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Speeding tickets are state run arbitrary BS laws.

Take a second to really think about your non aggression principle for a second. Where is the victim? I have seen quit a few people on DP talk about how speeding laws protect innocent drivers. Speeding tickets, seat belt laws, emissions testing, these are all useless arbitrary laws set in place to generate revenue under the veil of being safer for the community.

So lets break this down, If we allowed everyone to drive as fast or as slow as they wanted you would speed up your driving right? So what would keep people from driving 1000miles per hour down YOUR highway. Well first thing is if they wreck into you they have to pay for your crap. Paying for police to be driving everywhere is a waste of time and money. We should all have little cameras surrounding our cars so that if someone hits us, or goes cutting everyone off it is always caught on camera. So then you would just have to write down the time of the event, upload the footage to your computer and send it in to a court system where that person could get fined or have to do community service or whatever your into. Let me also say that I think you should buy your own camera and do not have it online or associated with the government at all. If you don't have a camera than you don't have proof, your lose.
Another thing I want to bring up is counter economics. Most people here know what economics consists of, but if you don't know what anarchistic counter economics is, you very well might enjoy learning, it is such rebellious fun.