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Questions that need to be asked directly to the NSA under oath

Pester your Congressmen to ask them.
Town Hall meetings would certainly be a good opportunity to raise them.

1. How many terrorist plots that threatened Americans have been foiled by NSA Mass Surveillance of Americans that could not of been stopped without the Patriot Act?
I.E. Could not of been stopped by following the pre 9/11 Constitutional process of obtaining a warrant after finding probable cause?

Specify the court cases as a result of these "foiled terrorist plots".
Name the plotters.
Presumably they were charged with their crimes.


In sworn testimony to the Senate Judicial Committee late July, John C. Inglis Deputy Director of the NSA testified that since 9/11 "at most one" terrorist plot had been foiled. See 1.
Specify the details of this "foiled terrorist plot".

2. What is the data storage capacity of the new Utah Data Center scheduled to be fully operational in the fall?
See 2 for best current estimate.

3. What are the data storage capacities of the NSA data storage facilities in each of the following locations?
Texas (near San Antonio)
Denver, Colorado

4. Does the NSA have any other data storage facilities located elsewhere?

5. If the NSA, as it claims, is not building a surveillance dossier on every American citizen why does it need the storage capacity to hold the entire contents of the internet thousands of times over?

Why does it need the storage capacity to hold the contents and metadata of every single phone call made in, to, or from the United States for 100 years?

See 2

6. Why does the NSA have a computer system that allows any NSA analyst to access all of the data collected on any American without first obtaining a warrant?
The computer system is called XKeyScore.
See 3

7. Why should not James Clapper and Keith Alexander already be in jail faces charges of perjury?
James Clapper through his own admission of lying under oath to Congress in March and multiple other evidence of the mass data collection on millions of Americans.
Keith Alexander through multiple demonstrable lies under oath to Congress.
See 4

8. How can American's data privacy be ensured in any shape or form when the Five Eyes program exists?
The U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all conducting their own mass data collection programs and then pooling and sharing data freely with each other.
The massive amount of data collected is to be centrally stored at and accessed from the new Utah data center.

Any privacy laws supposedly preventing any of these countries from spying on their own citizens are easily got round by another country collecting the data.


9. How do the public statements of James Clapper and Keith Alexander square with the public statement of the head of the CIA's technical department?

"We try to collect everything on everyone and keep it forever"

The above questions should be asked to both James Clapper and Keith Alexander under oath at the same Congressional hearing.
They should be asked separately of each witness, while the other witness is held incommunicado (as per normal procedures for witnesses in trials).


1. John C. Inglis Deputy Director of the NSA effectively calls his boss Keith Alexander a liar in sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee

SPENCER ACKERMAN: What you heard was extraordinary. You heard the deputy director of theNSA say two things simultaneously—first, that the bulk phone records collection that’s gone on for at least seven years of all Americans’ phone records—hundreds of million, yours, mine, everyone’s, your neighbors’, your family members’—has in maybe one case—maybe—stopped a terrorist attack, maybe, at absolute most. And he also said—and this is the subtler thing that’s easier to miss but is very important to link with yesterday’s documents disclosure—he said that was the wrong way to view the program, that it wasn’t a sort of, as he put it, "but for" instance of actually directly stopping a plot. That’s not really the right way to view it, he said.


2. The new $2bn NSA data center in Utah, expected to be fully operational in the Fall 2013

The data center is "expected to be able to process yottabytes of data".
One Yottabyte is equivalent to the entire contents of the internet 2,000 times over.


3. XKeyScore

The Mass Surveillance State at the touch of a computer button

4. James Clapper and Keith Alexander should already be in jail facing charges of perjury

Feinstein and Clapper caught lying BIG TIME. The implications of a MASS SURVEILLANCE STATE

The 11 lies and 1 truth told at the recent NSA "hearing" on June 18th

Keith Alexander caught lying under oath under questioning by Hank Johnson

5. What every American and every Congressman should know about the NSA's Mass Surveillance programs

Everything You Wanted to Know about NSA Spying … But Were Afraid to Ask

Saying the NSA's Mass Surveillance programs have anything to do with counter terrorism is an obvious and blatant lie

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