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The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame etc)

If you use diet-sodas (or diet anything), or anything labeled "sugar-free," chances are good that it's sweetened with artificial sweetener Aspartame.

But Aspartame is a terrible nerve poison which should never have been allowed onto the market.

Aspartame is in Equal and Nutri-Sweet and absolutely ruins your health. Even real sugar (Sucrose) is not nearly as harmful as Aspartame.

Back in the 1980's when Aspartame first came on the market, the FDA was going to ban it, but Donald Rumsfeld (also architect of the Iraq war) had a financial interest in the company (Monsanto) which makes Aspartame.

At the time, Rumsfeld worked in the Reagan Administration and he had a lot of power.

So he told the FDA to "stand down" and forced them to allow Aspartame to be marketed.

There are very few people in this world as evil as Donald Rumsfeld.

Between his connection to Aspartame and the Iraq war, he is responsible for tens of thousands of human deaths.

Here is a site explaining what happened with Rumsfeld and how dangerous Aspartame is:

Timeline of when and how Aspartame became legal:

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