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The Issue Is (Almost) Never The Issue

"There's no such thing as a new fundamental."
-Jim Rohn

Fundamental underlying principles are rare, so it's always fun to discover one.

Newton's laws work splendedly in the natural world. What fun he must have had finding them that he died a virgin.

But in human relationships his laws don't work very well if at all, particularly number 3. 'Causes' never have 100% predictable 'effects', and even more so, people's actions can rarely be traced back to a root cause, even by the individual themselves, as we rationalize logically what we've decided to do or think emotionally.

For instance, an argument about food or shelter is actually about acceptance and understanding.

"What's this got to do with Ted Cruz's birth certificate?"

Psychobabble aside, the issue that causes a couple to fight is rarely the real issue. Arguments about petty subjects are actually cries for love or understanding - issues higher up on Maslow's heirarchy of needs:

The social engineers attempting to steer this drunken ship called America know this about us so they pit us endlessly with diversions that aren't about the issue at hand at all, but are about other things deeper and more fundamental which are never addressed. Examples:

Birth certificates: Actually about respecting and understanding the fundamental law of the land and why the founders were so concerned with something that, on the surface, seems like a petty issue but which can have very deep ramifications, enough so to address specifically in the Constitution.

Aid to Israel: Not about who they are now or historically, not even about AIPAC or the MIC, actually about the founders advice to have entangling alliances with no one. Not Israel, not the U.N., not even Canada.

Wisconsin protesters: Not about teacher's unions. Actually about a governor abusing his power, directly attacking a so-called 'liberal' issue like trade unions to build 'conservative' support, people's right to protest and seek redress for grievances, even if they happen to be 'wrong'.

Divide and Conquer, Problem Reaction Solution, Thesis Antithesis Synthesis

When outright distraction doesn't work and someone does start to identify the deeper underlying reasons for something like the rules of citizenship behind debates about birth certificates, the media tv trolls will start the personal attacks on credibility which are obviously not the issue at all. For examples of this please see comments below.

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Wow - 45 topics in 4 and a half paragraphs...

new record there, Chris!!!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.