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I love watching the liberals eat their own young.


Days after reports that a nonprofit founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was seeking unpaid interns sparked criticism, the organization has announced that it will launch a paid internship program.

On Wednesday, Jessica Bennett, a staff member for Sandberg’s foundation LeanIn.Org, posted on Facebook that she was seeking an unpaid editorial intern to assist in her work for the group. Immediately the post drew criticism in cyberspace, with commentators and Silicon Valley blog Valleywag noting Sandberg’s recent stock sale, which netted her a cool $91 million days before her foundation began recruiting free labor.

Bennett quickly responded with an updated posting stating that the unpaid intern she was seeking was not an official LeanIn.Org position, and a spokeswoman, in an interview with She The People, defended the use of volunteers by LeanIn.Org and other nonprofit groups.

Read more. I love watching the liberals eat their own young.