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Four "Little Black Boys"Arrested in Brutal Assault and Robbery.


Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:20 PM EDT On Friday Baltimore City Police announced four arrests in the Little Italy assault which took place on July 21. The following suspects have been arrested: Rashad Watkins, 19; Emajae McInnis, 16; Rashawn Jefferson, 17; and Raekwon Jefferson, 17. The three juveniles have been charged as adults in this case. The brutal assault was caught on surveillance camera (CLICK HERE TO WATCH). The victim was a local restaurant employee. He was able to escape the mob of attackers and run into a nearby wine bar for help. The victim required surgery on his jaw from the assault. [Photo from left to right: Raekwon Jefferson, Rashawn Jefferson, Emajae McInnis, Rashad Watkins]

Read More at: http://www.foxbaltimore.com/news/features/top-stories/storie...

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ahhh yes the double standard press and liberals

Racism is Overblown, Overused and Overexposed by the likes of Obama and Oprah and Others.

It's a way to divide, it's that simple

Al Shaprton just issued a

Al Shaprton just issued a statement on this case: "These children were stalked and hunted down by some white racist and they just defended themselves.."

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

what a shocker

Al Sharpton is one of the biggest racists in the country, who would have thunk he would have made such a comment.

Baltimore...Detroit 2.0

Baltimore...Detroit 2.0


Bawlmer gots the 12 0'clock Boyz! Detroit ain't got nuffin' on dat.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The Ten Or So Teens Were Probably "Victims"

Let's face it guys, we live in a country that is filled with racism and hatred towards blacks. Why else would we appoint a black man president? Cause we hate him? WE KNOW that president is the last job any man wants, so we make the black man do it. It is basically slavery all over again. I feel sorry for slave Obama. Let's give him a raise.

And those TEN KIDS probably felt threatened, so they beat that guy OVER AND OVER out of anxiety. Poor kids couldn't even find jobs, so they had to do SOMETHING. Beat up the currently employed, and then apply for his job when he is too injured to make it into work the next day.

I for one am proud of these teens, proud of their boldness and bravery, proud of their creativity, and am proud to be an Amerikan.


Can't Tell

if this is sarcasm or not. Sorry, I'm not that perceptive.

Why else would we appoint a black man president, you ask? Because it would seem to be the ultimate penance (short of reparations, that is, but I'll bet Al Sharpton has that on his agenda. What's gonna be enough?) to be offered at the alter of white iniquity, for one. Doesn't Obama get a pass on much of the crap he pulls because of his race? Those who call him out live in fear of being slapped with charges of racism, or of being an Uncle Tom - rather than simply being a run of the mill GOP party hack / conservative. It'll not be different when Hillary is elected, too, so get used to it.

As to the 'anxiety' issues over perceived racism and hatred towards blacks, sure, that might explain the violence. But th bottom line is: it doesn't make it right.

Pure Sarcasm

Just having fun. Pretty good acting though?

Had me at first too, but by the last few sentences...

/SARC was flashing on the inside of my forehead...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

what does oprah have to do with this?

Bernard Goetz comes to mind before oprah.
However this is good news for anyone in that neighborhood who wants a concealed carry license. In order to get the license in Maryland, you need to supply:
documented evidence of recent threats, robberies, and/or assaults,
supported by official police reports or notarized statements from witnesses.

So you have to die in

So you have to die in Baltimore before you can get a chl?

Southern Agrarian

wolfe's picture

Your inference is as racist as Oprah's rants.

Really, do you think the best way to combat racism is to be racist?

Oprah is racist. You are showing yourself to be as well.

What does the color of these attackers or the victim have to do with anything? Nothing.

But you point out their color to make a point....

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You've put your words in my mouth

I didn't infer Oprah is racist. My inference is that Oprah is wrong in her comments about Emmet Till and Trayvon Martin.

And I point out their color to call attention to the well established pattern in American News Culture of typically withholding the race of perpetrators when they are black.


Huh? Do you see any attempt to claim some level of superiority one race over another...or of one over them all? Please tell me which line it was on?

Did Oprah somehow experience "racism"...or was it "prejudice"...the very same thing we all practice on a daily basis as part of our life's navigational safety monitor? Did she find herself dealing with someone who had developed a prejudice..however widely or narrowly influenced...that was developed from parental or environmental influence and personal observation? Or, did she run into someone who dealt with her (or didn't) in a manner that supported a philosophical belief in an inherent superiority of their race over another (or at least the inferiority of Oprah's to their own). Or might Oprah have been dealing with a predjudice developed about people with the same characteristics...that may, or may not not have been strictly limited to skin color...which either way, does not meet the smell test of "racism".

I don't believe Oprah is racist. I believe that she has prejudice...prejudice derived from interactions with others that she see's as being alike...others that she has learned to identify from various characteristics which then cause her to lump them into a "group" or category that she sees as bearing mostly the same traits and others that she has decided she'd rather not interact with if possible.

Prejudice is simply a survival mechanism that we all employ, be it in relation to other people, places, things or circumstance and there is nothing wrong with it...or particularly right with it.

It is what it is and the factors that determine each person's prejudices are as unique as their finger prints. Without to ability to generalize and categorize...we as a species wouldn't last very long.

Now as to prejudices developed by city dwellers in The United Staes of America...especially as they relate to people of other races...well..they will always first depend upon parental indoctrinations and second one's historical experience. It's the mixture of the two and the multitude of factors involved that determine the result.

I saw no racism in the post...nor in Oprah.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

No you misunderstood. 'Racist' is the new 'Lame'

When you are in the older generation its hard to keep up with slang. But he just meant to say that comment was 'racist' as in 'super lame'. So for example, if your car is broken you say "that car is racist".
All the kids are using it. Its even broken through to TV announcers. Pay attention.

Semantics and syntax....

...oh crap... (que the Chris Farley smacking himself in the head while screaming idiot, idiot, idiot video) being born in the mid 50's really makes life in today's world challenging.

Chicks and fox's have been replaced by bitch's, ho's and hotty's...

Mom and mommies by Bitch, Ho and MILF's...

Debtor with Graduate...

Now Lame with Racist!

Jeez...Being so off base in my understandings, I guess my post was just as freakin' racist...Sorry DOOD...Peace Bro...have a groovy...I mean totally awesome...day.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Why is it

that we can automatically determine who the culprits that do these crimes are without ever reading the story and achieve about a 95% accuracy?

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Obama's kids.

Obama's kids.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Un armed little Trayvons

Un armed little Trayvons