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Lavabit.com Owner Threatened With Arrest For Shutting Down Company

Lavabit.com owner: 'I could be arrested' for resisting surveillance order

By Michael Isikoff
NBC News National Investigative Correspondent

The owner of an encrypted email service used by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden said he has been threatened with criminal charges for refusing to comply with a secret surveillance order to turn over information about his customers.

"I could be arrested for this action," Ladar Levison told NBC News about his decision to shut down his company, Lavabit LLC, in protest over a secret court order he had received from a federal court that is overseeing the investigation into Snowden.

Lavabit said he was barred by federal law from elaborating on the order or any of his communications with federal prosecutors. But a source familiar with the matter told NBC News that James Trump, a senior litigation counsel in the U.S. attorney’s office in Alexandria, Va., sent an email to Levison's lawyer last Thursday – the day Lavabit was shuttered -- stating that Levison may have "violated the court order," a statement that was interpreted as a possible threat to charge Levison with contempt of court.

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These laws are repugnant to the Constitution..

As such they have no authority and where null and void from passage by a Congress.

A majority cannot be made when no elected officials received a majority of eligible votes.

This is not popular government this is a government of Constitution as law.

Free includes debt-free!

The problem is that the REST OF THE MASSES

don't know what the h---ll is going on to the rest of us!

And, when they do know something, it's the brainwashed version of the MEDIA-OWNED STATE.

There isn't a place LOW ENOUGH in HELL for these Media jerks.

Mean while the serf/slaves..

..are more concerned about the Kardashians and fast food.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."


Feds Threaten To Arrest Lavabit Founder For Shutting Down His Service
link via LRC

Reminds me of a parable...

..The wise sheepherder refused to cut a deal with the wolves to eat a few sheep, knowing the wolves would soon be eating him.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Very disheartening

I use the tor onion browser, but can no longer use tormail since the government arrested the owner in Ireland. He is currently being extradited to the USA. Tormail is gone like so many others - the whole system is collapsing. As the truth about government tyranny and spying is unveiled, the government tries to tighten it grip.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about anonymity? bit Message?

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

..Did he comply with one on Snowden?

Levison stressed that he has complied with "upwards of two dozen court orders" for information in the past that were targeted at "specific users" and that "I never had a problem with that." I think Snowden would have been 1 of those? He was/is target #1 of NSA?

"may have "violated the court

"may have "violated the court order,"


i.e. natural "illegality" Vs manufactured "illegality"


I LOVE the Internet

I know it seems like things are getting worse and worse, but can you imagine how much further things could go without out the 'net?

Someone like this guy could be jailed and even if a local newspaper covered it, it would not be likely to get coverage. It is his access to the Internet and his customers who have what it takes to spread the news and alert the troops.

People are victimized all the time by those abusing power, and only, now, do we have a way to find allies and fight back before it goes too far for the rest of us.

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Things would actually go

Things would actually go better overall without the InterNet, but dependency on the InterNet has brought us to this point of universal surveillance. Like digital money, convenience has a price, a rather expensive one. In all honesty, digital radio (Digital Radio Mondiale) is the ONLY viable means currently available for mass communication digitally, but development is behind schedule for two primary reasons:

1. Governments don't like its basic immunity to control.
2. Software exploiting its potential is lacking due to the current (fading) romance with the InterNet.


Reception only, no direct feedback so less convenient ... Certainly constitutionally oriented amateur radio operators could assume a role here with enough need or use a telephone for feedback as needed.

Worst Situation:

Not even the FCC can prevent an unannounced, unlicensed (pirate) broadcast every day or even multiple times per day. True, such pirate broadcasts would be received by a minority of listeners who would then have to spread the message via means other than the InterNet. Sophisticated digital scanners with recording capability would likely be mandatory. I'll have to research this latter possibility more.

Current Situation:

Even a licensed and announced program like a show on GCN, e.g. Alex Jones, or similar network could technically keep the troops informed daily, but GCN would need to start broadcasting DRM for maximum flexibility. Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasts can even transmit encrypted files like the German military currently does for their deployed troops. Analog could still be used as a back-up.

And I JUST watched

Atlas Shrugged 2. This is so comparable to the Government prosecuting Hank Reardon that it almost seems like De Ja Vu...

All for the good all... Bullcrap

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