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Audit the Fed Already! Rand Paul

No description.. but he sounds just like his father.

The audio kinda sucks.



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Rand is so sharp

He had the money honey ready to blow him , I always thought Ron did great too but he was so comfortable with his own knowledge that he talked over the layman's head . Rand is just better at getting his message across .

I can't wait to see him on a debate stage .


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P, please no more giant iframe embeds

they might look fine on your machine, but they look abysmal on DP.

In the future, just copy & paste the iframe code then press the "make embeds load faster" button here. If you don't see the button and don't want to turn javascript on, put:

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I was wondering when

you'd get to that J. Lol

Nice interview

Get this man some power so we can bring this house of cards down and expose the corrupt for who they are.

Ots a Strange position, that not many can achieve, to gain power only to then dismantle it, or at least restrain vigorously.

Gee the GOP must be POd

Rand on a station they are boycotting, back to talking about ending the fed.. and he talks in plain languange so people can understand


Audit Fort Knox to while

Audit Fort Knox to while we're at it.