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Success Council Video: Will a private police force work better?

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How about no police? They

How about no police? They are an invention of the British empire. Our founders clearly had a vision that the citizenry would uphold basic moral law and provide its own safety.

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Not if it is hired by some government.

If government controls the police function and instead of hiring individual police officers, hires a subcontractor, there is little difference in the result.

What works is no government police; instead people hire security services, buy insurance from companies who indemnify losses from crime, and organize with their neighbors for mutual defense. People who have wealth know this works because these are the sorts of things they do to protect themselves instead of relying on less than effective government police.

There is always a better free market solution. Government hiring subcontractors is not a free market solution; it is simply a sly way to discredit the free market.

This video starts out with a false premise when it says we all agree we need government police protection, and that poor people can't get protected without the government providing that protection. I shut it down at that point because that attitude precludes real solutions and just gives us more of the same-o-same-o.

I have the impression that people believe government police have always been the way it is, but government police are a relatively recent experiment in human history.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Nah, you should have finished the video

That opening premise was stating the party line just to set the video up. The video documents a private security company that operates efficiently in Detroit. And the video concludes with a message that "We would be safer and more efficiently protected without govt police, using free market solutions."


While I promote free market solutions, free market in this current environment can easily turn into corporatism.

How about this for a solution:

In the same way residents are requested to serve jury duty, and dismissed when the case is over, how about rotating residents [non-pay] to fully review and oversee police, whether govt. or private sector. This will help to keep things at bay, and help to rid the corruption of so-called 'internal affairs'. Because police deal with residents and the community, where human lives and property are directly involved, the panel would be free do dismiss and/or prosecute police as needed, if required, such as in the case of brutality, or other abuses.

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We already have that

on several levels, board of supervisors is volunteer 2 year position.

you'll get my non-vote 'vote' w/my sound money for that idea,



Predictions in due Time...

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