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Whats the danger in a vague definition of "terrorism"? Iraq hangs 17, mostly for 'terrorism'

Bet those "terrorists" swinging from the end of a rope probably wish the USA would have just kept our "freedom and democracy". Won't be long before "domestic terrorists" will be getting the needle here in the good ole USA.

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[From The Guardian]
Iraqi authorities executed 15 Iraqis and an Egyptian convicted of terrorism for "carrying out crimes against Iraqi people." The last was convicted of another unspecified criminal offense. Two of those hanged were women. It didn't say when the executions were carried out.

The hangings brought the total number of executions in Iraq this year to 67.

According to the London-based Amnesty International, Iraq was ranked fourth among the top five executioners in the world in 2011, after China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and U.S. Groups have questioned whether defendants receive a fair trial.

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Did Bradly Manning

receive a fair trial?
Speak up Amnesty International....I cant hear you.

The atrocities committed in the name of terrorism...

The atrocities committed in the name of terrorism will be what defines this generation in history.

Fear-mongering + pretending to chase the boogie-man = big dollars in "their" friends pockets and liberty lost for the rest.