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Ron Paul on "The Big Picture" w/ Thom Hartmann 8/19/13

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I deeply respect Thom Hartman, and so should you too.

And the deep respect that I am talking about is the respect that you give a powerful deadly enemy. Its the respect you give to a black mamba or pride of lions while walking through the Serengeti plains in Africa.

This respect means that at all times your life is in danger. This is a real opponent. And most of all, progressive intellectuals such as Thom Hartman and others, ARE THE PEOPLE WHO OUR LIBERTARIAN INTELLECTUALS SHOULD BE ADDRESSING THEIR ARGUMENTS TOO.

Get that? All of our books, videos, and especially our THINK TANK conferences SHOULD have our mortal enemies in mind at all times and we should ALWAYS be addressing their point of view, their arguments, and their backwards reasoning.

Their ideological bright star is Equality, not Liberty. And what they do not realize is that Equality can only be had by walking peacefully through the front door of Liberty. Seeking to attain Equality through the backdoor, by forceful legislative means, gets us not equality but rather a power hierarchy, with those in the know, those with pull, those with connections, those to bribe. It fails to get their desired ends of more equality.

I implore all our libertarian intellectuals to simply PICK ONE intellectual progressive, digest their books, speeches, and then get to work taking them apart, bit by bit, piece by piece. And you can also think of it this way -- twice the book sales, twice the audience size. Best of all, you'll be doing more for liberty than simply writing and talking for the masses and the choir.

Indeed, we need to come up with a semi-annual PROGRESSIVE VS LIBERTARIAN summit. Invite major speakers and authors from both sides. And for 3 days have at it. This is that BATTLE that we both long for. We need to stop wasting our time and attention on the non-political middle. This ideological battle is between us. Lets settle it. Lets bring it on.

Imagine a long list of exciting battles...(submit your ideas too)

Thom Hartman vs Peter Schiff
Cornel West vs Walter Williams
Randy Rhodes vs Charles Goyette
Barney Frank vs Ron Paul
? vs ?
? vs ?
? vs ?

* If you think I am on to something, let me know. I have access to a large place in Chandler Arizona that could be the first ever Progressives vs Libertarians Debate Bash. If successful, we could have one in St Pete Florida next.

Both the hard core ideological progressives and libertarians need to battle this out. Who would come? Why all of us progressive and libertarian who think ideological politics all the time. We come to support "our guy" vs "their guy". We would buy their books, and they would buy ours, just to make the argument against. It would be twice the audience, twice the book sales, twice the speaking fees, twice the impact of speaking to our own little conference (ie choir).

Who is with me on this? Anyone? Or am I out on a limb with this idea? If people here at the Daily Paul think its a great idea, then maybe the progressives over at The New Republic will too. Maybe its time to follow Ron Paul's lead and talk to the snakes directly.


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Amazing that Ron Paul just turned 78. Yet he looks 65.

He thinks like a 25 year old. With no hidden agendas to lie about, no gray issues to dodge, and no secret strategies to undertake, the stress level for Ron Paul of having to carry these additional burdens is light, and it shows!

First time I've ever seen

First time I've ever seen Thom let his guest talk. If he acted in this manner more often, he might actually be watchable.

I really think that Ron is so

I really think that Ron is so over his head he didn't really know what to say.

I can see your point,

I can see your point, however, if you look into Thom Hartman's background, you will find he is a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (he was taught by Richard Bandler himself). In other words, he knows exactly what to say, even when he is over his head.


That's interesting. I suppose I could see that. It's a tough job for him since its a real bucket of poop that he is trying to sell, but that's interesting to know about him.

Now I'm wondering if his silence was because he new anything he could say would be a slam dunk rebuttal for RP.

That piece of shi.. Thom said

That piece of shi.. Thom said that Ron Paul let his friend Kent Snyder die, and for that I will never watch him or forgive him.. he is trash.. and that is just one vile thing he has said...

For those who never saw it, this will make your blood boil and think twice about this maggot:


If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I remember...

that clip! I wanted to reach into the screen and f%@$#*! strangle that guy! He actually put a nauseous feeling in my stomach. What a POS.



great clip

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Thom advocates violence


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Wow! Austin Petersen trashes Hartman in this interview.

Hartmann is an illogical hypocrite. Thanks Brian for showing Hartmann's true Socialist agenda.

Thom Hartmann

Does not fit the media host stereotype. Nice to see that there is some variety out there.

He is one of the worst.... he

He is one of the worst.... he trashes Libertarians all the time including Ron Paul...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Excuse me...

I hadn't watched his show before, and did not realize he held such views. He came off so neutral in this interview. I thought Thom was just playing devil's advocate, now I realize he was being sincere. And watching the clip above, Thom's views are typical and socialist.

In any event, Ron educated Thom and typical liberals.

wow, i mean i've seen a lot of Ron Paul

and there was good stuff that I've never heard before


This was a great interview.

This was a great interview. Thom Hartmann is probably the most economically illiterate person I have ever heard, yet Ron fielded his questions with ease. By far the most enjoyable interviews I have heard of Ron Paul have been the ones where he is "challenged" by Progressives. He seems most articulate and focused when he is intellectually challenged and he never fails to rise to the occasion. I think there is tremendous ability to convert leftists with an elaboration on the topic at hand in this interview.

Progressives desperately think they can regulate corporate behavior or somehow simply ban money in politics yet they are unwittingly empowering the very financial and corporate intereste they claim to oppose. To the detrement of their poor and middle class followers.

The libertarian movement is the true anti corporatist, anti special interest and pro middle class movement as Dr Paul proved in this interview.

Good job.

Only time I've watched

This show for any length of time! ;-)
Usually I switch this guy off.

Good segment, he let Ron talk.

True for me, too. Thommy's an aggressive progressive statist

True for me, too. Thommy's an aggressive progressive statist, greedy to use the awesome powers of the state, "but for good" of course.

Makes me utterly ill to think there are smart people who are so gullible.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"