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Bill Maher Attacks Chris Christie Over Rand Paul Spat

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Hey Barny

Hey Barny...

If their lives are in danger... who put them there in the first place and why the fuck are they in danger in the first place?

eh? eh?

Keep your nose out of the affairs of other countries and no government employee will be in danger.

Remember. Government put them in harms way.

A panel completely filled

A panel completely filled with shit.

There are secret hidden

There are secret hidden intended consequences for every major act of the federal government.

The Federal Reserve Act was intended to stamp out the middle class and transfer the wealth of the nation to the top .01% over a 100 year time span.

9/11 was intended to bankrupt and enslave the Americans with a tyrannical police state.

Programs like Medicare and Student loan subsidies were intended to drive up costs of those services, drive poor out, and put people into debt slavery.

There are computer models that show very clearly the intended consequences of all government policies over time.

Maher is dead to me. I don't

Maher is dead to me. I don't give a damn what he says - ever.
I'm slightly annoyed that other people would still give that whitened piece of dog crap the time of day.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I agree

Maher is a fraud. He does these things all for ratings and hopes guys like you and me go watch his pathetic show.



The guy is a fraud.

Every so often when his ratings dip or public opinion goes a certain way they put on a little sympathy kabuki for people they would otherwise normally criticize.

Change is something they can't do.

who cares

Maher is a statist liberal shill. He will pour MILLIONS against Rand in 2016


Maher says Rand and Christy are fighting for the SOUL of the GOP

Parties do not have souls Bill, and then he mentions that 911 is next month, and that Rand is saying, "Let's move on". I never heard Rand say "Let's move on", this is NOT what Rand is saying. Then he says Christy says, "come to NJ and tell that to the widows and orphans.. making Christy appear as a 911 Trust is actually for Justice (BECAUSE THE MOVE ON IS FROM TRUTH TO JUSTICE, which Rand wants resolved by the Constitution).

Alexis Goldstein from OCCUPYNETWORKS.COM http://www.occupy.net/ says you don't honor widows and orphans by increasing spying, but give them ACA.. (audience applause) She's defending LIBERTARIANS.. hmmm and she says Christy and Rand are the sme of social issues.. meaning neither are for ACA (free healthcare for all... now since when was Libertarians for free healthcare for all or socialist issues?) and she ATTACKS RAND, by twisting his argument about why he is opposed to ACA, "A family of 4 making $6K a year is too rich for medicade", And the audience "ahhhhoooooss sadness.. how can they support Rand now?

Next up Josh Barro, political editor, Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/ <- really interesting web site!!

He's correctly aligns Christy with ACA, Christy is a Governor, says Christy is too far out to run for Prez with the (tea party) conservative base (does not use the word Neocon... He's wrong to say Christy as Gov, does not have a record.. ironically uses Bush as an example because Bush was a gov before he ran for pres....

Barney Frank, confesses his bias: he likes Christy.. cracks a fat joke.. L/Gay issue.. but he says Rand is Right.. mentions Ron and their likeness.. So Frank is making THE case for Rand.. and then he agrees with Josh on Christy, says the nomineee will not be Rand or Christy (I agree) I think he's suggesting Cruz or Rubio I think it will be Rubio..

Maher goes back to 911... 240K regular NSA employees, mentions that Janet Napolitano quit (at the top) and there are JOB OPENINGS and no one wants to work there because "some shit is going to happen!!!" What does Maher know that he's not telling?

Alexis says we should get rid of NSA (it's already gone folks.. it's global NWO-SA) she says NSA was formed after 911.. that is NOT TRUE.. NSA has been around for Decades, it got a new mission under FISA and the patriot Acts..

Maher says it was a Democrat Idea.. sigh... it was the last thing the GOP was right about. (?)

Frank does not want NSA abolished.. it can be substantially down graded (I agree) then he brings on the overspending in Afghanistan (which is where we spend the most foreign aid (drug on war supply) So Franks makes the GREAT Non-Interventionist END THE GLOBAL POLICE STATE, and says, we need to defend ourselves.. RON PAUL WOULD APPROVE OF THIS MESSSAGE,

Maher says no program ever ends.. (Where's the GI bill Bill?)

Alexis brings up PRIVATE INTERESTS, her ememy, and Bill agrees with her.. what does that say about Bill? Hmmm? Alexis gets BIG applause again.

Josh says, he disagrees with Frank (who said it should be downsized) he's says NSA is a lobby in the govt. risk to Americans is not worth it.., NSA should be eliminated audience is flat (interesting)

Maher brings up "leakers" Manning was not convicted, still face 136 years in charges, Snowden got asylem, and was smarter (Manning was in the military completely different) and that it SEEMS the whistleblower is worse than the actual crimes to a big applause for Bill.

Frank says he has a problem with manning because he exposed diplomatic cables (engdangered others)

Alexis defends Manning saying it was important (the life of the person does not matter as much as the info) and she goes on about a minum wage law.. she's not getting it (she loves Che too much) She's a HILLARY supporter (so what about Benghanzi)

Barney askes Alexis a great question, "Do you think there should be no privacy for dimplomats?" (Barney is standing for the Republic)

Alexis says, we have SOME, but WE'VE been abusing it.. so END OF SHOW

Frank stood for the Republic and freedom.
Alesis stood for Hillary
Josh stood for the GOP (OUT TO lunch)
And Maher stood for 911 Justice.

this lady is disturbing. Not that everyone on this panel

isn't. She mentions a for profit motive being the culprit of our military and spying cartels. Probably trying to take a stab at free market principals. Yes the cartels want more money, BUT WHO ARE THEIR BIGGEST CUSTOMERS AND REASON FOR THEIR EXISTENCE? THE GOV AGENCIES!!! This ain't free market practices, this is FASCISM.

If it was up to the free market, no way in hell would people send their monetary votes to these THUGS!!!

Man I wish there was somebody on this panel with some brains to set them straight.

No, this is communism

If it was a theocratic government doing it, it would be fascism.

wrong once again granger.

Communist governments would assume full control of the business. Where as companies that are part of the MIT currently are not subject to 100% gov control. This collusion between gov and big business has long been considered a hybrid version of fascism. You're not stuck on cold war mentality are you?



Ron Paul 2016

What makes you think that China is not in full control?

I could be stuck in cold war mentality. Breaking out of cold war mentality is not easy when all you get is half baked answers and insults, eh?

wolfe's picture

She's not entirely offbase.

She may be trying to make a case against the free market, but that's not exactly the way I heard it.

The fact is that the profit motive as applied by Corporations (artificial, government created people) does always result in harm and fascism.

The profit motive for people, results in a thriving, healthy economy and culture.

So, as we know, it is the government involvement which creates the problem. But her assessment isn't entirely inaccurate, just less informed than it could be. We need to be able to clearly articulate to those people, when it comes up, just exactly why the government involvement creates the evil version of the profit motive, and how in the absence of government the profit motive is a beneficial factor.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Not Communism?

Government controlled business is communism.. government involvement needs to be limited not eliminated.

wolfe's picture


Communism = No business. Under communism all work/output is theoretically performed for the good of all under the tight control of the government. In reality, it is only for the good of the government.

Fascism = A tight coupling between government and business where the government uses corporations to do the dirty work and props them up, while the corporations feed the government in exchange.

As far as fascism is concerned, the term is only used loosely as it has adopted a few different meanings over the years, but has never as far as I know had religious overtones as your other comment suggested, so I am not sure what you meant by that.

Please tell me one problem that the government has solved for business/individuals that didn't create bigger/worse problems for business/people. (And by business, I am not referring to the corporate structure, which only exists in the imagination of the government).

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Communism is no business?

Explain The People's Republic of Communist China then.

What Ron Paul has said is SMALLER GOVERNMENT, in that essential government as a nuetral arbitrator for contractual law between people and things, issues, to protect the bill of rights, IOWs the protect our rights, not us personally.

wolfe's picture

China is not a pure communist state any more than we...

are a pure democractic republic.

China is less communist than they claim, but that is still the theory behind it:


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

i wouldn't even bother with granger


Slate is a commiunist appologist

We are a Federal Republic with Representational Democracy
China is a Communist Republic and out trade agreements have moved us to more of a communist republic, like Chinese water torture, drip bny day day by day, left right left right.. we march to unite with China in a NWO.. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/02/world/asia/02china.html?_r=0


for restating my thoughts in a less angry manor.

wolfe's picture

What would other countries do to Manning or Snowden?

We will be sentencing Manning to life in a box, so let's contrast with how other countries would treat him, even if found guilty:


(Original post)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Barnaby Frank

Shud not be allowed to speak

First Amendment BOOM

Who needs a First Amendment NOT RonPaul4Prez2016

Sir or Madam,Please employ

Sir or Madam,

Please employ the words listed below, instead of the misspelled words currently used, the next time such an occasion presents itself:

A) "Barney Frank"

B) "should"

The use of a period (".") would also be advisable to end one's sentences.


Kiss my arse

Kiss my arse

smart ass...


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


A) Barnaby I am sure is just a joke.

B) And WHO CARES, this is a casual Internet forum not an essay for enc1102 indoctrination class