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Daily Paulers don't believe in Free Market competition?

I read comments on a post by sleigtofhand80. My first thought is how narrow minded some Daily Paulers are with regard to sending $9.95 a month to support the Ron Paul Channel.

I've read tons of complaints here about MSM over the years and here RP has made the effort to challenge the establishment once again and I'm hearing the naysayers refusing support.

Here is the BIG PICTURE-- but first let us do the easy math. $9.95 per month supported by let's say half a million (I'm sure there can be more) subscribers: $9.95 X 500,000 = 4,975,000. per month. Multiply that by 12 months = $59,700,000. Ad in any advertising revenue and --BOOM!! you're off to a good start! Next--ad a Judge Napolitano and others become affordable. Cable TV will come calling and The Ron Paul media empire has begun.

Personally, I would love to see The Ron Paul Channell go toe-to-toe with the media empire Glenn Beck is building. The ability to compete with Beck is worth $9.95 to me.

Think BIG people.

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I'm an isolationist and

I'm an isolationist and protectionist because I want only Bi-Lateral trade agreements with other countries.

It's still America!

Ron Paul can do what he wants!

Succeed or fail.
Win or lose.

Always a few

There will always be those who believe that the term "Free Market" means free of cost or responsibility to them, always demanding that the fruits of the labor of others be "free".

300 million Americans... How

300 million Americans... How many will subscribe to cable? How many will subscribe to the internet Ron Paul show? Who is winning the information race? Free market at it's finest.

If you cant beat em....

join em...is that it.
Your theory relies on advertising and google hits, etc... for success.
So Ron Paul needs to rely on a department of the security state or the corporations that grew up around the central bank to have success in a revolution to overthrow the very same.......

Seems to me this is the only way to have individual people directing the news media, RP channel. Put the individual people in charge by making them responsible for their actions, and the consequences.

Should the news media be at the mercy of advertisers and google hits or should they bend to the will of the free people ? A free press would be just that, free.

I get your point, just dont like the outcome.

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security."

Google does not have a

Google does not have a strangle hold on advertising? RP doesn't even have to use advertising to make money. If it was my channel and my personal legacy using my name? I would be more concerned with building my Brand! Instead of building a start-up with other peoples money. After all it's not like Ron Paul is poor or doesn't have a black book with contacts to money. I'll tell you why. It's either a political move for his son or he is still campaigning like a politician. Either way it's a bad investment to this businessman and there are many successes online that prove me right. PJMedia, Revision3, Vice, Jupiter Broadcasting, Fora Network, Ted, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Adam Kokesh, James Corbett, Mark Dice, Real News Network all operate successful internet media businesses without charging a penny for basic access. While RP went the Route of Rush Libaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Where you pay for the video and if you share a link to said video your a criminal.

If a tree falls in a forest when no one is around.

My feelings on the RP channel are based on my experience creating, distributing and consuming online content. Even though I'm a loyal RP fan since 1997 I won't be giving RP $10 a month to the RonPaulChannel and the reason is simple: Because it's a failure in it's current format!

If a tree falls in a forest when no one is around. Does it make a sound?

The RP Channel is using the same failed format as the Mainstream from the ground up. They are making all the same mistakes as the big boys by failing to understand the Internet has changed things.

IMO the RPChannel has made serious errors in judgement that has doomed the idea to failure, without a large group of investors like Glenn Beck has received and even that won't guarantee success. The operators should have learned something from the successful sites like Alex Jones, Revision3, Vice. These companies know the content is only used to lure the customer to a site on a regular basis. These customers then share the content or links with other sites. This raises page hits and ranks the site higher on the search engines so even more show up. This is what makes a website more valuable and profitable then the original content that was shared. This also has a side benefit of getting the information out for free. Which I would argue is mandatory when talking about politics. Bottom line the videos may be worth Trillions of dollars? And I say so what if no one see it?

How do you spend clicks when

How do you spend clicks when you're not advertising?

It's not always about the

It's not always about the clicks. Sometimes it's all about the Brand. But every brand needs a product to sell.

I hear RonPaul does not own ronpaul.com. This is a shame but, If he has a problem with it this would be a good time to do something about it. His site and videos could link to Official "Paul" gear. This is only one example pulled from the headlines.

You buy Paul gear once

You pay a subscription monthly...


The individual is who the RP channel wants, not the ones who want to influence the rest of us.

Your argument makes no sense, we can beat em. If the individual will be honest and take personal responsibility and not allow a select few to rule them. We dont need to join them, as the Becks of the world do, we need to adhere to the principle of individual responsibility.

Should the RP news be at the mercy of the sheep, Google and a select few wealthy or should it sink or swim based on individuals, in large numbers, acting out of their rational best interest......?

What you say makes perfect

What you say makes perfect sense. Now what if the motive behind the channel is to build a Rand Paul pack for 2016. Would you see the current setup a failure or right on target?

I'm glad you said it and not

I'm glad you said it and not me. I know in political circles an email list of active names willing to spend money is worth it's weight in gold and is the whole purpose of campaign websites.


Props to RP and his team for the creation and implementation of the RP channel, the future of which, will no doubt be a resounding success.
Having said that, I don't agree that subscription funding is the answer for the dissemination of the RP message. The actual fee in dollar terms is not the issue, but the limited access to the casual observer, inquiring mind or potential liberty convert is.
The requirement to register and subscribe, other than the pay-to-view
aspect is no doubt going to seriously limit the potential and scope of Rons' ability to reach the greater population.
Preaching to the converted is fine, but a closed audience is not going to spread the message of liberty.

There are other alternatives to funding via subscription and conceiveably with better end results. I also doubt that a man that can generate more contributions to a campaign fund in one day, than any other person in history, would be lacking for support on any venture he embarked upon.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

I'm a Buffalo

I do what I want.

Then you are writing your emails

From Ted Turners house. Pure deductive reasoning

So did you cancel your cable

So did you cancel your cable subscription or are you funding both sides of your media war?

I defunded mainstream media. I cancelled my cable long ago...

Great post! thanks. You are

Great post! thanks. You are correct, some people jump to conclusions before they sit and think things through. This is a LIBERTY education channel.


The free market is exactly why this business model won't work. The amount of content you get for your fee isn't remotely comparative to what other providers offer. Also, if the only people who can view the content are those who pay for it how will me paying $10 a month spread the ideas of liberty?

I think you are being narrow minded in your view of what the free market really is. The fact that those who support Ron Paul and his message are back and forth on whether it is worth paying for speaks volumes. That cost-benefit analysis, sir, is precisely our free-market in action.

Please understand that I truly hope it succeeds and wish Ron the best but I am not an atm for anyone with a business idea related to Ron Paul or libertarian ideas.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

I pay for the content and activism

Basically I am paying to fund his activist activities. Generating new clips for mass consumption and creating an alternative voice is good. If there is good production and content I will pay longer. I don't think he will use it as a cash cow because he probably needs an outlet for his activism


I should've but more emphasize on the word "competition" -- as in competing with and pummeling the Glenn Becks of the world. We should not let Beck and others have the upper hand in promoting their skewed vision of todays news and what liberty is. This was the point of my post. If we are truly concerned about liberty then I think this channel can be the catalyst to change the game. See the math I presented--this needs our support.

Although I disagree with many

Although I disagree with many of his foreign policy views, Beck has huge stockpiles of cash and is clear and charismatic. It's best not to try to compete with him, but instead to try and provide a different type of service - Beck is mainly orientated towards beltway libertarians and mainstream conservatives, Ron should probably go with the hardcore libertarians, minarchists, anarchists and progressives/Greens with whom he is fairly popular.

Personally I cannot subscribe to his channel, but I wish him luck with this enterprise.

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Free Market Means Free To Compete With Similar Businesses.

MSM has established and apparently long lines of financial help, that Ron Paul must try to compete with, before any outside income is made, to pay expenses.

Knowing that Ron Paul does not like to go into debt for any project, I am wiling to happily pay the $9.95 as soon as I can figure out how to mail him a check, since I don't use Pay pal or credit cards.


They can not make up their minds.

They want free, but speak of free market.

They worried about funding Ben Swann who did not make the goal, but criticize Ron Paul.

I am thrilled that RonPaulChannel exists, and signed up immediately. I hope that Ben Swann continues, but if the project poops, I hope that there is room for his investigative reporting on Ron Paul's Channel.

On the other hand, just like soap or soup, if they do not like it, move along and let us be.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That would be cool

I would kick in another dollar for a Ben Swann segment