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Why Do We Even Come Here? Why Do We Care?

I left this comment in another thread and have made it into a topic at someone's suggestion:


Protestors 'change' things by being disruptive and obnoxious? Yeah right, they're just playing into the mind control and division. I'm all about being loud and out there. Disruption, however, is not a solution.

Why are we so bad at meeting with each other? Getting on the same page about intellectual argument. Organized book clubs. Correspondence committees. Gardening clubs. Health clubs. Credit unions.

We don't do this.

But piecemeal we run away to Chile (as attractive as that sounds). We whine about Hemp.

Why is this?

I'm not trying to complain here or accuse anyone. I just don't get why I'm not reading about this more on places like DP?

Are organizations infiltrated to the point where we can't even have them? Are laws and regulations that tough? Is everything a PM about aquaponics?

Why isn't DP an archipelago that links to an aquaponics blog with local clubs and POCs? Gardening? Health?

I'm not COMPLAINING! I'm just asking, neutrally, why?

I'm saying I feel like we should be.

I would, and step one is meeting with people. Going to a local library or rec center, or someone's house, or church, and having meetings. Big tent meetings.

Step two is doing stuff.

Step three is making web content about all that stuff so others can get the picture and copy it.

I would do this, but I'm stuck in the military right now - literally unable to meet politically, or even have time for a garden 'club'. I'm trying to see if there's light at the end of the tunnel here for me, but I don't get why I'm not seeing more of this from others who aren't in my situation.


I recently had an idea about a simple web forum to come up with a few amendments to the constitution that we could then EASILY write state legislators about. Mark Levin, however bad he is, is substantially raising the profile of the Article V convention.

I know a lot of people have concerns about this convention, but they don't seem to be very rational or actually understand the process. There doesn't seem to be much critical thinking, just repeating paranoid talking points. It's like the Democrats frankly. Even so, there didn't seem to be ANY support for this idea in the forum. Not even the basic plan of writing state legislators. This community even had a liberty amendment once.

Instead, Mark Levin pooped on Ron Paul once, so everyone just - blank out - when they hear his name. How petty are we?

It seems like this community has become about whining, pessimism, paranoia, and sometimes licking RP's butthole (hey, he's a great guy, but c'mon).

I don't even have a problem with the 'conspiracy' stuff. I'm there, I like reading it, it's important. But where is the substantive effort to do something besides complain.

I feel like I'm in a position where I can't do as much as I like, but I always try and push the limits and come up with ideas. But, I bring those ideas to this community and people sh*t on them.

I'm not going to do what some have done and say "I quit DP" or "The problem with the liberty community is..." No, whatever, that's all empty speculative bs.

What I am saying is that people need to really think about this.

I know there are many who are pissed at this kind of talk, because I guess they feel that they've done a lot or whatever. Hey I donated at least $1000 to RP last year. It's not a whole lot, but that's a lot of money I could have used. I sure appreciated all the Romney mailers I got as a result.

My point is that this is something we can't give up on, and we have to try anything and everything. Cynicism, paranoia, pettiness won't get us anywhere.

I'm not saying we suck so hard we need to just stop being who we are, or that even DP needs to change significantly.

What we need is a bit more substance, a bit more in terms of positive efforts - OR AT A MINIMUM AT LEAST A BIT MORE OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE EVEN IF WE DON'T EVER DO A DAMN THING.

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Why? To not feel alone, as I see it :


To not feel alone, as I see it :


Hang tight.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

This place is like the second coming of jesus.

All wind and no events. I'm slowly tuning out all of it. Think about it.

Why has the media sold you on protestors being "disruptive"?

Don't you realize local police forces very much have their hands in planting people to start fights and encourage others to destroy property?


They'be been caught red handed as such a number of times.

These techniques are even used against environmental protesters.

If protests are so harmless, why did the tea party have to be co-opted with fake protests arranged by energy and insurance PR firms, bring Fox News in to cap everything off? The media did their damndest to make everyone think tea partiers are insane.

Maybe you should be asking why you yourself need to be so negative, pooh-poohing your fellow activists and implying that they can't do a damn thing.

Not sure. I have commented over 13,000 times.

It's what I can do, I try to be accurate and honest and not expect that anyone cares.

Many care but have no response to make. Who knows?

Free includes debt-free!