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Spare Me the Agony Over $10 Per Month for the Ron Paul Channel

I see so many people complaining about the price of Ron Paul's new channel being $10 per month. I subscribed not only to see what it has to offer, but also because I don't mind giving Dr. Paul $10 a month (for at least a few months) to see how the channel progresses. Think about it - $10 is the amount you'd spend eating out for lunch one day.

I can understand people being hesitant to donate to campaigns if your candidate doesn't get elected and feeling like you received nothing in return, but for $10 a month you ARE getting something in return. Unfiltered, honest news from undoubtedly the most intelligent host of any news program.

I'd really like to see the channel grow to be 24/7 with various programs and honest reporting, but for now will settle for Dr. Paul's commentary.

For the record, I am NOT affiliated with the channel in any way, just attempting to validate $10 as a totally acceptable fee for the service provided.

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there are some of us who gave, possibly, more than we . . .

should have to try to get Dr. Paul elected--

people who are impoverished compared to Ron Paul--

well, um, to almost anyone--LOL!

$10/month is needed to keep the internet going--and for food--

I'm glad you can afford it, and I hope that it is a successful venture for Dr. Paul and for liberty--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Are you actually suggesting I

Are you actually suggesting I give up TWO full mornings of my Starbucks Double-Caramel-Mocha-Latte-With-Foam-in-a-separate-cup indulgence?

I am willing to make sacrifices for Liberty but that one is a stretch...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

point of view

my point of view is this. Im in the boonies about as far north in the USA as one can get to Canada without being in Canada. In order to get channels at all I have to pay 120 buck to Dish network, just to pick up RT as its in a high teer program, or premium. This also lets my children get Scoobey doo, amd TMNT. $120 bucks for essentially NOTHING worth looking at. $10 bucks a month to get the views and opinions on news events that are otherwise corrupted or slanted by big media, is a heck of a lot better in my eyes than the alternative.

The best part about it, is you have a choice of what you pay for (except Obummercare and taxes)in this country. If you dont want to pay for Ron Paul Channel, but pay ridiculous amounts like I have done in the past, for propagandized news, and a couple channels for the kids, its pretty much hypocritical to say the RP channel is some sort of bad thing.

People can speculate as to salaries and the like, but, its Ron Paul. ITS RON PAUL. are you seriously going to complain about real news and insights when probably most of you PAY the same dang machine that lies to us in the first place? Seems like a moot point, but I see it, and I see people making something out of nothing in the FREE MARKET so many supposedly support.

quit complaining and get your news from Cox, Time Warner, CBS, CNBC etc while paying to be shown crap.

Just makes no sense all the complaining about something that is of free will to do or not, while hypocritically paying the same system that so many are fighting against. Big waste of energy

For Liberty!!!

The interview with Elise

Jordan was excellent. I think RP is breaking news. He has a unique interview style. His guests are very open. I'd never seen good pictures of Michael Hastings. That is one scary picture of John Brennan(!). Elise became emotional, and RP just let it slide and continued, like a cool person, instead of some blood-sucking tv freak. That's a radical departure for news. It will be news worthy to the criminal stations when he has a lot of subscribers, as they go broke for lack of revenue. Success with no advertisements? R3volutionary!

Quit Whining

If you don't want to pay $10 then don't. Your whining about it is getting very boring and irritating. If you don't want it...then don't buy it. It is not free. Very simple!!

he's not whining (not the OPer)--

he's saying that $10/month is a good deal; you must not have read what he said.

Now, *I* whined. Why don't you look for my response and tell *me* to stop whining! LOL!

It's hard to have communication when many don't read what is really being said--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


I'm SO sick of the pro RP Channel people trying to guilt the rest of us into subscribing. The name of the game on the internet is FREE content. Get it!

We are supposed to give to Campaign for Liberty, LibertyPAC, Rands campaigns, Amash, Cruz et al., and now Ron's channel...WTF!

Free/Premium Content

He needs to have a FREE weekly or daily podcast to break down the "pay barrier". That way you can get info out to the masses (which I imagine you would want if this really is supposed to be a "reloveution"), PLUS you create an incentive to pay for the premium service (24/7 Access, exclusive content and more...) Makes sense if you want to change minds and also makes business sense. TAKE MY ADVICE RPCHANNEL!

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261

IDOITS are fed FREE SHIT All day long.

Who want's to battle with IDIOTS? Look at what you have to deal with on DP these days.

I Like the site and spend time here, but give me a break, $10/mo is really cheap to hear honest discussion between honest people.

IDIOTS will decide for themselves when to wake up. There are tons of Ron Paul speaking truth on youtube. FOR FREE!

This channel just gives you his latest assessment about what he has been saying all along. I support it.

Why would you not? Unless it is just to destroy the messenger?

Yes everyone jump in and

Yes everyone jump in and again line Benton's pocket. Who knows maybe he producing it. Do you even know who receives the money and what exactly it is used for? Everyone tossing around the word support! Exactly what I ask.

Seems immaterial...

Even if it were the case, it seems totally worth listening to the Thomas Jefferson of our lifetimes, impart his wisdom for the movement to continue to grow into the next generation, to wit is a true grassroots by its very definition.

It's important to me. I

It's important to me. I poured money into the campaign only to later find out the outrageous salary that was paid to staff. Ron could make videos in his home office that provide everything you mention. If he loaded them onto youtube he might even bring new people into the idea of liberty. No this is a whole new game at a premium. Why the premium instead of reaching as many people as he could? Who gets the premium? Very important to me.

I understand--

*we* (spouse and I and family) were struggling to feed ourselves when we donated to Ron Paul--

don't regret it; it sounds as though I do--

but there is a limit; a person has to view priorities.

We're walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

We refuse government medical plans--

most of our 'friends', even those with MUCH more money, who are retired or semi-retired (we work, but we get a pension, too, because of our ages)--

are on Medi--*whatever*--

we are not--

we qualify for food stamps; we don't take them--

I could give money to hear this monthly and we could skip a meal--

have decided not to go there--

if I sound a little bitter, well, maybe I am--

we've worked hard to get to this level of poverty--

*shaky lol*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this is how we can help keep the revolution alive.

i can't imagine anyone who claims to support dr. paul not participating in this. please help it grow. who is going to pay the bills for running this channel if nobody subscribes ???


Actually a very anarcholibertarian thing to do

is for some one, some Snowden, to crack the Ron Paul Channel and
publish the code here.

Actually an even more anarcholibertarian thing to do is
for some one on the INSIDE of the Ron Paul Channel to start
Leaking the Content to the PUBLIC.


Indeed it seems to be happening Already!!!


don't believe in contracts?

Thats fine if all of you are okay with it

I had two points about why it is a bad idea.

1) If we are supposedly trying to have an intellectual revolution erecting a pay-wall in front of that information very much stifles that revolution. But I have no problem the pay-wall in this regard if really Ron Paul's target audience is just us. In that case that's completely fine, I guess we need to rely on others like Ben Swann etc... for that.

2) Most media companies have tried pay-walls and in most cases have taken them back down because most people just aren't willing to pay for content. I say this with experience because I've worked in the industry.

So those are my two points. I pretty much expect people to down-vote me just because I disagree with the OP but hey I guess that's just the way it is here on DP.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Which media companies took

Which media companies took down their pay wall? It seems to be a growing trend, not a shrinking one. NYT and WSJ set the bar and proved to the rest of them that it can work. In fact, rumors are that WaPo will get one next after the recent purchase.

You are right. Paywalls are

You are right. Paywalls are going the way of the dinosaur. I'm just a poor boy who donates all he can for liberty. Ron Paul is a millionare. Sure it's his right to make money but its incorrect to say this channel is so important that I need to buy into it.

Denise B's picture

I agree that $10/month

is a very reasonable price to charge for access to the invaluable information that is provided by Dr. Paul and his associates but I also agree that the fee itself can be a deterrent to people who are not familiar with Dr. Paul and might not be willing to pay upfront for something just to gain a different perspective that they may or may not agree with.

I think that a great solution to this potential issue would be for them to offer the first month for free with the option of subscribing after the initial 30 day period expires. That way anyone who is curious can tune in without having to pay any money up front, and then if they like what they are hearing and want to continue to view the programs they can then make an informed decision as to whether or not they feel it is worth the money. I think you could potentially reach a much larger audience if approached in that way and it doesn't create a situation where you are just "preaching to the choir" as other people have referenced.

Absolutely. I agree. We

Absolutely. I agree. We should be supporting and helping it grow larger. It will be a great source of uncensored (so to speak) news and info, and we should be manning up to help out. I'm on vacation but will be subscribing when I get home.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I used to pay $10/month as Rush Limbaugh Dittohead

Like I wouldn't subscribe to Ron Paul to see what he can do with a similar format? Glenn Beck also has a similar program with The Blaze.

I've always thought that Ron Paul could be great at this type of thing. I just subscribed.

Ideally they could generate

Ideally they could generate enough revenue to produce powerful videos or discussions that would be released publicly to gather more support.

I don't mind paying $10/month but I think they need to be more innovative in what they're doing and produce a lot more content to be successful.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Economic Policy Journal weighs in...


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

None of you seem to be getting it...

Of course you'd pay $10/mo for the RP Channel! But, are you the people who need to hear his msg? Don't you already know his msg?

Go out on the street & ask 100 John & Jane Doe voters if they'd pay $10/mo? Those are the people who need to watch the RP Channel. I'll bet out of those 100, you'd be lucky to get 10 people who'd pay.

Preaching to the choir does not do much good.

Isn't 30 minutes of truth 3 days a week worth 10 bucks a month?

You bet it is...Give America 3o minutes of truth 3 days a days a week and watch what happens..



Anyone who complains is honestly sorta acting like a child. Maybe the government should enact some consumer protection regulations against Ron Paul to protect us from him? Price fix his channel maybe? haha

Grow up kids. If you can't afford it, or don't want it, move along to something you do want.

This is the BMW of pundits. It's Ron Paul. It costs money. It costs the amount of money that he says it does. If that's out of your price range, then you don't get it. Simple. Stop bitching and go watch CNN at your friend's house that can afford cable.

Spare ME the agony...

Over the damn free market! If people don't want to pay it, they don't have to, and they are not only allowed but encouraged to vocalize this fact. 10 is too much, end of story. I will not pay it. Do with that what you will, but bottom line is that this is just worse for everyone. Less people see Ron Paul and Ron Paul makes less money. Simple math. Lower the price, make more money. The sweet spot is a different place for every product, but I guarantee you 10/mo is too high and more than the ideal amount to make the most money for something as simple and infrequent as this.

If it is worth it to you buy it and spare me the agony of trying to force your values down my throat.


And Value? Your attitude Tel, indicates you wouldn't know Value if it hit you in the face.


Stop acting a whinny little turd. You are ruining this great leep forward with the RP channel. I am sure once the channel can stand on its own two feet it will be free to all.


The RP Channel is not valued

The RP Channel is not valued at $10 per month, to me. That is my right. I'm sorry if that makes me a "whiny little turd" but in all honesty it's pretty obvious you're giving off a lot more of that vibe than myself. Throwing a damn temper tantrum over the free market at its finest. But I'm glad you're subscribed, because you obviously need to listen to Ron Paul more than I do.