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Make no mistake... The governments of the world are at open war with logic.

Make no mistake... The governments of the world are at open war with logic.

They are flying to close to the sun,
and like Icarus... they will soon come crashing down.

They brazenly support terrorism, manipulate whole economies with wanton disregard, torture, kill and imprison world renown human rights activists, wage physical and psychological wars, force whole industries to comply or die, and cross international boundaries in pursuit of anyone who exposes it.

They are poisoning their own well and their grab for power shall be their undoing. Take your pick on how they crash; worldwide revolt(politically, intellectually and violently), financial collapse, and internal sabotage.

We are backing the 800# gorilla with nukes into a corner... and there is no rational or logic coming from them.

The end is near... for them and they have no idea because greed for power has blinded them.

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"The Reality of the Rulers"

A fascinating article about "The Reality of the Rulers.”
It certainly speaks to the strange times we live in today...


This is how the “spirits of wickedness” maintain their presence in the world. “Hypostasis of the Archons” means “The Reality of the Rulers”. Who can doubt their reality? Witness our world now, a world controlled by violence and war, in which war has become an end in itself, a means of power to those that are in thrall to the archons, who have made themselves into the image of the archons, who have become the representatives of the authorities, the spirits of wickedness in this world. We can see the archons as specific thought-forms which are handed down to us, as the psychopathic creatures in all of us, those who take pleasure in the destruction of others, who cannot relate except through a relationship of power, whose purpose is to take gain from another’s loss.

Read the rest here:


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley


.... Governments function perfectly, they function for the purpose of Big Business.

Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Wars (Military Industrial), and Big Finance.

Any Questions ?

A quote from my one of my least favorite presidents (even a broken clock tells correct time twice a day):

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Logic has been declared an enemy combatant...

...and taken to Gitmo for "interrogation." It went something like this...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Corbett Report

Actually tremendous progress is being made right now. It began just before the internet. Then the information singularity emerged and we see the light. They are planning a big event just as they always have. But "there are other forces at work besides the will of evil." And just because they have an enormous web of technology and spyware doesn't mean that they have control. Nor are they likely ever to have control.

Despite a trillion dollars spent on prohibition the free market continues unabated. Despite the untold wealth spent on wars and the prosecution of truth tellers here we are unabated. Yeah they might take a few of us but there are ten more behind just iching and scratching to take up the mantle. Besides if you look at facebook you see a society just delighting in self expression and honesty regardless of the consequences. This is the future, not the past.

What is more is that what they have intended is likely so horrific that finding people willing to go along with it is likely almost impossible. Machines might do the work that people are unwilling to do but the spirit of freedom will remain. Try as they might being in the open is a compromising position for them.

If you review history you might find that we are, in fact, already the new world order. The United States is the military wing of it. These facts are self evident. The problem is that, like Dr. Paul said, it doesn't work. No system based upon lies and deception is firm enough to stand forever. I find myself wondering if the beast has already been in charge for the thousand year reign and is on its way out. Considering the absolute tyranny and oppression over the last millennium this would seem more like the real story rather than not. What do you think?

P.S. Check out the Corbett Report on Youtube. His 100th and 273rd episodes take stock of just why he thinks that we are winning. It may surprise you...

Only those continually proven innocent deserve authority.

It's not like there is a shortage of authoritarians.

Congress is shitting bricks. The world economy broken. The national economy is selling a service nobody needs. The Wall Street Wizards don't know how to make money in a broken world economy.

Congress is addicted to revenue, they are grasping at straws while their lobbyists goad them over the cliff and expose the Great American Bankruptcy.

The First American Bankruptcy was because Lincoln bought the War on credit. His Union was bankrupt in 20 years, when the notes came due.

One way, Slavery could have ended if free men formed work crews that could out-compete slave labor without the burden of year round ownership.

The President did not choose a fiscally responsible solution for curing the Northern debt.

Free includes debt-free!


No one deserves authority. Authority is not something to be awarded or granted by anyone for any reason.

Authority is the result of experience and action. It is the expertise of a surgeon performing his duties. It is the knowledge and know-how of a trained mechanic working on the aircraft that continue to run decades after they were built. Authority can be witnessed when you turn on the pitiful television and see people spending their lives playing games for your entertainment. They are authorities on the field. But do not mistake authority for something that it isn't.

Authority is not the right to break into people's homes and businesses to stop behavior that the criminal justice system deems inappropriate. Authority is not a judge on a bench dishing out their assembly line manufactured justice. Authority is not sending service members to fight wars a world away over resources and control. These are CRIMES.

Authority is something that cannot be granted but only earned. You build it as you study a pursuit of your passion. As you read the trade rags of any particular occupation and absorb the experiences of others in the field you gain a bit. When you take to the road to navigate the corridors of daily transportation you become an authority on the road. When you speak of losing a loved one so many years ago you can speak from a position of authority having been there before and knowing that time is the only thing that will heal open wounds. As you discover the truth about our position in this criminal empire and read more and more articles, laws, studies, interviews and more you have become an authority on the truth of the matter. The criminally insane world that we are surrounded by is composed of arbitrary authority. This is a declaration of authority without having done the work to earn it. Why do you think nothing makes any sense any longer?

Authority should be reserved to the individual who has earned it. It cannot be nor should it ever be simply granted to another by means of agreement or the outsourcing of responsibility. NO ONE has the authority to rule over people. They have tried and tried and all they have ever wound up doing is proving that their perceived "authority" was misplaced to begin with.

They're burying their future

Everything they're doing these day is leading to one path. They're digging their own grave deeper and deeper.

Very soon, technologies will spring forth that will return major industries to personal independence and this will crush the profit motive of any monopolistic business in these industries. With new-found benefits, lack of debt and such independence, the people will dance on the graves instead of bail out these conglomerates of bad form. One by one, we'll see paradigm shifts in thinking on things we take for granted as our current perpetually rented future is migrated to a paid-off and handed down one of higher equality. This ultimately leads to greater prosperity.

All of the signs point toward

All of the signs point toward a dark future for the whole world -- it is a sad state of affairs where truth has become treason. IMO, the next bunch of heros will be the hackers that watch and report on the secret habits of those control freaks that are watching us.

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They are preparing for

a BIG EVENT of which they are fully aware and we are not. This event will usher in the NWO, and end individual freedom as we know it... unless we stop it of course.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa