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(global warming) Negative Feedbacks Loops: What They Are, and Why They Are Important



"...So where does global warming alarmism come from? The alarmists concede that a doubling of CO2, by itself, would do no harm. But they say that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere triggers positive feedbacks that enhance the otherwise-minimal effect of CO2 on temperature. Even though the feedback effects of CO2 are hotly debated, the alarmists program them into their computer models. This is how they generate scary scenarios where the Earth’s temperature rises far more than could be caused by CO2 itself. This also explains why the models have no predictive value, which is a polite way of saying they are wrong. Because the alarmists just make up a lot of positive feedback effects, and ignore the negative feedback effects, their models reflect fantasy, not reality.

A negative feedback is one which will tend to moderate the impact of the event or phenomenon that gave rise to it. Negative feedbacks are critically important in maintaining various natural balances. There is good reason to believe that negative feedbacks operate with respect to CO2, and that negative feedbacks, in fact, are more substantial than the positive feedbacks on which the alarmists predicate their now-discredited models.

Watts Up With That reports on another in a long series of negative feedbacks that has been documented and quantified: “more CO2 = more plants = more aerosols = cooling.”...

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So much fun to learn from this...

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