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Real reason the GOP protested the Hillary movie?

I had a discussion with a very informed individual a month ago (he started NewsMax), and he claimed that the Republican Party was so screwed-up, and nominated such weak candidates, because it was owned by the Democratic Party. What happened this week at the RNC Summer Meeting supports his premise. Rancid railed against CNN & NBC for airing Hillary programs & said the party was going to take its ball & not play with them anymore - right? So, what happens? The Hillary movie gets canceled. Here's the back story that makes the most sense. The Hillary movie was going to be a hatchet job on her, even going to the point of suggesting that Bill wasn't the only Clinton chasing skirts. Supposedly (read the current issue of Nat'l Enquirer), Hillary was incensed about all of this & didn't want the movie to air. Now, what would be the best way to get rid of the movie without Hillary drawing attention to herself? Get the RNC to protest the movie & voila! the movie's canceled & it makes it look like the GOP is so desperate that it even wants to deny a network its 1st Amendment rights. Movie's gone, GOP looks like chump change, and the Democratic Party's love affair with Hillary is intact. Thank you, Rancid & the GOP! Score another one for the democrats!

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I submit to you rather than the DNC owning the RNC

That both RNC and DNC are owned and controlled by those debt issue central banker counterfeiters, the Rothschild zio mafia. Follow the money, to find that the truth is a lie.

Ron Paul recently said at a college campus lecture,
quote: "In a dictatorship truth is treason, in an empire of lies. The empire is held together by lies."

The biggest lie is the false compounding national debt that justifies the collection system that makes free humans into submitting debt slaves.

The RNC and DNC heligan dialectic lie is only made possible due to the private(Rothschild) central bank corporate (false national debt) currency issue lie.