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Julian Assange: "I Am A Big Admirer Of Ron Paul"

Julian Assange: "I Am A Big Admirer Of Ron Paul"

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange praised United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and his father, Dr. Ron Paul, during an interview Friday in which he said the family has been among the biggest supporters his whistleblowing group has in Congress.

Speaking from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Assange said during a live-streamed question-and-answer session that he is “a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul for their very principled positions in the US Congress on a number of issues.”

The Paul family, added Assange, have been “the strongest supporters of the fight against the US attack on WikiLeaks and on me.”

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For anyone who claims

For anyone who claims to want smaller government, transparency of said government - from whatever source - should be embraced.

Ron Paul has praised Assange and Wikileaks on many occasions, and now Assange has returned that praise.

Much of the reaction on Twitter and other social media is typical of what the MSM and US Gov wants good citizens to believe. As long as they discredit everyone in the eyes of some, when those people associate you turn off everyone who may support them, or at least distract from the standard "Government is good" message.

When Assange came out in support of Ron and Rand, about half the replies on Twitter were along the lines of: "Well, guess I'm not voting for the Wikileaks party" or "*sigh* Assange can't be right about everything." Brainwashed bullcrap.

RP has been fighting for government transparency since Assange was in grade school learning his multiplication tables. But because the MSM has managed to attach the stigma of big-business and racism to RP and narcissism to Assange(despite all evidence to the contrary), no one cares about the good either of them is trying to accomplish. They only care about the media talking points, like good little sheep. Don't pay any attention to that military industrial complex and web of security agencies behind that curtain. Because the people trying to expose them are racists, or in the pocket of big-business, or just trying to be famous, or making us vulnerable to terrorists.

People need to open their eyes. Assange and the Pauls have always been on the same side on this issue, and regardless of their politics on other topics, exposing crimes committed by government is one of the most important battles we face. It's time we came together on this and stop listening to the voices trying to divide us.

It's a great shame Mr Assange,

that your "talk" doesn't match your "walk".
Take a lesson from Dr Paul...his lips are synchronized with his feet!

This Appears

This appears to be nothing more than an attempt to smear the Paul family in the eyes of the general public. I don't recall either of the Dr.s Paul saying that they were "supporters" of WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. Assassination by association.

"What we need is more wikileaks on the Federal Reserve" -R. Paul


Ron Paul talking about wikileaks on the floor:

Ron Paul talking about wikileaks with Judge Nap:

The OP states " ... supporters of the fight against the US attack on ... " and Ron Paul has been a strong supporter of the fight against the US attack on Wikileaks and Assange.

Ron Paul on Assange


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I Stand Corrected

My appologies, but I always suspect ill-intentions from any MSM article involving the Pauls. Perhaps if it was intended as a smear, it will backfire, because the more people look into what Assange actually did, the less they will accept the MSM portrayal of his actions.

This will cause a lot of

This will cause a lot of cognitive dissonance among many democrats.

Alert the media, the entire Liberty Movement supports Wikileaks, Bradly Manning, and Edward Snowden. Except for Granger maybe.

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