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New Lew Rockwell: "Mark Lane: Did the Secret Service Help Kill JFK?" *pops popcorn*

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even if it's old . . .

I want to watch it--at some point.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


this is old news.

Bill Cooper was talking about this years ago and paid a lot of $'s 4 the Zapruder film. I think it was $25,000 it cost him. It shows the SS guy seated in front of then President Kennedy turn and fire a shot at him.

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Cooper was wrong about this

The Zapruder film that you are shown is altered. It is not an accurate depiction of what went on. The driver, William Greer, did not shoot Kennedy. However, he was involved. He brought the limo to a stop (not shown in the extant Zapruder film).


Throat shot was a wound of entry

Lane said that the first shot struck Kennedy in the neck and exited the throat. Maybe he misspoke. But the throat wound was an entry wound.

Outside of the Federal Reserve take over, Killing Kennedy

Outside of the Federal Reserve take over, Killing Kennedy in broad daylight and having the force to cover it up for 50 years has destroyed everything other than the idea America was founded on.

This is a must listen.

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Lane was the first to question the JFK assassination

The first book to challenge the Warren Commission findings presents case after case of ignored or twisted evidence to offer a scathing indictment of the Commission's handling of the assassination of President Kennedy.

long ago

there was a book written about 1983 that postured the event as being a secret service agent accidentally firing and hitting jfk..look it up..believable??? ..who knows.