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Video Shows Fake Muslim Brotherhood “Protesters” Staging Deaths & Injuries


A video shows Muslim Brotherhood protesters posing for a staged photo-op in which deaths and injuries are hoaxed.

This is not to ignore the fact that many people have been killed by the Egyptian military junta.

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All these egypt posts tell me essentially the same thing

Whether they be posts about staged deaths, military coups, muslim brotherhoods, popular uprising, anti-morsi, anti-Mubarak, anti current military rule...

All sides are dishonest and all sides are corrupt. We nothing nothing of the true nature of the conflict, and never will. We can't know. We have to be careful seeing this stuff and desiring to choose a side.


Take a look at this one

What's his source?

What is the source of the video? If these were crisis actors, they were posing for still shots. Who shot the video? How did it get on YouTube?

There is a long history of this abetted by BBC

And other global news, RT, Press TV are another few.

The globalist campaign is ON. The hard part is they don't care about these people. They lie and tell them that the world cares so do this to "help" others. So it's not that they do it to fool people, but to get help, because they need help.

Wouldn't it be great if these globalists were not making a profit off real misery by staging misery?