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My Recent Thought on Freedom

I recently came to this conclusion and thought I'd share it with the DP:

It seems that most times, those that are defining freedom in our society are usually trying to justify why their version of slavery is freedom. Why else does anyone need to define it? We all know what freedom is. Freedom is the quality or state of being FREE.

Listen to Liberal or Neo-Conservative radio hosts. They'll tell you that their version of bailouts/war/surveillance/inflation etc. is justified, and then go on to explain why it's justified by defining what freedom "really is."

"We believe in the free market...BUT in a free market, we need to *insert bailout justification and interventionist policy* because *insert BS reasoning*

"We believe in freedom of privacy and being secure in one's own person but keeping people safe requires *insert surveillance justification* because of *insert 9/11 reference*.

"We believe in freedom to live as you want, but *insert argument against legalized drugs/gay marriage/support of private contracts between individuals* because *BS religious/elitist reasoning*.

We here all know what freedom is. We don't need to define it. Freedom is the quality or state of being free. I think we often lose sight of this simple definition. People either believe that people should enjoy the quality/state of being FREE...or they don't. And they justify it with BS reasoning.

So, once we catch someone doing this, point it out and can actually get people to rethink their position.

I talked to a friend of mine that once said she was for small, limited government. When she said she thought the government should be able to make things like pot illegal, all I did was smirk and say, "Little Miss Limited Government thinks that the government should be able to control what one does to one's own body?" She instantly changed her opinion on the spot.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most efficient.