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Spare Me the Agony Over $10 Per Month for the Ron Paul Channel

I see so many people complaining about the price of Ron Paul's new channel being $10 per month. I subscribed not only to see what it has to offer, but also because I don't mind giving Dr. Paul $10 a month (for at least a few months) to see how the channel progresses. Think about it - $10 is the amount you'd spend eating out for lunch one day.

I can understand people being hesitant to donate to campaigns if your candidate doesn't get elected and feeling like you received nothing in return, but for $10 a month you ARE getting something in return. Unfiltered, honest news from undoubtedly the most intelligent host of any news program.

I'd really like to see the channel grow to be 24/7 with various programs and honest reporting, but for now will settle for Dr. Paul's commentary.

For the record, I am NOT affiliated with the channel in any way, just attempting to validate $10 as a totally acceptable fee for the service provided.

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it should have been free and user-supported

that's my take on it

Where was this when it had a chance to make a difference?

Several of us tried to set something like this up right after the Iowa Caucuses and got ZERO cooperation. No, this is "rearranging the chairs on the Titanic".

I will save that $10 for ammunition or MREs; thanks to the Ron Paul campaign, I am likely to need them.

I subscribed

Although I do tend to skip through right to the interviews. The RPC is pretty new so since I have sub'd ill stay with it until the end of the month at the very least and see what to make out of it.

I would like to see some segments and views related to NYSE & COMEX; especially after this crazy trading week. I will just wait and see what the end result of the RPC will be to fulfill.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I agree

If you can't afford $10 a month, at least quit bitching about it. If your budget is so tight that you cannot find $10 somewhere, and if that is so, I truly feel for you. Otherwise ride your bicycle a few days a week and save $10.00 of gas money, or go collect some cans and bottles to cash in.

I can afford $10 a month.

I just do not feel like giving more money to Ron Paul. Sorry, folks, I don't worship the man nor do I feel like he can do anything to help this country. He had 1 if not 2 very good chances to make a change and faded into the night. He really let me (us) down in 2012.
I have thought about a post like this for a very long time. I am so disappointed in his last campaign.
I did ask for my donations back for the 2012 campaign, but have yet to see a refund. Oh well, Ron is a millionaire and I guess he needed my money more than I did. (kind of like the government)
Because of Ron Paul's actions, I doubt that I can support Rand.
I can't wait to see all the down votes for this!

Formerly rprevolutionist

I'm not going to down vote

I'm not going to down vote you, since I believe you are being sincere. But I think it's worth mentioning that donations to a political campaign are not refundable. If you don't like the way the official campaign is being managed, simply don't donate to it. But you can't ask for a refund after the fact if the candidate doesn't win.

Beware of businesses that offer no refunds

I can get a refund if I take a Made in Red China piece of crap back to Wal-Mart, who paid no tariff to import it, and who pays no healthcare for its part-time workers, no questions asked. Why can't the Paul campaign compete with Wal-Mart for customer satisfaction?

I don't think $10 a month is expensive...

I just think the subscription is barring new people from joining the movement. I want to see the movement grow, not just see US paying $10 a month to hear more of what we are already into.

And I think the subscription fee IS STRANGE; why? Because there are a ton of youtube channels out there with probably many more followers, and they do not have a subscription fee model.

It seems like whoever designed the model his channel is using, has not been using the internet like most people have for the last 10 years.

I think we all are loyal followers of many channels/sites, and don't pay a dime for them.

why not have a service where

why not have a service where paid subscribers get access first, or whatever special privilege they offer, and then a day later they hit the internet? the die=hard of us will support this financially, and others would too.

Here's my question:

Why is it so important to you that I buy this subscription?

Almost every complaint I've seen about the subscription model being used was NOT about how they can't afford it. It's almost always about how other non-Ron Paul supporters can't view it.

I will gladly pay the Ron Paul Channel money if they ever make it available for free. I spend my money to spread the message; not to create an echo chamber. For me personally it's not valuable enough to buy. Ron isn't telling ME anything I don't already know. I would like him to tell other people these things instead of preaching to the choir.

He wouldn't make as much money

But he would get millions of viewers if he monetized and published the shows on YouTube. This is a big loss for him as far as potential subscribers go. People will pay the ten bucks just to skip the annoying YouTube ads. And his interviews are very good so far.

Glenn Beck Made 90 Million last year

Are you going to let Ron Paul get owned by Glenn Beck?


and I wish the Ron Paul Channel and Ben Swann would join forces. It would be great if they mixed business models.

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That's exactly

what needs to be done.

Right On


This is an easy problem guys

Ron Paul and whoever is working with him made a business decision. He will have to live with the consequences of that.

Things to remember:
-He has provided free content to us for years. Really, a good % of us wouldn't have even been exposed to this if he hadn't opened up some intellectual doors.
-You are in no way obligated to pay for the service. I would encourage people who have been helped by Ron over the years to not poo-poo his decision to charge, but that is your right. If they are unhappy with or unsuccessful in their business model, it may change in the future.
-There is a benefit to not using advertising: you in no way entangle yourself with other interests. You are free to focus on your passion of applying the principles of liberty to current issues.
-If you subscribe, you can watch videos with people who you want to expose to these ideas in a high-quality manner. Sure, this isn't as easy as sending them a link, but it is more personal.

I made the decision to subscribe. I am willing to trade a small amount of Federal Reserve notes for the benefit of watching this. That makes three liberty subscriptions that I value more than my Federal Reserve notes: Ron Paul Channel, Peter Schiff Show, and Liberty Classroom.

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You are paying a heck of a lot

more than that for mainstream media channels and you don't get a choice to fund it or not.

Our tax dollars ( and children and grandchildren's tax dollars) are going to fund more evil crap than you can possibly imagine.

We need REAL media even if we have to fund it grassroots.

Yeah I was hoping all libertarians would stay broke

too for the rest of our lives so we could not have the money to do chit to change the country. Liberty will cost you something folks if you are complaining about $10 tell it to the dude who about 200 years ago took a musket ball up his ass. That's all I need to say.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

As mentioned earlier, why not "pattern" the show, fee free like

Infowars of AJ?

I really do hope that the Ron Paul Channel would succeed, no doubt.

But the $10/mo fee...no. Long term, it will not work nor last.

The Market will decide

The free market will decide if the price of $10 is fair for the content delivered. I thought it was. I broadcast for two years, 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. Helped produce other shows, worked the boards, put the conferences together, re-streams... etc We all worked hard long hours for free, we tried to provide non skipping streams and good audio.... RonPaulRadio, RonPaulTV,BreakTheMatrix,Boldvoices are but a few of the ventures that tried to provide what the market demanded. Honest Free Radio/TV no ads, top notch guests and hosts, music, all of it. Well, in my humble opinion that can't be done for long. I think Ron has the Name recognition, the mailing list, the loyal friends in liberty. I think he charging for it because you have to, and you should, it's damn hard work.

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Switch to an Advertising Model With Unencumbered Redistribution

Personally, I don't mind paying for content IF I can redistribute, i.e. rebroadcast, it intact on my LPAM station once I've paid for the material. I'm NOT the intended target for this material. I want Ron's material for those indoctrinated folks in my local area who will NOT pay for it, but might listen to it. Within reason, I'll pay for it for THEM, i.e. my audience, IF I can rebroadcast Ron's material. I, too, highly recommend using the financial model employed by Alex Jones. Allowance for unencumbered redistribution MUST be part of any deal, but like Alex, Ron will need to switch to an advertising model so redistribution on other networks will promote his advertisers as well.

combine all the liberty programs

I agree totally. Why can't they just combine all the liberty programs ronpaulchannel, infowars, prisonplanet.tv, benswann, drudge, zerohedge, cnsnews, breitbart.tv, humanevents, jasonmattera, James O'Keefe at projectveritas, Molotov Mitchell at WND, thedailysheeple, lewrockwell, marklevin, rush, etc.? All of them need to get together and start a cable tv channel. We can't wake up the sheeple effectively until we infiltrate their idiot box. Launch the campaign with a conservative celebrity program; actors, athletes, music artists, etc. Slice right to the core of their psyche. That's the only way.

because people who adopt

because people who adopt fringe politics, regardless of their factual rightness or wrongness, all hate each other, and will find room for deep seated antagonism in the minutest detail of abstract disagreement.

Master Pretzel Twister

giving away your secrets? or just tactics?

perhaps reading directly from your job description........

vague statements, obscure references, appeals to emotion.


hey buddy im just on a

hey buddy im just on a spiritual and intellectual journey. i don't make a living from this so i don't get emotional about it if i can help it. your unhealthy obsession with me, on the other hand, belies your emotional investment. ease back and take a breath. i am not your problem. that's not to say you don't have a problem, i am just not it.

Master Pretzel Twister

plead innocence and purity of motive.

attack motives and suggest motivations.

check, check,

You nailed it.

Anyone with the slightest difference in perspective is immediately labeled by our community as a neocon.

Some people need to learn a thing or two about business

How is Ron Paul suppose to run a commercial free site? With his charm and good looks? The message of liberty may be free, but running a website isn't, and without ads to pay for the website, you have to pay out of pocket. Ron Paul isn't mitt romney, he doesn't have millions of dollars. Remember, he gave much of what he earned in congress back to the treasury, and didnt charge much for his books. Considering the price to run a website, hire employees, have a set, and stream videos, I'm surprised he is only charging $10. Most people spend more to feed their fat butts on fast food and smokes.

Maybe this will separate the men from the boys

Maybe this will separate the men from the boys, or those who practice what they preach.

For the ones who do not agree, go see obama and mitt, I hear they may be handing out more free phones and subs.

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It was hard for me to fork up

It was hard for me to fork up the money even being $10. Sounds to me like exploiting the message of liberty for profit. I justified it simply in support of Dr. Paul and the fact that there is Zero advertising. Give it six months. If the ads start I intend to cancel my subscription. It can also go the other way though. Who knows, if it takes off and becomes popular, credited in the mainstream, I think it would begin to generate it's own revenue and possibly be provided free in the future. With plenty of room for profits for Dr. Paul.