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Spare Me the Agony Over $10 Per Month for the Ron Paul Channel

I see so many people complaining about the price of Ron Paul's new channel being $10 per month. I subscribed not only to see what it has to offer, but also because I don't mind giving Dr. Paul $10 a month (for at least a few months) to see how the channel progresses. Think about it - $10 is the amount you'd spend eating out for lunch one day.

I can understand people being hesitant to donate to campaigns if your candidate doesn't get elected and feeling like you received nothing in return, but for $10 a month you ARE getting something in return. Unfiltered, honest news from undoubtedly the most intelligent host of any news program.

I'd really like to see the channel grow to be 24/7 with various programs and honest reporting, but for now will settle for Dr. Paul's commentary.

For the record, I am NOT affiliated with the channel in any way, just attempting to validate $10 as a totally acceptable fee for the service provided.

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The Ron Paul Channel

Whether the Ron Paul Channel will be successful remains to be seen, but the underlying movement of his revolution is far from over. Like the birth of the Tea Party just a few years ago, to the near miss primaries that almost saw Ron Paul win the chance to vie for the Presidency, having the opportunity to move away from the old paradigm of main stream media propaganda, and towards an open forum of discussion and revealing of truth, can never be criticized for its intent, and is a powerful foundation in the battle for returning America back to the principles it was founded upon.

If it cost $5 a month then

If it cost $5 a month then he'd probably get three times as many subscribers. At least get twice as many, make the same amount, but double the audience. There's a psychological barrier at $5. Many people will spend $5 and think nothing of it, but $6-$7 starts to look like $10 and then you wonder if it's worth it.

What about the way Joe Rogan does it by mentioning sponsors only at the beginning?

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

Even the "free" sucks

I don't have cable and I can't even watch the free stuff, the story lines are filled with anti conservative/libertarian views, more than once the suspect in these cop shows is "anti government" . I did buy the subscription to the Ron Paul channel I probably won't watch it much but I know Ron will use the money wisely,for the cause of liberty.

This reminds me ,,, QUALITY DOESN'T COST, IT PAYS !!!!

I've seen the comments here and I can understand many do not have 10 bucks a month for the RP Channel. No problem, Watch YOU TUBE.

All the complaints about the fee just turn into AMMO FOR THE NWO.

And as a historical note, many informative programs required a monthly or annual fee. THESE PAID PROGRAMS ARE A FREE MARKET APPROACH TO BROADCASTING. After years of success the programs acquire sponsors and eventually become free. Or the programs continue on at a substantially lower cost and/or provide additional benefits to subscribers.

And what's that other saying we hear toted so much on the MSM?

Well, you can either pay for it in cash now, or blood later.

Stop whining and get to work people. There's plenty to do in the name of FREEDOM, and it will not exist without your continued vigilance.


For all your talk of the free

For all your talk of the free market, your sure do seem to despise the thing that makes it work (people not buying things that are too expensive).

There's plenty to do in the name of FREEDOM


Prison Planet TV

$5.95 a month, and you get to share your subscription with 10 friends. I see people on the DP attacking Alex Jones for profiting off the liberty movement, but Alex Jones subscription TV has way more content, for a much lower price, and he encourages to share with 10 other people to help spread the message. $5.95 a month for 11 subscriptions vs. $110.00 a month for 11 subscriptions.

I spent my money

On all the books he wrote. I don't need to hear anymore about how to act or what to believe in. He convinced me long ago. If I didn't get it long ago from his books. I would never get it. Work hard, stay fit, Don't spend money needlessly .Believe in gold, siver, real estate. Believe in GOD,the constitution, freedom,and liberty.

Money talks and dogs bark

and you have

the freedom and liberty to contribute to the man's latest project or not.

just subscribed 9.95$ a month.

best money spent this week.

I get tired of seeing people

I get tired of seeing people complain whenever someone wants a couple of dollars to make a living. If you're going to complain, why don't you go to work and turn down your own paycheck? Interesting we never see these type of complaints about Alex Jones even though he charges about the same amount to watch his nightly news programs.

To make a living?

Sorry, that doesn't fly. Ron Paul is a wealthy man. Now, however, he is charging for his "infinite" wisdom.
He actually is and was a politician out to line his own pockets.
I don't feel like paying him to have his channel.

Formerly rprevolutionist

If you don't want to watch

If you don't want to watch the Ron Paul channel, that's fine by me. But saying he should be spending the last remaining years of his life creating all of this programming for free is what bugs me.

If you had a point I would

If you had a point I would agree with you, but alas you do not. People are free to buy what they want or not. Someone saying that 10/month is completely absurd and ridiculously expensive for what it is, is different than saying people should work for free. If anyone is claiming he should be working for free, that is a moot point and a non-discussion, because it is obviously ridiculous if you subscribe to Ron Paul's beliefs to think it immoral to make money.

However the case as I see it is that people are pointing out that comparable amounts of content tend with comparable production value to cost a very, VERY much lower amount. I'm not going to subscribe. Live with it or lower the price. Dead simple.

Y'all keep the change

If you cancel your cable TV subscription, you'll have enough money to watch Alex Jones and Ron Paul, and y'all keep the change.

I have free broadcast

I have free broadcast television that I watch on occasion. No cable or dish, just the free stuff. But I will not pay Ron or Alex for their "genius".

Formerly rprevolutionist

Are you free to watch commercial-free?

My hypothesis is that most Ron Paul supporters would rather give up the Constitution than their cable TV. As much as I like free, nothing comes for free out of that devil box called a TV. The commercials are not worth the degradation and humiliation. And the mind control garbage they put on -- no thanks.

I'd rather watch Ron Paul or

I'd rather watch Ron Paul or even Alex Jones, than the propaganda garbage spewed on the major networks. But to each his own, I suppose.

Fool me once, shame on ... you

Jesse Benton's grandfather should be using the campaign donations I foolishly gave to him to give me his Austrian School propaganda channel for free. Instead, my tax money goes to fund the war in Afghanistan that he voted for and the sanctions against Iran that his kidnapping son voted for. 9/11 was an inside job, yet Ron Paul voted to spend my tax money to invade an innocent country? The Pauls were sent by the Rothschilds to convince America's youth to give up their Social Security and Medicare in order to pay off "their" so-called national debt to the foreign banks who gave us the Federal Reserve.

I think you've figured it all

I think you've figured it all out. That whole decades long effort of books and legislation by Dr. Paul against the Federal Reserve is just an elaborate ruse. He's actually an agent of the Rothchilds. And Dr. Paul constantly speaking out against global government is part of the plan, somehow. You're a genius. Now why you continue to post on a website called the Daily Paul if you have become disillusioned with the man is still a mystery.

I follow Daily Paul because

I follow Daily Paul because it was founded on the spirit of what we all wanted the Pauls to be. His followers are here, and we are kindred spirits, yearning to be free. We were betrayed, but we need not disband. We can defy the odds and soldier on, exchanging thoughts and arguing how to best restore liberty to this land.

The Pauls take positions that advance the globalists' agenda to undermine American sovereignty and the Constitution. They're for so-called "free" trade, against our Founding Fathers' intent, and they're for open borders, also against our Founding Fathers' intent. Rand says he doesn't even care that Ted Cruz was born in Canada -- he'll support him for President -- just like he supported Romney, whose father was born in Mexico. Let's just become the North American Union already.

Whoa dude

You are way too full of yourself. The Paul's sent by the rothchilds get real man. You seem to be spouting a lot of frustration on this dumb topic of $10 for a channel. All you have to say is no thanks not interested for the money.

Btw, Ron is more of a man than you and I ever will be.

Your last statement just

Your last statement just about sums it up. You literally think he's a better human than the rest of us. He can do no wrong.

Ron Paul was a great man. A man. Not more. As silly as it is to say he is an agent of evil, it is just as ridiculous to think him an agent of a benevolent God. He is a man. You are a hero-worshipper.

Although I'm not defending

Although I'm not defending Klaus7's comment at all, I honestly think that MANY former and current members of the Daily Paul have become disillusioned with "the man". If needed, Michael can comment on the latter aspect and current focus of the Daily Paul. As far as future financial support for Ron's initiatives, he'll likely be forced sooner rather than later to seek advertisers to partially fund his work. In my opinion, Ron still has a very important role to play in restoring our republic, namely one of education.

Ron already gets funding from Bilderberg

Ron already gets funding. His biggest campaign donor was Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Thiel, who believes that libertarians should be relegated to floating islands.

Education? Does Ron Paul educate you on the fact that the Founding Fathers intended that tariffs be the primary means of funding the federal government? Does Ron Paul educate you on the fact that the Constitution grants the sole power to create money and credit to Congress, not to a basket case of currencies owned by the same foreign banksters who gave us the Federal Reserve?

No, Ron Paul chooses the Austrian School, founded by Rothschild, over the Constitution every time.

Even I have some

Even I have some disagreements with Ron on issues such as "free trade". No one is perfect, not even the founders of our republic. ;)

200 years of electing imperfect people

200 years of electing imperfect people got us from the Constitution to where we are today.

And 200 more years of only

And 200 more years of only electing only perfect people will get us what?

Nothing. Because we'd never elect anyone.

What an insane argument you propose!

And ~ a decade got us from

And ~ a decade got us from the Articles of Confederation to the US Constitution ... ;)

Please clarify -- evolution or devolution?

I do not understand your post. Was it evolution or devolution to move from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution?