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HuffPo: The Book of Mormon's Warning About the NSA

For the LDS members out there...An interesting article...

HuffPost: The Book of Mormon's Warning About the NSA

"The revelations about the federal government's attempts to protect citizens from terrorist attacks by engaging in unprecedented levels of surveillance have inspired many people to worry about their freedom and privacy.

It might seem odd to talk about a religious book in this context, but the Book of Mormon has a lot to say about this issue. It offers warnings about similar events that took place long ago and it provides answers to how we should react and resolve this situation."

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The Book of Mormon is a Book about Liberty

Even if you just view it as a work of fiction, I think liberty lovers would benefit from reading the stories contained within the Book of Mormon.

It is about Liberty

I've noticed the underlying theme of Liberty through out the book over the past few years of reading from it. Totally agree!


if you enjoy reading garbage from Satan.

Did you read the article?

Its about a story from the Book of Mormon where a people's government becomes corrupt, institutes heavy taxes (not as bad as we have now) and uses that money to create a surveillance state in the name of protecting the people from their enemies. This surveillance state is then used to persecute the very people it was instituted to protect.

Only the weak minded need fear Stan's words.

If God doesn't protect, rational thinking can reign in irrational or unreasonable behavior.

Free includes debt-free!

I have a copy here. My wife's father loved ideas.

Stories, as stories often have merit in their own right. I enjoy tales of mystery , magic and scorn.

Thanks for the tip Brent.

Free includes debt-free!