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Lars Larson thinks we must give money to Egypt to be protected

Radio Host Lars Larson is in favour of some redistribution of wealth. He is in favour of foreign aid; for instance, giving money to Egypt. He thinks that if we don't give money to Egypt the security of the United States will be at risk. I asked, who will attack us if we don't give money to Egypt? He had no answer, and made a very quick exit.

We have heard this argument before, and it makes absolutely no sense. I started to explain to Mr. Larson that we have 8000 nuclear deliverable warheads and thus, the no country is going to attack us. It would be complete suicide for the leaders, as well as the rest of the people in the country. The decision-makers of the country, the leaders, do not want to commit suicide. We know this to be fact, including the leaders of Iran. Not a single one has committed a suicide bombing .

The idea that Egypt or any other country would attack the United States because we don't send money to Egypt is ludicrous. There is absolutely no connection between our sending money to Egypt and increasing the probability of the United States being attacked by another country. There are no facts or reasoning that support this conclusion . Egypt will not and cannot attack us, nor will any other country attack us for not giving foreign aid to Egypt, or for that matter, any other country. Obviously, whatever the reasons are for sending money to Egypt, it is not to protect ourselves.

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The hush money only works temporarily with puppet dictators.

The neocon chickens are coming home to roost. Larson is one of many.

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neocon nonsense

neocon nonsense

Jan Helfeld