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Fun times for liberty in Colorado!

Sept 24th Dr. Ron Paul will be speaking at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. Tickets are free and the Blue Republicans and Tisha Casida can be thanked for making it possible.

Mesa County Patriots are hosting a FREE concealed carry license class. We had over 150 people sign up immediately so if you want the course we will have others in the future.

We also have Michael Badnarik teaching a constitutional course in Grand Junction soon.

All localities are fighting to allow pot shops and politicians are on notice.

Some areas in CO that are legally working to secede from Denver.

We can open carry here so free people walking around with guns is becoming the norm.

I used to think I was cool for being a RP Las Vegas delegate in 2007 but being a patriot here in GJ is way more bad4ss.

You can also find more info on events and leading liberty ideals by searching Mesa County Patriots on FB

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Hope to attend...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


for the efforts on the Western Slope!