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Does Rand Paul believe Bitcoin is protected under the Fourth Amendment?

I just had my guess blog post published on Let's Talk Bitcoin in which I make reference to Sen. Rand Paul introducing "a bill to extend Fourth Amendment protections to include electronic communications; presumably this would also include crypto-currencies. Without knowing it, it would seem that Sen. Paul has just called for protection of Bitcoin under the Fourth Amendment. This body of law is supposed to protect the American people from unreasonable search and seizure, though that has been undermined in recent years."

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Crypto-Keys are Free Speech

Bitcion represents a paradigm shift in how we think about money. However, our truest challenge is to reinvent the idea of both MONEY and BANKING, and establish a new form of public governance that better serves humanity. Is the world ready for the separation of money from State?

JR Willet (creator of MasterCoin) wrote: "To many people, this sounds like an implausibly rosy future, and for early adopters that is true — it feels like winning the lottery every day. However, for most other people, the ascendancy of distributed currency systems will feel like a disaster. … the rise of distributed currencies such as bitcoin could create massive social upheaval due to governments’ rapidly degrading capability to fulfill their core functions of taxation and regulation of commerce."

As the article quoted above points out, Bitcoin is a very disruptive technology. In the past, the big pools of capital could influence governments of the world with debt, thus controlling people from the top down. However, what we are seeing emerge now is a bottom-up revolution where the individuals are reclaiming their sovereignty, and rejecting all false authority. It is nice to know that Rand Paul is on the right side of this issue.