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EPJ: Will the Ron Paul Channel Get Crushed?

(Let's get our brains around this and solve this problem before it eats itself).

From Economic Policy Journal

Marc Clair of www.LionsOfLiberty.com emails:


It appears the first episode of the Ron Paul Channel is on YouTube.

[Link to pirated youtube video removed from text of email-RW]

At first I thought it was a free preview, and had planned to post it on my site, but upon further inspection it appears this channel is not affiliated with Ron Paul and is not official.
The channel even links back to RonPaul.com, which we all know is not owned or run by Ron Paul.

I'm curious about your take on this as it relates to your IP stance. Is it up to Ron Paul and Ron Paul Channel to figure out how to prevent something like this? It seems that if every episode can be slapped onto YouTube the next day by these days it could easily crush the business model.


Marc Clair
Editor In Chief

First as a believer in intellectual property protection, and specifically in this case copyright protection, I would object to anyone copying from the Ron Paul Channel, without the direct permission of Ron Paul, or the entity that holds the rights to the RPC broadcast...

...As for the remedies Ron Paul, or the RPC organization, have, they certainly can pursue the thieves in a court of law. Also as I understand it, if youtube is contacted they may pull a video if they consider it in violation of copyright. It will have to be up to Ron Paul or the RPC organization to determine if it is worth the effort to use either of these remedies.

It is held in parts of the anti-IP community that because it is difficult to enforce intellectual property rights law that IP law should be wiped off the books. This is simply central planning. It should be left to every victim of theft whether or not he wants to pursue damages, not some overseers who want to establish the limits for everyone on the ability to pursue damages. How is that libertarian?


read more: Ron Paul Channel and Intellectual Property, Part 1



Let's solve these problems from a marketing perspective. Free samples are good. Many people buy a product just because they feel guilty about taking the free sample. Sales and discounting move product but the build an expectation in the customer that future sales can be expected.

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Ron Paul interviews on MSM

will be 3-5 minute plugs for Ron Paul Channel. Let's say Dr. Paul turns on a few light bulbs to your average mainstream media viewer. THOSE are the people who are going to need free content before subscribing/donating/supporting RPC at 10 FRNs a month.

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Gerald Celente charges $99 per year for his information...


But if you can't afford that he will take whatever you can afford to give him for his work.

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That's actually pretty cool of him.

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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I have no problem with the subscription model

but I think this limits the audience. I think there should be some suitable delay (2-weeks?, 30 - 60 days?) and the shows should be posted for public viewing. Dr. Paul has always been about disseminating the message... but he is unemployed now (heh) and trying to make ends meet in hard economic times.

In any case, setting up a "professional" studio venue can't be cheap. I only wonder why he went for this format when, in current times, it is so easy to get high quality results without all the trappings of a studio.

just a little harsh

Doesn't work at all for anyone, right? Alex Jones anyone...

Monumental blunder

The subscription fee to this channel is one of the worst business and political decisions I have ever witnessed. If you are charging for 1, your are going to be speaking to the choir,2 what makes you think the videos won't end up on youtube, 3 the liberty movement was fanned by free and accessible information! This makes me question, What the hell was he thinking?

I'll be a subscriber...

and/or make donations to the RPC. My only concern is will subsriber-only viewership limit the channels demographic? Ron Paul having his own channel will be a huge asset in spreading the message of liberty, but what good will it be if RPC is only a "libertarian echo-chamber?" You're average "sherson" isn't going to actively seek out Ron Paul Channel. Some might, most won't.

I'm not a big fan of Alex Jones, but he has a subscriber base AND uploads content to YouTube. Why can't Ron publish his material on YouTube and monetize?

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How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

It is up to us

It is up to us to learn from Dr. Paul, the current issues, and spread the word among our community in our own ways. That is how we reach the hearts and minds of the American people.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I think it's a mistake to approach internet media this way

You can't stop the copying of videos. You are better off embracing it and working within the reality of the situation. You can white knuckle it and report people left and right for copyright violations or you can let them put up the videos and hope it brings in more viewers.

This concept I learned from Alex Jones. It seems to me the more he lets people copy, the more he gets seen. And the more he gets seen, the more followers he gets. This in turn ends up getting him more financial supporters, advertisers and ultimately subscribers. I truly think one of the reasons Alex Jones is so successful is that he allows all his videos to be shared freely, yet asks people to buy them to support him. Somehow it all works out and everyone ends up profiting. No one can deny that Alex has only grown year after year.

That's my 2 cents

Libertarians are against IP.

If the Ron Paul Channel blocks or prevents others from disseminating the show than his show is as good as dead. Sorry, but it will only make his site more popular to be copied and transferred freely.

Don't give me your drama about IP. It's an intellectual battle for the cults. The gatekeepers of old must fall.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

If there is demand

The content will be shared.

> As for the RPC business model, itself, obviously to the degree that daily broadcasts are pirated and published on youtube, RPC will lose revenue.

Many pirates will not purchase anyway, so revenue will not be lost to the degree the broadcasts are published. That's a discredited argument.

It's true that the channel may be forced to shut down if too few are willing to pay, but getting angry that it's so cheap to copy bits is like getting angry at water for being wet.

The best solution would be for content producers to demand the money up front, then copying won't matter.

I hope Ron Paul would never consider suing his fans.... again.


Chris, thanks for posting this over here.

I think this issue is a good case study to examine IP from a libertarian viewpoint. I posted this on my site.


I will be speaking with Stephan Kinsella on the issue next week so stay tuned for a follow up.

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Derivative works. Where evidence can be shown that an attempt..

was made to do something other than a 'cut and paste' of an original. Where a new version of the work existed as an observation of by and from an individual and as an interpretation from them.

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you can get everything on the internet.

if you know how to use a computer you can watch anything you want.

But when you like something you are most likely to pay for it.

i know i can watch them for free but i rather pay for it since its my cup of tea.

He needs to release a certain amount of free content


This business model he is on is a bad business model in the age of social media.


Because reaching people - people that are not already sold on the man and his message - requires that they see enough of what you have to offer, that they then might be willing to pay you to get more of it.

Otherwise, the only people paying you for what you have offer are the people that are already sold on who you are and what you have to say.

Among those people, a certain number of them can already find out most of what you have to say elsewhere for free.

And / or the people that are already sold on you, are just on too tight of a budget to justify paying you for (again) much of which they have already received or can find elsewhere, for free.

So: its a bad model to reach new people

AND: it's a poor or less than ideal way to reach your supporters.

So who is left?

Two tiers of information...

Like the extras on a DVD - you can watch most movies for free but fans buy DVDs for the extra content like deleted scenes, alternate endings, director commentaries...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I think Ron should

release an episode a week or two after they are made to YouTube or free stream from his site. This is what most of the networks do with their TV programming. Your not likely to keep the episodes under much copyright protection in this information age so why not release them yourself a couple weeks after they are made and attract more people. This is especially true if the message is more important than the bottom line.

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It starts

It starts with each one of us; we set the examples of what we preach.

You can not legislate morality. But there is recourse for those that have been harmed.

It is up to Ron Paul and his business partners to address that problem.

If you see something, say something.. I never cared for snitches.

That being said, if I happen to run across something on youtube or other, I will simply point out to the poster that I believe it is wrong. Such as I did with the person who posted the video on this site. If the seed is planted and others chime in, it may cause embarrassment and possibly prevent further incidences :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Well stated and I agree.

Well stated and I agree.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain