "positions"

glad to know, i guess they'll be prepared for that "willing" discussion in the inevetable future

Dont be hypocrates now.....ya'hear!

The Tenn judge does not have the right to impose her religious..

belief to other..of which it influenced her decision to ban the name "Messiah" on the couple's child.

The name Messiah is actually getting more popular,based on the SS Popular Baby Names website.

Popularity of the male name Messiah
Year of birth Rank
2012 387
2011 633
2010 650
2009 665
2008 703
2007 720
2006 800
2005 904


The ACLU stance is also critical to the child support magistrate/judge.


If you recognize

a judge has discretion to ban a name for the apparently unpopular, down voted due to ignorance, reasons I have articulated in a comment below or any other reason then you must also recognize a judge has a right to make reasonable errors.

However let's give this matter due consideration. If (a) the term messiah is a term exclusively used for religious purposes; and, (b) a separation of church and state exists then what right does a citizen have to use a religious title as their official citizen designation?

The point of religion is a double edge sword. What first hand knowledge of something seen or heard do you possess the judge was imposing her religion by asserting Messiah is a title attributed to Christ?

I will however concede that you present compelling evidence the term messiah is not used exclusively as a religious title.

Nonsense.The etymology of


The etymology of the word traces back into many languages. In Hebrew it means "anointed one" and doesn't refer to Christ obviously.

Then there are already MANY people with first or last name Messiah. Just do a white pages search. I suppose every Latino named Jesus will just have to give up their name now, huh? There are people with the name Yahweh and also Jehovah...

And the word "messiah" is in common usage. Ever heard of a "messiah complex"?

The only possible rational (and likely only legal basis) is if the judge thought some religious wackos would attack the child because of the name. And there probably are...

It is hardly non-sense

when your very argument conforms to principles I have plainly articulated. Your entire argument centers upon the use of a term and by arguing the use of a term you have wholly conceded the measure of a term is its use and if there is a rational cause for exclusion it is ... a terms use.

If the Smith's gave their child a name of "Fuck You" do you think it is going to be designated as a United States person named "FUCK YOU SMITH" on a United States Certificate of Birth? You people arguing against the principles I have articulated need to get real or bring an argument to the table rooted in reasoning other than a term's use to rebut what I have asserted.

My original comment was that it is within a judges discretion to discern whether or not a name designated as a United States citizen is appropriate. At no point have I argued the quality of a decision banning the term messiah (which is what every comment in this thread but mine is arguing about, while down voting my comments which are only about a courts jurisdiction of terms designated as United States persons irregardless of whether a specific determination is right or wrong). I have only pointed out what is plainly obvious such as if a person makes application to a probate court for a name change, approving or not approving a name to be designated is within a judges discretion and judges can not be sued for making a wrong determination of something within their discretion. If you plan on suing a judge anytime soon you better make a damn good argument it was not within their discretion in the first place and not simply be bitching about a poor determination of something within their discretion or you will likely get your ass handed to you in court. You sue a judge who performs wrong doing and appeal a judge who makes a wrong determination of subject matter within their discretion.

Quite frankly I find the amount of down voting stupidity in this thread shocking and that I am surrounded by people who apparently believe judges in the United States can not or would not exercise discretion to determine the appropriateness of a name designated as a United States person and can exclude a term from designation based on its use. They can and do exercise such discretion.

Censorship on the Daily Paul?

I agree with your comments on down voting. Had this happen to me a few times when you go against the flow. In effect its a form of censorship of free speech, because if you get enough down votes, your comments do not show up like the others. For the Daily Paul or any other liberty board to use this practice and say they believe in the liberty of free speech seems pretty hypocritical to me. Let every ones comments show. People learn from debates, not one sided promotions of a certain viewpoint.

There are some sites that have transparency

on features like voting where you can view a list of users who rate. When there is transparency groups of users working in concert are flushed out of the darkness and into the light.

However I don't really care about the down voting, despite commenting about it. I am fundamentally motivated by a pursuit of truth and not political or other BS. I know in my heart of hearts I have repeatedly reduced allegedly complex legal concepts down to simple to understand terms and have educated many people over the course of the Ron Paul revolution. For free. You know what I have learned? People do not value information when it is free. It also puts something like Jesus sacrificing himself because he genuinely loved a bunch of ignorant people who repeatedly perished for lack of knowledge into perspective.

Two thumbs up

Yeah, I really don't care about the thumbs up or thumbs down thing either. Unless of course they stick me into a Roman Coliseum and ask the crowd whether or not to send the lions out :)
But there are ways of allowing people to vote a thumbs up or thumbs down without hiding peoples original comments. Youtube videos are thumbs up and thumbs down, but they don't hide the video after 8 thumbs down. But maybe this site is using a canned blog application that has this feature built in and can't be changed, I understand that as well.
I like your comment on Jesus. His opponents tried to shut Him up to. They succeeded in the short run, but failed in the long run. Nobody could stop His words from reaching down into the hearts and minds of men.

Good thing we have a US court system

Who says our tax money is not put to good use. Without my tax money, they wouldn't be able to settle such serious issues ;) And I don't want to live in such an unjust world. Make sure we give that judge a raise.

When my dad was in medical

When my dad was in medical school, a new mom from an underprivileged demographic literally wanted to name her daughter vagina because it sounded "pretty." I guess it sorta does, you know, like Virginia or something, but luckily she was talked out of it by the nurses.

Just thinking of the nicknames

makes my head spin. And no Va-jay-jay ain't one of 'em.

Amen! and Amen!

First time I agreed with a judge in a long time, both Messiah derived from the Hebrew Old Testament, and Christ derived from the Greek New Testament both mean the same thing. "The Anointed One." And that title only refers to Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Most High God. The judge is correct. Of course if the woman choose to name her son with the first name "False" and his middle name "Messiah." Then that would be ok because Jesus said there would be plenty of those around in the last days.
Refreshing to see a true Christian in government. Maybe if we had more of her type in government our country wouldn't be passing a cesspool of immorality laws.

Obama is the Messiah

How long have you been a racist? Who is this imposter Hey-Zeus you speak of?

Zeus vs Doctor Seuss

As to Zeus, that is personal name of a a false God, therefore if the lady wished to call her kid Zeus that would be OK, But if she wished to call him Doctor Seuss, then probably not because that name has more then likely been trademarked by a publishing company, Just as the Lord Jesus Christ holds the universal rights to the title Messiah.

Green eggs and ham is not kosher

Judge Hillbilly overlooks the obvious fact that Christ cannot be the Messiah. He failed to gather to Israel the Jews from exile, and he failed to end war. He's not from the House of David, unless Joseph shtupped Mary out of wedlock. The house is transmitted from the father's side, not the mother's.

LoL, you're joking right?

LoL, you're joking right? Yeah, totally a roll for government. You're just trying to make us lol, right?


No, About what part are you referring?

How does someone else naming

How does someone else naming their child "Messiah" detract one bit from YOUR faith in Christ? You sound like all those frantic Christians who want to deny gays "marriage" because calling it "marriage" would somehow taint the covenant THEY made with their OWN spouses. I mean, is your faith THAT shaky that you need to enact violence against others for making their OWN choices that frankly have nothing to do with you?

Not Shaken.

Anyone who has true Faith in Jesus Christ the MESSIAH, would not promote homosexuality in any form in it's governmental laws. God's law's found in His Word the Bible override the laws of men. To agree with His Word and the Messiah puts one's faith on solid ground, not shaky ground. You're not one of those Biblephobes with Biblephobic tendencies are you? You definitely do not appear to be a God phobe because you don't seem to fear God. Yet the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. If you feared God you would not be promoting Gay marriage.

Brother, why are you even a

Brother, why are you even a part of this site if you advocate a violent theocracy over a free society based on voluntary association. Again, you seem to think it your mission, mandated by God, to wield a sword and crush anyone who doesn't wish to conform to YOUR version of righteousness. How bout you just don't personally associate with folks you don't like. That is YOUR freedom as well as it's THEIR freedom to disregard your faith.

I'm sorry, but I don't think there's much separating you from the fanatical muslims. Oh, nvm, I forgot, as long as you're the one who's right, it's ok to force your will on others.

But I can name him Jesus?

A lot of people out there with that name.
Please give me a complete list of names that you deem allowed so I can adhere to it while making this personal decision with my family.

The State Declares the False Messiah must be acknowledged

Amazing that after reading some of the other posts, some believe that the judge hasn't the right to make this decision because of separation of Church and State. Yet if the State legally acknowledged this kid as Messiah, it would be telling all State agencies as well as the public that he must be legally acknowledged to it's citizens as being Messiah.
Something a large part of the citizenry, especially Christians would not do.
As to your question, any title referring to the Lord who has the universal copyright and trademark to that title, both in heaven and on earth, it can only rightly be used to refer to Him. Such as "King of Kings and Lord of Lords", "God Almighty", "Everlasting Father", "Prince of Peace", etc. I will let you search the Scriptures for the rest if you are truly interested.