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The Hill: Ted Cruz Releases Birth Certificate

By Jonathan Easley

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, a move that will undercut critics who say he’s ineligible to run for president.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. The Constitution says only a “natural born” American citizen can become president, which includes those born overseas to American parents.

However, The Dallas Morning News reports that under Canadian law, Cruz’s birthplace of Calgary also made him an instant citizen of Canada. The Constitution doesn’t address whether someone with dual citizenship can run for the highest office.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/317585-ted-...

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Did he need to go to

The potus and use his photoshop team?
Now he will need his duel IsUnReal citizenship. Since he is a FIRSTER he can take that ship and sale to his land of oppertunity


Heard the latest?

Cruz is going to renounce his Canadian citizenship.

"Cruz will renounce Canadian Citizenship"


Either he's stupid or he thinks we are stupid. If he renounces his Canadian citizen, he's a naturalized American citizen, born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, as though this will change the circumstances of his birth. He's still not eligible to run for the Presidency of the United States.

Also being born on an overseas American military base

(with at least one American parent) or being born on specific categories of American ships make you a natural born citizen.

None of these additional criteria apply to Ted Cruz.
He is ineligible to run for President as you say.

He could make himself eligible to run for Canadian Prime Minister!
Somehow I think the canucks are not stupid enough to take him.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Ted Cruz wife

Is a VP for Goldman Sachs !! That is the most important reason to exclude him from the POTUS or VP candidate. Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Ron Swanson

A wife in sheep's clothing?

hus-baaahhhd. husbaaahhhd.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

And a


Ron Swanson

In other news: Elvis Presley is still dead. In other news...



Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

neocons are gonna go with cruze. watch

not that i care. I'm done with all the theatrics

Martian or Earthling?

It doesn't matter where you were born. However this excludes both cruz and rubio from running for president as well as vice president.

The ONLY thing that matters is 'are both parents citizens at the time of birth'="Natural Born" ...PERIOD.

Along side of that;if you want to run for office, "how long were you in country prior to running for said office"?

It must be 14-17 years (in country) if i am not mistaking. 14 years for those who were born here, and 17 years for those who were not.

"HIS"story is going on all the time. Whether or not one sees it, is the defining point of one's character.~MEB

A citizen begets a citizen, but

In my day, schools taught you that you had to be born on American soil in order to be eligible to run for president. Same thing was taught to my parents and all my grandparents. For those in government to pretend this never happened is insulting.

If there was some decision to lie to the public about it, our government owes us all an explanation as to why it did so!


I was taught that too

It was common knowledge. It seems like it has been erased from peoples brains.

I guess at some point they stopped teaching it in schools

12th grade Civics please!

We all learned this in high school.

Obama - Born in Kenya to one citizen parent = Naturalized

Romney - Born in Mexico to two US citizens = Naturalized

McCain - Born in the Panama Canal territory to TWO US citizens = Natural Born

Cruz - Born in Canada to one US citizen = Naturalized

Rubio - Born in FL to two naturalized us citizens = Natural Born

I would not begrudge someone say in the case of Romney where a child is born to TWO citizens who happened to be living abroad or traveling when their child was born but FFS can we follow the rule of law rather than just ignore it!!!

Our founding father's did not have all the answers and were not prophets and could not see the future. There are some things that need to be changed in the constitution. Where citizenship is concerned they probably never imagined we would be traveling to to the other side of the earth within a day. They were prophetic enough to know that situations would arise where the constitution would need to be amended and gave us the power to change it with 2/3 the legislatures approval.

Let's change it where need be not just ignore it!!! Although changing it in this day and age they would probably fuck it up.

McCain was naturalized.

#1 - he was not born in the Canal Zone, but a hospital in Panama.

#2 - even the Canal Zone was not considered U.S. Territory at the time under the naturalization laws.

#3 - since he was not born in one of the States, even if he had born in the Canal Zone, and even if it had been U.S. Territory under that law, he STILL would have been naturalized because he would only have been a citizen under Congressional Act, not common law.

No matter how you look at that one, he wasn't eligible at all.

I'm not sure of Rubio's issues. If he was indeed born in Florida, and if both of his parents were citizens, then yes, he would be eligible. (any laws dealing with time period of his parents' citizenship are with respect to naturalization, which would not be relevant in the case of a birth in Florida as common law makes no such distinction)

Natural Born

is not citizenship by law. At the moment of birth, if you are BORN on US soil, and BORN to US citizen parents, you are natural BORN.

Correction: Rubio holds dual citizenship. Rubio was BORN on US soil to two parents who were citizens of Cuba. His parents weren't naturalized (citizenship by law) until years later from what I've read.

Then he would be ineligible.

NO question.

Obama =Ok no proof Obama was

Obama =Ok no proof Obama was born in Kenya, his father was actually a british citizen at the time anyway not Kenyan. Unless you can prove he was not born in Hawaii, you have no case. There is no evidence he was born or ever lived in Kenya.

Romney was not born in Mexico his father George was but was a citizen well before Mitt was born.

McCain was born on a military base in panama, US military bases and embasies are considered US soil even if they are not in the United states itself. This is why Ambassadors and their staff and military personel children would still be natural born citizens.

Rubio = Neither of Rubio's parents were citizens at the time of his birth, yes they did become so later on but when he was born they were not citizens. This would make Rubio Naturalized citizen not a Natural born one.

Obama's mother's citizenship is insufficient to confer the

status upon him, his father was NOT a citizen.

Two citizen parents AND born in one of the several States.

Mitt was eligible - George Romney was not.

McCain was NOT born on a military base.

I stand corrected

on Mitt and Rubio. I read the facts on Rubio and it was written that he was born to two naturalized citizens..the timeline of the citizenship was not specified...my bad.

For McCain, that was my point. He is natural born because he was on US soil.

As for Obama I have no doubt his birth certificate and selective service card are forgeries. Whether he was born in Kenya, I cannot prove it but from all accounts it leads me to believe that. He was definitely not born in Hawaii. I urge you to look into it as I used to roll my eyes at the "birthers" before I actually looked at all the facts and inconsistencies.

Point being you and I both agree on naturalized vs. natural born citizen.

Note, if you are born on territory owned by the United States,

but you are not born IN one of the several States, you are NOT a "natural born citzen."

You are "naturalized."

This is a major advantage to becomming a State.

Current naturalization laws have made this less of an issue because they have made the naturalization automatic and considered to be "at birth" but this does not change the fact that it is still naturalization, which of course as far as we know today is only critical for ONE situation - eligibility to the office of President or Vice-President of the United States of America.

John McCain

was born at the Colon Hospital in Colon, Panama. He was not born on a US military base, which means he wasn't born on US soil.

McCain's birth certificate is online.

I don't know if the actual

geographic location of your birth matters as much as your legal residence. I think that would be splitting hairs. Perhaps someone knows of some case law. I would think if their legal residence was on a military base that would count towards the citizenship rather than a hospital off base.

Obama was born in Hawaii.

Obama was born in Hawaii.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

I beg to differ

I thought the birthers were "conspiracy theorist" until I let myself go looking at all the information and coming to my OWN minds conclusion. Whether you like Sheriff Arpaio or not his investigations into the matter sealed the deal for me. I encourage anyone to watch the videos of his press conferences and draw your own conclusions.

I have. We have the official

I have. We have the official birth certificate that isn't doctored. Plus, we have the Hawaiin newspaper.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a


"We have the official birth certificate that isn't doctored."

Uh, where can I go to see the actual paper document?

I was waiting for a punch line like...

"Ted Cruz released a copy of birth certificate today which states, and with reassurance from the Governor, that he was actually born in state of Hawaii".

So being

born in CANADA to a Cuban immigrant father makes one a USA natural born citizen how???

Minor vs. Happersett
Vattel's Law of Nations

More reading material:



O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Because both political parties are fake and really only one

Because its much easier to get a forign stooge than a home grown one. Because the Heligan dialectic that we call elections is a huge lie and only to give the illusion of elections to pacify the debt slaves.

The gov has been taken over by a forign entity, the Rothschild and gang owners of the Federal reserve bank. They install their zionist puppets then use and abuse the Americans to do the bidding of IzUnReal, the Rothschild private state. With a Rothschild built supreme court and a Rothschild named Main street.


Because they want their own inlegible people in the office.

Arnold was the first, but I doubt he'll have much traction anymore.

Rubio and Cruz are the latest poster boys.

Notice too how all of these folks have something seriously screwy with their perspective on what is meant by "U.S. Interests" and "national security."

All of the ineligible candidates seem to be of a similar mold.

And remember, socialism needs two legs to stand on, a left AND a right.

We can't have communist presidents forever only from one party. They have to maintain the illusion of the two party system, and now they need to have their own ineligible president from the GOP.

Their "assistance" to Obama in this matter makes perfect sense. (not to mention it insulates their previous candidate McCain)