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Lindsey Graham Challenger Lee Bright to Hangout with the Daily Paul TONIGHT

Tonight, Friday the 23rd at 9 pm eastern, will be the Hangout. Check back here at 8:30 for the broadcast link to join the Hangout.

Subscribe to Lee Brights YouTube channel at the following link. You can view the Hangout there as well. The broadcast will be turned on at 8:30 pm eastern and will start at 9 pm eastern.


Bookmark this posting and set a reminder, because this Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern (8/23) people on the Daily Paul will have the chance to "hangout" with South Carolina candidate for U.S. Senate and challenger to Lindsey Graham...

Lee Bright!

Since Lee Bright announced his candidacy, he has emerged as the early front-runner because of a history in South Carolina politics backed by the principles of liberty and consistency.

In the past few days I've been talking to the Lee Bright camp to setup a Google+ Hangout with the Daily Paul community and others who are also interested in replacing Graham. They thought it was a great idea and have agreed to do it.

So at 8:30 p.m. Lee Bright will open the Hangout broadcast. At that time the broadcast will be public and a link to the broadcast will be produced. I'll update this article with the link at that time. It is my hope that the grassroots will share this news around and share the link of the broadcast around as well too (once it's available).

If one wishes to just view the Hangout broadcast, just click the link once it's provided. There will be a simultaneous, live YouTube broadcast as well: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0NgSepZfdJZnZNVlU559Q

The hangout will be "town hall style". To participate, one must have an account with Google. When the broadcast is open, up to eight people at one time will be able to join the video feed with Lee Bright. Please have your microphone muted until Bright calls on you. After Bright answers your question, leave the video chat so somebody else can take your place.

Again, it is my hope that the grassroots will help me spread this news around, in order to get as many people to Hangout with Lee Bright.

(via his Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Bright)

  • During Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential campaign, Bright endorsed Ron Paul for the South Carolina primary.
  • In 2011, Bright introduced a bill to study whether South Carolina should make gold and silver coin legal tender in payment of debts...in the event of a major breakdown of the paper currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System.
  • Bright is the author of the Constitutional Carry Act of 2013 which would allow citizens to carry firearms without a permit... Bright was one of six senators to oppose the bi-partisan "Boland Bill," a bill that would prevent the mentally ill from owning firearms.
  • Bright was designated as one of four "taxpayer heroes in the Senate" by the South Carolina chapter of the Club for Growth for the legislative session of 2011-2012... The Club for Growth is a PAC that describes themselves as "fiscally conservative" and has been opposed by Republicans Haley Barbour and Karl Rove... He had the highest rating of the Palmetto Liberty PAC on its legislative scorecard, and was unanimously endorsed by The Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina.
  • Bright won re-election to his South Carolina Senate seat in 2012, with 65% of the vote.
  • He received a key endorsement in his 2012 re-election bid by Ron Paul. This is what Ron Paul had to say with his endorsement:
  • A few weeks ago, I wrote you to announce my formal endorsement of South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright.

    As you may remember, back in January, Senator Bright endorsed my presidential run - and now the establishment is coming after him with guns blazing.

    Now, with less than two weeks left until South Carolina's June 12 Republican Primary, the race is really heating up.

    In fact, Lee Bright's opponent is even attacking him not only for endorsing and campaigning with me across South Carolina, but for introducing the South Carolina Sound Money Bill, as well!

    So won't you please contribute as generously as you possibly can to Lee Bright's reelection campaign right away?

    The truth is, in just one term in the State Senate, Lee Bright has established himself as a leader for the issues you and I hold dear, including:
    ** Sponsoring Constitutional Carry legislation, which would allow law-abiding gun owners in South Carolina to carry a firearm without having to beg the government for permission;
    ** Sponsoring South Carolina's State Sovereignty Bill to force the federal government to maintain its proper limits under the 10th Amendment;
    ** Standing up to his own party's leadership by filibustering the South Carolina State Budget in an attempt to derail spending increases.
    If re-elected to the State Senate, Lee Bright will continue to fight for the founding principles of individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government that you and I hold dear.

    But as I told you, the establishment is gunning for Senator Bright.

    And he needs the help of every Patriot possible to continue fighting for liberty in the State Legislature.

    So please, join me in supporting Senator Lee Bright by making the most generous contribution you possibly can afford to his campaign.

    Lou Dobbs interviews Lee Bright


    Glenn Beck interviews Lee Bright


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Just updated it to tonight!

Just updated it to tonight!

I am

excited about this event tomorrow!

I was delighted when Nancy Mace stepped up to challenge Graham, but after hearing her speeches and interviews, I am certain she is not the one to defeat him. She doesn't really seem to know much about anything - she just regurgitates talking points and redneck t-shirt slogans.

Lee Bright, however, seems to have a good grasp on the Constitution, and his opinions and answers denote deeply held principles. I know nothing about the other challenger, Cash, but so far I'm very impressed with Lee Bright. Thanks for putting together this Daily Paul Hangout!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Yeah I don't hate Nancy Mace

Yeah I don't hate Nancy Mace or anything, but what you said is correct. When she talks, you can tell she really doesn't get it. She doesn't speak on principles, but talking points.

Don't forget it's tomorrow!

Don't forget it's tomorrow!


GRANDHAM makes me physically sick!!!!!!
Please!!! Please!!! beat him!!!!

Jan Helfeld's picture

Mr Bright, use this video in your campaign: Lindsey Graham says

Tell Mr Bright to use this video in his campaign: Sen. Lindsey Graham says foreign aid is not redistribution of wealth! He said he is against redistribution of wealth but claims that foreign aid, i.e., redistribution of wealth from Americans to foreigners, is not redistribution.

Jan Helfeld

Graham's going to get hit so

Graham's going to get hit so hard by his challengers. I'm struggling to see how he'll win. He doesn't even want to come face his constituents on his break.

Kudos Great Job, WIN for the Grassroots

This is a really great score and excellent outreach.

User less than a year... and from SC

Im not trying to be rude. Truly. Are you a volunteer or are working with his campaign in any way?

Im just curious more than anything. One thing that always perturbed me about Rons campaigns is that there wasn't an effort to speak to us directly. When Rand got behind Romney... right after the last moneybomb.. that was very stupid ass PR. Rand should have had more sense than to not speak to us directly.

Im just curious. Its not an attack. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Feel free to look at my

Feel free to look at my profile and view my posts and comments.

I may have just signed up last year, but I was just a long time reader since early spring of 2008. A few things caused me to sign up here and be more involved...

Ron Paul's Tampa speech. I realized we have to start carrying the torch, we can't rely on Ron.

I moved to the Carolina's in the summer from Illinois, and I became energized hearing Tom Davis in Tampa and couldn't believe this guy was a state senator in my state.

And then earlier this year , Michael Nystrom said we need to do more for the Daily Paul than just talking. That's why I drove to Columbia this past June and was able to get Rand in a 1 on 1 interview on behalf of the Daily Paul. And now that's why I've set this Hangout up with Bright.

Anybody can do this, it's not even that hard.

When it comes to Lee Bright, Im almost 100% sure now this is the guy we should elect. Ill wait until after the Hangout. I do plan on being very active for one if the SC candidates, it will probably be Bright.

Awesome. :)

Thank you for not taking it as an attack.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Thanks for posting

big ole Liberty bump.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

To ask him a question, you'll

To ask him a question, you'll have to be in the Google Hangout this Friday night.

Mr. Bright, how do you feel about WI Governor Scott Walker

busting up the teacher's unions, the nation's first, with the power of his pen, and his subsequent arrest of protesters or observers of protesters including tourists from out of state?



Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Updated with the YouTube

Updated with the YouTube channel you can view it at live.

I hope

'we' can keep this bumped up to front page status!! Upvoted and shared on Twitter.
I am really looking forward to this occasion.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Isn't Google NSA's biggest contributor?

What am I not getting?

Why do people downvote her?

Why do people downvote her? This is a simple question she is asking. If in other threads she makes outraging staements downvote those statements. This is a simple question.

You may not be "getting" that

You may not be "getting" that a Hangout is public communication, unlike a private e-mail.


I don't see how there is any privacy in email because it has a carrier that does not have PRIVACY as part of it's FREE contract agreement.

There is an email service

There is an email service possibly starting next year that will be impossible to decrypt. Because it is being built from the ground up with security in mind with every step. It's been a long project; I expect it to be a very popular service.

Very good

Now who will be moderating? On average, Hangouts have been "OK" for Gary Johnson, however there are a number of technical hurdles that must be overcome (good audio requires the use of a headset with a microphone, bad Internet connections are common so expect many people to get bumped off unexpectedly, etc.)

Will you be responsible for a "dry run" using Hangouts about a 1/2 hour with this candidate to figure out solutions to problems he may not be prepared for yet?

Though it may initially seem simple, Hangouts is not completely intuitive (and really should be redesigned by a UI/UX company outside of the Google bubble).

Trial runs will be conducted.

Trial runs will be conducted. Expect the same experience from the Gary Johnson Hangounts.

Great idea!

The Daily Paul should do this more often. Set it up like a Reddit AMA, bring on names big and small from the liberty movement.

Great for them, they get to push their campaign/moneybombs, books, show, etc to their key target demographic. And obviously great for us and the DP.

Spread the word!

Spread the word!


Dump Lindsey.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

This is the best candidate to

This is the best candidate to dump Lindsey too.