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Texas deputy accused of raping mother in front of her children resigns

A deputy in Texas accused of raping a woman in front of her children has resigned, according to KHOU 11 News.

Lisa Rodriguez of of East Harris County told local media outlets earlier this week that the deputy came to her home to question her about harassing phone calls. During the questioning, the deputy allegedly sexually assaulted her in her own home. (Note: Raw Story does not usually publish the name of sex crime victims, but Rodriguez said she wanted her name and story to be public.)



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The deputy

The deputy resigned:


Usually even when guilty they take at least a week of paid vacation. This guy quit almost immediately.

didn't read

Wendy Davis ads popped up asking for email address.... yawn


If the rape is proven to be

If the rape is proven to be true, voluntary resignation isn't even remotely close to the proper remedy.

Lady sounds convincing...

she appears to be sincere. Not saying she is an angel.

And I do NOT have much of any trust in "law enforcement" now a days...

The Police Depts in this country breed criminality in the people they hire.

The concept of Police "having power" is out of whack with reality. In reality, where we really live, a cop is NO better than any other person.

But I will note that cops have become like scum. Handing power to people (aka thug enforcers) and saying that I trust you with it is absolutely the kind of thought process that I believe is insanity!!!

We really should never "trust" a law enforcement agency of any type with any real sincere trust.

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

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Faith in God will prevail all things!

Some try to say 1 or 2 bad

Some try to say 1 or 2 bad apples exist in every police force but by my estimates 90% of them are bad apples.

If "bad apples" includes those who look the other way,

you may be close to the mark.

bad boys, bad boys

i'm not surprised. in the few years i lived there i was pulled over and searched illegally several times and went to jail after a few heavily tattooed thug pigs planted drugs (cocaine) on me and stole all my beer(i was 19). while they were planting drugs on me and asking what gang i was in they had another pig pull up and put all our beer in a ice cooler in the trunk of his patrol car and drive off. the beer magically disappeared in the police report and some cocaine magically appeared. i had a good lawyer and beat the case but not before the worthless pos public defender tried to scare me into giving them my nice car in exchange for all charges being dropped. corrupt criminals one and all.
in another incident we had to pay off a old judge in a backroom deal to get out of traffic related issues. it's worse than mexico down there.

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not to split hairs but

he didn't literally rape her in front of the kids, they were in the house in another room.

sorry, i tried to embed the newsclip, but it won't work


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