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Stopped by cop

Got stopped by a cop for speeding. It was a speed trap in a construction zone RIGHT around a corner. No time to slow down. And worse, I just switched insurance and didn't get a new card. Well he wrote me a ticket for speeding AND for not having proof of insurance. And the jerk wouldn't even give me enough time to show pull up any proof of insurance on my phone.

Almost all of my friends agree that they don't feel safer around cops. Aren't cops supposed to protect and serve us? Don't they derive their powers from the citizens? Is it normal for people to feel so uneasy around their police?

By the way, if any of you have advice on fighting this bogus ticket (In Tennessee), please give it to me. I've never dealt with a proof of insurance issue before.

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Is a day's worth of jail a viable option for you?

First off, the proof of insurance thing is easy, just provide proof that you have insurance at the time of the stop. I would do this before the court date and have it dropped, leaving just the speeding ticket.

As for the speeding ticket, just don't go to court. They will issue a summons for your arrest. Turn yourself in on a Tuesday night. Eat a good meal and dress warm. You'll usually be seen in court the next morning. Public defender should be able to get you time served. In any case, don't give them a dime. I know this process because it is what I have done before but each state is different. I personally would rather spend time in jail making them spend the money to feed and house me than to give them a stinkin' nickel.

I now have free traffic ticket representation in Vegas through an attorney who handled a case for me. He didn't follow my instructions too well and got a speeding ticket turned into a $220 fine with no traffic school, etc. Just the fine. Not good enough as far as I'm concerned so I let the due date on the fine pass. I assume I have a warrant for failure to pay or maybe they'll just stick it on my credit. Maybe they'll suspend my driver's license. Who knows. I do know they aren't getting $220 from me.


I went to an attorney who charged me about $175

(it was 5 yrs ago) - He handled it all, a couple of months later I got a notice to pay the amount of the ticket to the court. No points on my license, no insurance hike. Really not sure how it works, boyfriend at the time told me to do this and it worked. It was a speeding ticket in a construction zone and I'll just say I was going much faster than the 55 mph limit. They are called "traffic ticket attorneys" here in Florida.

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For proof of insurance

you just have to bring your proof before the judge and they will dismiss it. At least that is the way it is in California.


But it will show up when you try to get other insurance. In my case it didn't cost me anything, but the insurance agent said it showed up.
I believe he said it showed up under non moving violations.

The speeding part, you should get a video camera and have someone film while you drive the same route. Then describe to the judge how it was impossible to comply with the signs in place.

We all know they are intentionally place that way. you just have to show that in court.

Or you could just pay it. Its all BS, depends if you can afford to take the day off. They are going to pay the cop to be there, but you are not.

You could also try the Sovereign route, but since you have a drivers license and tags then that is probably out at this point.

Some interesting you tubes out there on it though.

I used to respect cops...then it got to where I could only

barely tolerate them...now, unfortunately...I have lumped them all together as nothing more than enforcers for an illegitimate, criminal organization. In my view they are worse than the mafia since the enforcers claim they do everything "to protect us" and "for our own safety".

As I told one big dufess the other day as he patted me down prior to allowing me to enter the ER of a local hospital where I went to see a friend. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF?? IF THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP ME SAFE, STOP "KEEPING ME SAFE"!...HAVE YOU LOST ALL ABILITY TO DO ANY INVESTIGATIVE WORK OR "POLICING" AT ALL??? AND ONLY KNOW HOW TO TREAT EVERYONE AS A FCUKING SUSPECT??? JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE YOU BRAINWASHED NAZI BASTARD! (He made a point to inform me he was NOT a Nazi and if I didn't STFU I was going to end up face down with handcuffs behind my back)

After telling him all that, making a scene, and he finally got done violating me...several people inside were laughing, several said "Hell yeah", but the old lady behind the counter said...well young man...."Its always better to be safe than sorry"...to which of course I responded..If you sacrifice LIBERTY for saftey YOU deserve NEITHER! READ A BOOK once in a while and turn off that damn TV.

They don't like me at that ER anymore. lol.

His job

Extort theft.

If here we had a cop that was hired by the public to protect and serve. His service would have been to note that no danger no harm had or was about to occur and he would have spent his time more productiveley. However if he felt that a potential danger existed being a good servant he would stop and warn the driver about the hazzard in advance of the spot were the construction and lower speed was reccomeneded.

These so called traffic laws should be traffic suggestions, voluntary complince and until damage had occured there is no need to have a servant of the people assist.

But in a thug Rothschild zionist dictatorship we see the cop being a agressive bully thug who is sent to terrorize and control the population for their overlord dictators. Its the slave of a slave syndrome. Same as whe the controlers of the japan
military used korean prisoners as the guards over the American prisoners.

Give em a little power and watch them go mad.


I have some advise

Get the card printed out (insurance) as long as it says on there that the date you activated the insurance is on a date before your ticket you just bring in the proof of insurance the that charge will be dropped when you go to your court date. They will offer to drop the ticket when you show them the POI so let them do that after they have done that tell them you want the speeding charged to be dropped as well because of the circumstances or you will take this to a jury trial. They really don't want to do that, so they might drop the charges there. If they refuse ask them to reduce the charges or you will take it to jury trial, that might make them bite as well, If they don't take the bait and you don't feel comfortable going to court arguing common law and that if there is no victim there is no crime than just pay the amount that is reduced.

You just got PAULED!

to me it seems like this police officer was doing his job

If he was being nasty and rude to you, that could be something worth discussing but otherwise it seems like a reasonable stop. I'd expect a free market peace keeper to do the same on a private road, if someone was not operating their vehicle within the property owner's safety thresholds.

As long as you can prove you had insurance at the time to the judge any fines or points will be dropped. No harm no foul on either side.

I will say though I feel ya on the feeling uneasy around police. Unfortunately there enough of the bad ones that give the good ones a bad rap.

" I'd expect a free market

" I'd expect a free market peace keeper to do the same on a private road, if someone was not operating their vehicle within the property owner's safety thresholds."

Umm, no. OP is paying for that road via his fuel taxes that he pays at the pump. He owns that road just as much as any other traveler. No victim, no crime. Simple as that.



The good ones? will cover for the bad ones almost 100% of the time,making them bad ones as well.

I live in TN and have gotten

I live in TN and have gotten no proof of insurance tickets before because I am horrible about updating cards. Just take in proof you had insurance at the time of the incident and the judge will throw that one out....at least it has happened every time I have gotten one. As for the speeding ticket...you are stuck with that one. I was only once able to get out of a speeding ticket and that was because I was able to prove my speedo was broken at the time(most new cars will throw a code...I went and got it scanned at autozone that day it was malfunctioning and proof that I had repaired it as well...I could even tell how to do this fraudulently(I didnt fake it since my speedo really was broken) but I wont. You deserve a speeding ticket for speeding in a construction zone...I am sometimes a construction worker myself...though not road construction...you are putting their lives at risk for doing their job every day. The proof of insurance ticket is bogus anyway since by law you had proof of insurance on your phone...therefore you werent in violation if you can prove that you can indeed pull up the info on your phone. If the judge doesnt throw it out when you show proof of coverage at the time of the incident then read the law and quote it back at him noting it does not say paper proof(reference the actual law first of course). Then make the argument that the cop not having time to look at it isnt a valid excuse...because you didnt have "time" to be stopped which is why you were speeding in the first place whereas the cop obviously had plenty of "time" to sit around in a speed trap...how could he not have an extra two minutes to comply with his side of the law?

My biggest piece of advice for you? Stop Speeding! I did this five years ago and guess what? I havent gotten a single ticket for anything since. Speeding DOES NOT help you get anywhere faster unless you are driving 4+ hours. You simply leave about five minutes earlier to get where you are going locally and you get there on time. I am a car guy myself and love to drive fast...but I have restricted that type of driving to the track....where you can drive fast legally while only endangering yourself and perhaps others who signed up for the risk.

I got one for speeding

I was coming off the (2 lanes and a shoulder 70mph) highway onto a service road (2 lanes and a shoulder 40 mph) no traffic. He was hiding behind a building. I had slowed to 55mph.

The only other car around was his.

I am considering fighting this also.

The issue for me is they are NOT keeping us or anyone else safe by giving us an expensive fine. He was in that area because you can drive safely at that speed on the service road and people naturally drive faster than the posted speed. These are the areas that they "trap" people.

If they were there to keep people safe they would stay in areas where accidents happen the most frequently. Not in areas where people naturally feel safe driving faster than the posted speed.

I did ask him the question. "When you decided to become a police officer was this the kind of thing you dreamed of doing?"

Cop Did His F 'ing JOB

"Got stopped by a cop for speeding.
It was a speed trap in a construction zone RIGHT around a corner. No time to slow down."

Speeding in a construction Zone?
Speeding around a curve?
No time to slow down?

The cop is serving and protecting the innocent drivers that get killed by the reckless drivers who...
Speed in construction Zones!
Speed around curves!
And allow no time to slow down!


Here's where you are wrong.

I was going 68 in a 65. Certainly not too fast for the section of interstate I was on.
The construction zone was not visible until you were already around the curve, hence why I called it a "speed trap."
I was in heavy traffic, and that reduced the visibility, and also encouraged me to drive the speed I was going to keep up with the flow of traffic.
Before I could adjust my speed to the construction zone, the cop had his lights on behind me.


Maybe you shouldn't f'ing assume so much about the situation when you weren't there. Sorry, but your response is very rude and unhelpful.

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."

Hey Crash Dummy,

First I replied (correctly) based on YOUR own testimony...

"I was in heavy traffic, and that reduced the visibility, and also encouraged me to drive the speed I was going to keep up with the flow of traffic. [The Herd?]
Before I could adjust my speed to the construction zone,..."

So you admit to ALL of it... including choosing not to slow down because all the other Crash Dummies were going too fast...
And in my 57 years of driving, including time as a race car driver and a Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery operator... I've seen plenty of sheep go over the cliff for the same reasons you got a ticket.


The officer is still in the

The officer is still in the right to stop you and issue a citation for speeding. Again, by your own admittance you were speeding (68 in a 65). And yes 3 mph over the speed limit might be a little knit picky, but consider you were in a construction zone. Most construction zones are usually between 45 - 55 mph. So is it possible you got a break and not charged with 68 in a construction zone reduced speed? You make a decent argument for your case, but that is what court is for. That doesn't mean the officer was acting beyond his powers by stopping you and issuing a ticket.

Also, an officer sitting on the side of the road making sure motorist slow down in a construction zone is not a speed trap. Try working on the side of the interstate sometime while vehicles are flying by you. Not so fun for those workers trying to make your roads better.

You haven't given any evidence to show the officer did something wrong. If you can provide any other facts to the situation I would reconsider. Maybe explain your definition of a speed trap and how the officer trapped you in to driving 68 mph in a construction zone.

From what I read in this

From what I read in this matter I would have to agree. The officer did his job and protected the other motorist and the fine folks working in the construction area. As for the insurance charge just take a certified letter from your insurance company showing you did in fact have insurance coverage on the day you were stopped and they should dismiss this charge. As for the speeding charge it sounds by your own writing you we're going to fast in the construction zone so be honest and pay your fine. To lie about it makes you no different then the liars in Washington. Just remember the problem we have is no one ever wants to admit when they are wrong and points the finger at someone else. We have to be honest and be held accountable or else we run in to the corrupt issues we have now in our government. Some times our pride makes the truth hurt.

I got one

A few years ago in Alabama and I just had to provide them proof that I was insured on the day I was stopped before the court date and it was dropped. Hopefully you can do the same thing.

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