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ADL Orders YouTube to Disable Press TV Account

'"We have not been able to upload new videos on our official YouTube page since July 25. Both YouTube and (its parent company) Google have declined to comment," said Press TV Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi.

He added that YouTube was "in fact responding to an ADL order to stop us from revealing Israeli crimes to the world." An article on ADL's official website has accused Press TV of bypassing the West's sanctions by broadcasting live via YouTube and other internet and mobile platforms.

"ADL has contacted YouTube regarding concerns about Press TV," reads the article, further noting that the station's "broadcast on YouTube comes at a time when the United States, the European Union and others in the international community are seeking to isolate Iran."'


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Eric Peters site

has been banished from google. News with views, cars, bikes...


Time to find an alternative search engine?

We need an alternative to

We need an alternative to youtube. The sooner the better.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

You haven't seen the alternatives?

The human race wouldn't exist if it wasn't one step ahead of evil. ;)

I am sure there is nothing to

I am sure there is nothing to this. Just a misunderstanding, a crossed communication. It will be fixed, it's not like Jewish power even exist. I have been on this site for a few years now and appreciate the honesty that is reported on this site.

Jewish power is nothing more than a Nazi mindset that has prevailed in this Country for over 100 years. We owe it to our fellow citizens to make them aware of what is really going on.

Your Government has been taken over and do you know how it was done? They get the American People to send Billions of dollars, that Billions with a B, to Israel so that Israel can take our money and buy the elections with our own money. They have us pay for our own enslavement. Now how can we stop it? Well we better not say anything about Israel or we will be considered to be RACIST and no one wants to be a RACIST, well do they?

We better pray that more people will come forward and stop carrying Israel's water for them.

Just go direct...

to their web site. Everything is available there.
The "Money Trail" series is very good.

Meet your masters...

They are little sniveling tattle-tails who love the authorities.

some months ago my google/gmail/youtube account got deleted

Deleted, terminated, embargoed, whatever. Due to "a request" made of them.

But not to worry, I could apply to have this account "reactivated" (reanimated, zombified, resurrected, whatever) by entering a bunch of info I never gave them before and a valid card number so they could make a $0 charge against it to verify that this account name (profile, moniker, appellation) is in fact....me.

Rapidly deducing that I DON'T GIVE A FLYING EFF, I took no action and have had 0 cause to regret this inaction.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

It's taking me time to piece this together--

I don't have MSM, and all this broadcasting 'stuff' is out of my area of expertise--

I see now; at least there is an admission that there is censorship of information here in the "West"--

good to see that there is honesty there--

*shaking my head*

NOW, if I were to post the youtube video that shows groups of people from one country with an "I" expressing their love and support for people of another country with an "I"--

would I be labelled an anti-*can't be written out*?

I think someone expressed dubiousness about that; thought it was cointelpro--

someone else said it was 'hate'--

can't win when you try to spread peace, I guess--



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

better to be . . .

safe than sorry?

*sarcasm alert*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Real information discredits

the dehumanizing propaganda.

good heavens--

who downvoted you for THAT?

Oh, *we* can't talk about Iran either--

Darn, those three words that start with "I"--

one, I have listed above. Another won't be mentioned. The other is the name of a major world religion--

I neutralized the vote--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Granger? Was that you?

Come on whomever - own up.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

No I believe in freedom of speach

PressTV can lie all they like.

Organizations like the ADL and AIPAC claim to be for Israel, and say they are in "defense" of Israel, but do not stand for the sovreignity of Israel.. AIPAC blackmails Israel with MIC "support", ADL blackmails Israel with MSM "support", the TRUTH is they do not represent Israel or defend Israel but use Israel to destoy sovreignty for a NWO..

Israel is sovreign, as America once was.. Isreal isn't paying the ADL or AIPAC.. Israel could stop PressTV from telling lies and they would have done that years/ decades ago if they wanted.

I think that because Israelis have been very creative coming up with some comedy and freedom reports exposing Press TV, the ADL is being "pro-active" and getting people to rally for PressTV.. it's not like the ADL mentioned any of the Israel companies making films exposing Press TV, eh? ADL is a muckraking and pandering to muck thing up for their own profit.

To find the video below, I had to search 23 pages of YouTube lists, which 5 would represent my position. That means of 460 videos, 5 were IMO FOR Israel. Could it be, that a NWO global government composed of 165 countries who resent Israel's sovreignty from the UN Agenda are working YouTube?



You are a trip, a great rep of CA.

You are very confused.

Sovereignty for Israel has much to do with nothing regarding the issues that surround Zionist-Fronted collectivist lobbies and Rothschild spawns such as the ADL. Israel is a sovereign state, period. For that matter, so is the United States if we are to go by the dictionary definitions.

AIPAC and the ADL do not "blackmail" Israel; I don't know where you are getting that idea from. If anyone is being "blackmailed" by these insidious groups, it is the US politicians (by AIPAC) and people who speak out against and oppose the imperialist agenda that permeates from the Zionist Front into virtually all Westernized regions (by the ADL).

You are right when you say these groups do not represent or defend Israel. They represent and defend the people behind the mask; the people who own the media, own the banks, have control over US politics and therefore are able to and have committed crimes against humanity. The most prominent entity at the core of all the aforementioned instances of manipulation and treachery is the House of Rothschild. The Rothschild family fortune alone is estimated at over 500 Trillion Dollars. Tell me why Jacob Rothschild did not make it on Forbes' list of 100 richest people this year? No need, the answer is self-evident when you look at history from the most non-revisionist point of view possible.

A non-revisionist look into Israel's past reveals that Israel was created by the Rothschilds for the Rothschilds. Forget Jewish people, they are merely an instrument of control to the House of Rothschild, and out of that context they are viewed just the same as everyone else in their minds as worthless and taking up resources.

So these people working behind the mask are the ones who "profit" from the efforts of the ADL and AIPAC. Not "profit" in a monetary sense though, they have plenty of that already. The ADL is a non-profit organization, so your claim that the ADL itself is somehow profiting is unsubstantiated, if in fact you intended the word "profiting" as used by you to be interpreted as implying monetary profit.

It is apparent to me that the video you linked to is pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian propaganda. The instances of supposed "peacefulness" that the spectators (who are all actors) list such as "supplying clean water and electricity" for Palestinians is highly debatable. The IDF has set up blockades to deny the Gaza Strip of water and food in the past. So it could be argued that in fact negates any efforts from Israel to supply Palestinians with resources no matter how well-intentioned they may have been. It is analogous to feeding starving prisoners one day and then not feeding them the next. Is it humane? No, it is not.

With the right amount of propaganda and conflicting religious and racial attitudes in the mix, the divide and rule game can be played with great effectiveness, and this is exactly the game those behind the Zionist Front are playing and have been playing for decades. It is the role of the ADL, AIPAC and so many other front groups to perpetuate these games for their masters behind the Zionist mask, whom I earlier mentioned.

I've seen the same YouTubes you saw

Israel is a sovreign state because she refused to sign the UN Agenda and give up her sovreignity and that is one reason Israel is being attacked by the 165 countries that signed it.

I don't agtree with you about AIPAC and the ADL, which congresscritters represent the MIC in their districts and the ADL and AIPAC give them a cover.

I'm not going to forget the people of Israel, I'm stnding with them, Rothchild or not.

Have you ever searched for jobs at AIPAC? They are not volunteers.

Israel is not a Pro/Con issue. Israel has been pushing for a Palestinian State since 1947. TWO STATE SOLUTION.

If you want to buy the UN BS about Israel/Palestine go right ahead. What has the UN done for Palestine? Keep it stateless.

LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Peace is finding LOVE for both Israel and Palestine.

Well then, now I am asking myself:

scawarren's picture

Probably wasn't Granger. She

Probably wasn't Granger. She normally owns up to her ignorance :/

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

It's wasn't me

I do not IGNOR, so ignorance is not correct concerning my disagreement with your position, afterall, a few short months ago, I would be agreeing with you on the issue of Israel, but because I do not ignor, and search the truth, I found it. It's wonderful the serenity truth brings.

upvoted you for trying to interject . . .

humor into this very divisive issue--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--