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Early Humans Lived in China 1.7 Million Years Ago

An extinct species of tool-making humans apparently occupied a vast area in China as early as 1.7 million years ago, researchers say.

The human lineage evolved in Africa, with now-extinct species of humans dispersing away from their origin continent more than a million years before modern humans did. Scientists would like to learn more about when and where humans went to better understand what drove human evolution.

Researchers investigated the Nihewan Basin, which lies in a mountainous region about 90 miles (150 kilometers) west of Beijing. It holds more than 60 sites from the Stone Age, with thousands of stone tools found there since 1972 — relatively simple types, such as stone flakes altogether known as the Oldowan. Researchers suspect these artifacts belonged to Homo erectus, "thought to be ancestral to Homo sapiens," Hong Ao, a paleomagnetist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Xi'an, told LiveScience. [Photos: New Human Ancestors from Kenya]

The exact age of these sites was long uncertain. To find out, Ao and his colleagues analyzed the earth above, below and in which stone tools at the Shangshazui site in the Nihewan Basin were found. The tools in question were stone blades potentially used for cutting or scraping.


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No proof?

Who said there's no proof? What we know, not guess at, fits right in with the biblical account. Additionally, we have Jesus' acknowledging the OT as God's word and quoting Genesis as fact. Since He proved He was God by raising Himself from the dead, I'll go with that.

I will also take His word for it when He says no one comes to the Father but by Him. That does make everyone else wrong, doesn't it?

And where did you get the idea that billions of people have never had the chance to believe?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Not really his words

I get your reasoning, but you do realize that Jesus couldn't read or write, or if he did he chose not to. The earliest Gospel (what we call "Mark" - but it was anonymous) was written around 70 AD/CE - so at least 30 years after Jesus would have been crucified. And, even if Mark was real and wrote stuff down while Jesus was alive it is still second-hand.

It would have been so much clearer if Jesus had written his own stuff like Confucius and Mohammed did.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Billions of people meaning

Billions of people meaning Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish, Taoists, animists, etc, etc, etc. These people were born into their religious beliefs and believe them as seriously as you believe yours. Combined they make up a considerable amount of people. I do not think that these people will be punished by god because they are not orthodox christians. I think it is just silly to think you have that one belief system that is correct, and the dozens of others you could have been born into are wrong.

Is the goal to make everyone in the world christian? I don't think that jives with libertarian philosophy but that is my opinion I suppose.

I thought Jesus was god's son. He is actually god? He is his own son?

GoodSamaritan's picture

Jesus is God in human form

Angels are several times called the sons of God (e.g., Job 38:7) since they had no fathers, being directly created by God. Likewise, Adam was called the son of God (Luke 3:38), because he was directly created. The same applies even to fallen angels (Genesis 6:2), and to Satan (Job 1:6), because they also were created beings. The term "son" is also used in a spiritual sense for those who have become "new creations" in Christ Jesus by faith (II Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 2:10; etc.). In this sense, Christians are also "sons of God" (e.g., I John 3:2) by special creation - not physically but spiritually.

However, Jesus was not created as the angels or other men were, but is called "begotten" of God because He entered humanity through conception and birth. Whereas it is a human spirit that animates our bodies, it is eternal God Himself who animates Jesus.

Jesus said, "I and my Father are one" (John 10:30), and was eventually crucified because of His repeated claims to be God.

Jesus also said, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation" (Mark 16:15) It is not the goal of Christianity to make everyone in the world a Christian. The goal is to proclaim the gospel to the world until Jesus returns. Whoever is or is not saved is not up to us - we're only the messengers.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Let's just agree to disagree.

Let's just agree to disagree.

GoodSamaritan's picture

That's fine

I was just trying to answer your questions.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

You Are Being Sarcastic Right?

If so, then I am laughing with you.

If not, then I am laughing at you.

I am prepared for the flame war.


as a heart attack.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I don't know...

I don't know how it is that two people that think SO DIFFERENTLY, that is the way in which we reach our conclusions, can be attracted to and frequent the same site.

That's the beauty of liberty

Freedom brings people together, even those with diametrically opposed belief systems. The only thing that bothers me is when someone insists that we all have theirs instead of our own.

Evidence is showing that the earliest bipedal evolution

Early humans were an aquatic mammal, living in and on the waters edge.

They were the

New Kids on the block.

Their research is wrong. My

Their research is wrong. My research shows it was 1.5 million years ago not 1.7 million. (-:

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

I have known about this for a long time...

I have known about this for a while. For about 2 million years, there was a somewhat SEPARATE species of human, perhaps home-erectus, with a more sloped forehead living in Asia.

Now consider the history of Asia; very SEPARATE and exclusive of other cultures; historically barring trade and barring mixing with outside cultures; with their own alphabet, almost like another planet, so foreign. And many Asians have a more sloped forehead, and a somewhat dissimilar body structure.

I have always hypothesized that Asians were descendants of homo-erectus.

possible but you are off by a million years.

Homo erectus is two generations removed from humans. Homo neanderthalis is the direct predecessor of humans. There is some argument that there was gene flow from Neanderthals to modern humans and it might be possible to have gene flow from erectus to neanderthals.
Caucausian genes flowed into China and vice versa from two points. The mongols and via Russia. Something crazy like 1 in 10 people in the world have the y chromosome of Genghis Khan. As for gene flow you can see it as you move from Russia (images of politicians)

to Uzbekistan .
to Tajikistan
to Northern China

Remember the Silk road.

Via Russia-- Slavs carry alot of asiatic genes.

humans were created by

humans were created by aliens. they were made into slaves to mine gold. the sirians and annunaki created us.

f___ all forms of govt.

wow, so the sirians have been

wow, so the sirians have been violating human rights for a long time.

actually the annunaki were

actually the annunaki were the main slave masters. sirians were more peaceful. earth is a fucked up place.

f___ all forms of govt.

where did the annunaki come

where did the annunaki come from?

the orion belt. they are part

the orion belt. they are part human and part reptilian. they are much taller than us and referred to in the old testament as the gods or God.

f___ all forms of govt.

if you really want to read

if you really want to read about them look up and down load the book of Enoch.

no they are not. The Annanuki

no they are not. The Annanuki or what ever they are called, are fallen angels. Those fallen angels are the ones in genesis 6 who mated with human women and their offspring were known as the giants or the nephilim. Please go this website and check out the section on Giants. Also do some research on the nephilim. These are also your Neanderthals etc.

but does this mean we should

but does this mean we should deal with the syrians now or when there is a broader coalition.

all u can do is get your shit

all u can do is get your shit together and be ready when the aliens come back. some will try to help us. and some will lie and try to enslave us. same as it is here on earth. things are about to get galactic.

f___ all forms of govt.

It's a Cookbook!!!


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

intergalactic planetary,

intergalactic planetary, intergalactic intergalactic?

China indeed is the only ancient civilization that continues to

exist, up to this very day. The origin of the written Chinese language in itself, dates back to several thousands of years old.

China has been around...alot longer that what we were told. There was even an ancient Chinese world map drawn 4,000 or so years earlier and was circumnavigated..way, way, way before Columbus.

Wrong Title

You should have said:

"Guy claims that ships from China circumnavigated the globe, although without valid evidence, no shred of proof, and flimsy circumstantial narratives"

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain