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Update On Police Beating A Woman- Extended, Unedited Footage Released (Graphic Disturbing Video)

Decide for yourself after watching the entire beating if these so-called men should be allowed to continue to wear a badge.

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A Call to hackers / whistleblowers everywhere:

Do you desire to render to the public an invaluable service of the highest order? If so, then please acquire and make public the names and home addresses of ALL law enforcement personnel (except perhaps for sheriff departments, as they tend to be run by elected--and thus generally accountable--public servants) including metro / city departments, ALL federal agencies, etc. and especially senior officers, agency directors, on up the chain of command (Please add those of "private security firms" to the list, too, if those organizations deploy their personnel domestically.). These people are ALL potential (and clearly *real*, in too many cases already) domestic terrorists and should be on a public watch list.

Perhaps this will cool their bluster a bit and cause them to rethink their inappropriate tactics and conduct. Plus, those already guilty of terrorist acts of assault / homicide can be traced to and neutralized in their homes, thus preventing further domestic acts of terror while sending "a message" which can serve as a deterrent to the rest of the potential terrorists in that "industry". This is *real* preemptive strategy and is acceptable--and even laudable--during war time (in which we currently exist), as proven by former president George W. Bush's positive exemplar.

It is your Patriotic Duty to defend your fellow citizens from malicious government-sponsored domestic terrorist activity. You will be true heroes and heroines in so doing! When the very agents of our oppression are forced to consider moving into barracks merely for their own safety (and thus leaving their families / terrorist support personnel vulnerable), the beautiful irony will unfurl: those members of the occupying force who threaten our Freedom and safety will themselves be in essence jailed / confined to protect their own well-being! This will produce an effect quite satisfactory to the restoration of some Liberty in our States and to our People.

May the Divine Creator bless those of you brave enough to answer the Call, for your deeds will not only be of Glorious Service to your Country, but by extension to all of Humanity... which is now so direly threatened by tyranny world-wide.

What would the Founders do?

Four paths, as I see it.

First, the local sheriff should be contacted regarding the arrest of the officers in an assault. Hold him to it because he is elected and the threat of immediate recall.

Second, the mayor should be held to account to force him to fire the police chief if he refuses to fire his employee and change his policy. Hold him to it because he is elected and the threat of immediate recall.

Third, the legal fund for the civil lawsuit should be supported.

Should this route not work, then I say we've tried the ballot box and the soap box, we only have one 'box' left. ...reserved for knights and bishops, not pawns.

Wake up

I sure hope the good people of Davenport wake up and start doing something about these out of control "thugs" who happen to join their police force, so they could do this to a woman.
OK, so she stole an item from the store, arrest her and let the courts deal with her...I saw her say something (oops, we can't do that in Merika nowadays)...but, did it justify two grown men pushing and beating her? I don't think so.
I hope to see a vid. of the good people of this community "protesting" police brutality in front of the department, at least until these two goons are off the force.
One of these days, "The People" are going to say enough is enough and start taking "justice" in their own hands.
Very sickening to watch!

Symptoms of authority and

Symptoms of authority and those who should never have it

Symptoms of a violent nature

Symptoms of power

Symptoms of control


Victims of violenceVictims

Victims of violence

Victims of power

Victims of control


The birth of Tyranny in government......they say there is no tyranny, i say their are those waiting for the orders.......the very orders being waited upon, being the very thing we fight to stop.....that fight being the reason they await the orders.......they can not fathom a different way, except the, unbeknowst to them, the tyrannical way, and unbeknowst to them, those that fight them, fight them, because they SEE this possibility.........just by paying attention and having unbiased critical thought

Everyone as equals, we do not want the "words", we also want the effort, not the broken "oaths".....

Im having a strong feeling of karma, to those thoughts that went through this guys mind that made him think to do this.....i know hes not alone, and i know they believe that violence is the answer, and i know, they underestimate the power of retribution

Why cant they stop being so god damn stubborn and realise that NOBODY wins in that scenario

It seems everyday there is a new video of police brutality

Whats going on? Obviously these cops can't control their anger, are they on steroids? The feds were quick to investigate baseball for drugs, maybe they should start investigating the police departments for steroid abuse. The guys who did this should be in jail.